New, Low-Light Lenses From Costa Del Mar

above: Costa Del Mar Corbina in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades Camo and Sunrise Silver Mirror Lens

Costa Del Mar has introduced a new lens for 2017, Sunrise Silver Mirror. Designed for low-light conditions, Sunrise Silver Mirror lenses protect eyes from UV rays  at sunrise, sunset, and on cloudy days, without obscuring vision.

Costa has found the perfect balance between light transmission and polarization efficiency. The Sunrise Silver Mirror lets in about 30% of the light while maintaining an extremely high polarization efficiency of 97%. Other Costa lenses are 100% polarized, but only allow 10 to 16% of the light in, making them great for bright light scenarios, but less effective on darker days. Now, fishermen can have a pair of Costas to keep their eyes protected on darker days without sacrificing visibility.

Costa Del Mar Motu with Sunrise Silver Mirror Lens

5 on “New, Low-Light Lenses From Costa Del Mar

  1. Beau

    These lenses are freshwater game changers! I use them 100% of the time I am sight casting carp. If you fish freshwater and visibility is important to you – Run, don’t walk, to get your hands on a pair of these glasses!

  2. Woody

    The lenses are awesome but everything else sucks!! I’ve got a pair that were falling apart, rubber is falling off and wire is exposed. I dealt with customer service and had them sent out for repair. They fixed a scratch in lens and the rubber but at a cost that was close to a new pair of glasses. Won’t be buying another pair! I’d stick with REVO or Maui Jim’s both of which have really good customer service.

    1. Capt. George

      Woody you are spot on. Costa makes great lenses; however, their frames are weak and never fit my head right.

  3. Tom Vulpis

    I have two pair and both have frame problems. Both frames have widened to a point they fall off my head and I no longer use them. Will never purchase another pair.
    Its a shame when you spend so much money for sunglasses and you get pour quality.

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