Make and Use a Dropper Loop Jig

Fishermen who tie their own rigs end up tying a lot of dropper loops. To easily tie consistent dropper loops, make a dropper loop jig. When making rigs, you’ll be using monofilament or fluorocarbon, but for demonstration purposes, we used cord.

Materials & Tools
  • 2×6 Board
  • Long penny nails
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Optional:  screwdriver and screw, washer, binder clip
Dropper Loop Jig Layout
(1) Holds the spool of fishing line.
(2) Keeps the line straight.
(3, 4 & 5) Order in which you wrap the line around.
(6) Binder clip to hold line secure. The clip can also be used to make sure the loops are equidistant when you have more than one loop on your rig.
Pull line along nails 2, 3 and 4.
Wrap line counter clockwise around nail 5.
Step 3
Make a triangle, doubling the line between nails 3 and 4.
Secure the end of the line to the clip to hold the triangle in place.
Twist the doubled line five to six times.
Find center of twisted line and pull apart.
Pull the loop from nail 5 and pull through the opening in the twisted line and secure, once again, to nail 5.
Tighten the knot by pulling on both ends of the line evenly toward your body.
The finished product, a perfect dropper loop.
When making high-low rigs that require two dropper loops, pull more line off your spool and form another triangle on the dropper loop jig. Repeat steps 5 through 8 to create a high-low rig with identical dropper loops.
Just add hooks and a sinker and you’re ready for action.
Play with the spacing of the nails in the triangle. The larger the triangle, the longer the dropper loop will be.

20 on “Make and Use a Dropper Loop Jig

  1. Scott

    Great Idea, gonna make 2 this afternoon. One for my fishing buddy!


    I always have trouble tying this knot.not any more’thanks to this jig.

  3. David Causby

    What is the spacing of the nails on the 2by6 board thanks

    1. Gary Dollarhite


      Did you ever get a reply on the nail spacing on this jig?? If so could you share?


  4. simon smith

    a cutout between nails 3 and 4 will allow clearance for a toothpick or pencil to make twisting the line a little easier.

  5. cord merlet

    Really? Wow. When I used to work in the social sport boats we would tie rock cod rigs in our spare time. 600 yrd spool of 50lb with a loop every 14″. Never ever thought someone would actuly need a tool for it

    1. Jim Stanley

      I seen people use entire rolls a line and just wind it in another spool.

  6. Bill

    Gee…Thanks a lot…I spent the past 3 years trying to perfect the dropper loop consistently, I finally get it down and now this!!??

    LOL. Thanks, this setup is so quick, easy and consistent! I will never free hand one again!

  7. Jim Kamieniecki

    I tried tying these before I found your jig. I wasted several yards of fluro. The jig was so easy to make and the results were great. Thanks

  8. alby

    does not look like a 2 x 6… more like a 1 x 8 or 10. made one years ago. put several different holes for #5. …makes all different size drops. adjust to your liking …..AND so easy

  9. Craig

    In the 19 seconds I needed to scroll through this I tied 7 dropper loops with no machine

  10. Steve

    I’ve had one for years. You can make long sections of loops and simply cuts out the loops as needed, single, double, triple.

  11. Dave

    Great vlog and video. Thanks for putting it up. I messed around with my own idea for this but you jig is much better. I understand how to tie a dropper loop but my dry hands don’t work well with mono. I may also use a crochet hook to finish the knot and a large grommet of spinning the loop.
    Thanks again.

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