How to Troll MagicTail Mojo Rigs

The MagicTail Mojo Rig have become staples for saltwater obsessed anglers on the east coast.

MagicTail Mojo Rigs

Dante Soriente began MagicTail Bucktails in 2014, crafting high-end bucktail jigs in custom colors and designs for striper-obsessed surfcasters throughout the Northeast. Around the same time, the Mojo Rig—a popular striper trolling technique in Maryland and Virginia—was beginning to migrate north to New Jersey. During the first couple of seasons, New Jersey fishermen were ordering Mojo Rigs from companies south of the Mason-Dixon line, like the North Carolina-based Bluewater Candy. Recognizing the demand for Mojos in his home waters, Dante began pouring his own in 2015, becoming the first Northeast-based lure maker to do so. In the handful of seasons since, the MagicTail Mojo has become a striper trolling staple in New Jersey and New York, with New England fishermen beginning to unlock the rig’s potential in their home waters as well.

1. ROUND HEAD – MagicTail offers the round-head mojo up to 32 ounces, the style favored by striper fishermen targeting deeper water. The flat prism eyes stay put after repeated attacks from bass.

2. HOOKS – Heavy-duty Mustad hooks resist straightening under heavy loads. Larger Mojo Rigs feature a tandem hook setup, while smaller mojos have a single, swinging hooks.

3. SKIRTS – Flared nylon skirts pulse as the Mojo swims and bounces along the bottom.

4. BULLET HEAD – The bullet-head mojo has a unique swimming action and less water resistance, allowing fishermen to use lighter weights without sacrificing depth. MagicTail makes the bullet-head Mojos up to 20 ounces, and all sizes feature large “bug-out” eyes.

5. SHAD – The shad is an essential part of the Mojo Rig, providing a large profile and a wildly kicking tail to get the attention of striped bass.

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3 on “How to Troll MagicTail Mojo Rigs

  1. George H Cirolli

    How much line to let out. Do u let out while trolling or stopped
    Thank you

    1. John Chandler

      You need to work this lure along the bottom. This can be difficult when trolling. Speed and type of line are important factors to getting on bottom .

    2. Jimmy Fee

      I just embedded a video from a mojo-trolling trip in NJ a couple years back.

      Captain Hunter Gutwein recommended dropping the bait to the bottom while at trolling speed, waiting a couple seconds, and then dropping until it hits bottom again before locking up the reel and putting it in the holder.

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