Local Luremaker: Dante Soriente – MagicTail Bucktails

MagicTail Bucktails

Most surfcasters know that no bucktail jig is complete without a trailer. For most fishermen, trailers consisted of a soft-plastic, a strip of pork rind, or a strip of cut fish. For the surfcasters tying bucktails for their own private stashes, their trailers also included a brace of hackle feathers tied right into the jig. The feathers extended beyond the bucktail hair, and had a more fluid movement through the water without affecting the sink rate or the casting distance, as other trailers did. It wasn’t until MagicTail jigs began hitting shelves in 2014 that bucktails with a hackle trailer became widely available.

“MagicTail put hackle bucktails on the map,” said founder, Dante Soriente of West Caldwell, New Jersey. “No commercial builder was using them until we started.”

Soriente has been tying bucktails since 2000, but didn’t begin selling them until fourteen years later. The MagicTail work is split between three people—Dante, his girlfriend Svetlana Messick, and Josh McGilly. “I do most of the grunt work, painting, packaging, and selling to shops,” said Dante. “Svetlana ties all of the mojos and a lot of the bucktails. Josh does most of the inventory tying.”

MagicTail sells jigs for more than just surfcasting for stripers. MagicTail offers species-specific jigs for tautog, fluke, red drum, snook, and cobia. MagicTail also makes a mojo that has accounted for stripers up to 58 pounds. The largest fish taken on a MagicTail is a 97-pound cobia.

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The MagicTail jigs are built to handle big fish. “We also have the strongest bullet bucktail on the market with a stainless-steel eye and a super strong 8/0 to 9/0 hook,” said Soriente.

Being a smaller operation allows MagicTail to offer some unique colors for custom orders. “White is always right when it comes to bucktails, but the rainbow bucktail Svet created has done a number on the stripers around here,” said Dante.  Even the tog jigs come in multiple colors with both white-legger and green crab color schemes.

MagicTail blackfish jigs in green crab and white-legger crab colors.

MagicTail Lures are currently stocked in 38 tackle shops, mostly in New Jersey and New York, but with some in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Virginia, and even California.

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  1. Bart Madruga

    Who could I talk to in regards to someone from your company giving a presentation at the
    Pinehills Fishing Club in Plymouth, MA.
    Our club is made up of senior fishing men and women who are new to the area and may or may not be familiar with your product line .

    1. tom terry

      just moved from MI . looking for someone to show me how to surf fish. 62 male

  2. Michael Miller

    I live near Long Beach NY. Where can I buy them. Do you have a website to order from??

  3. Joe

    what is the address of the store in Virginia that sells these buck tails?

  4. reichler76@yahoo.com

    can u mail the buck tails to my address how much are they r. eichler 85-22 241st bellerose ny 11426

    1. reichler76@yahoo.com

      can mail buck tail for stripers to me r. eichler 85-22 241st bellerose ny 11426

  5. Capt. Charlie Richmond

    Is there a website available to order from? Tackle shops who stock the “Mojo” on Cape Cod?

  6. k8

    Unfortunately, the owner of MagicTails Bucktails has chosen to post homophobic slurs on Facebook and continues to explicitly promote violence–including sexual violence, against women. Does OnTheWater share these views?

  7. Masterbaiter

    Everyone has there own opinions k8. It’s your choice to use/buy it. You put yourself out there so it’s also only fair you get reprimanded for being a noisy little bitch. This is a site for fishing not political views or conversion so go on and mind your business you little attention whore.

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