LIBBA Removes Striped Bass From All Tournaments

Due to the current state of the striped bass fishery, Long Island's Beach Buggy Association has removed stripers from all future fishing tournaments.

Striped Bass Surf Fishing

The Long Island Beach Buggy Association (LIBBA) is a conservation, ecology, and beach access organization with deep roots here on Long Island going back to 1958. Whether it’s by the many beach cleanups, grass planting efforts to assist with dune restoration and replenishment or fencing projects to help protect threatened bird and plant species, some of our main goals are to conserve coastal and marine resources. We’ve had a positive impact on the ecology of our beaches and the Long Island community over the past 66 years and will continue our mission for many more to come.

It’s no secret that the striped bass population along the East Coast is in steep decline. Scientific data released by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) proves that the species is in jeopardy, and we’ve seen it for ourselves firsthand. The recent changes in creel limits, and the enactment of slot sizes are positive steps to help assist with the rebuilding of the stock; we can only hope things get better, so we’re not faced with a moratorium like in the past.

Due to the current state of the striped bass fishery, The Long Island Beach Buggy Association will be removing striped bass as an eligible species from all of our fishing tournaments. People look to LIBBA for leadership and guidance; we have always prided ourselves for our conservation efforts and feel that this action is the responsible thing to do.

We are aware that the number of striped bass submitted during our contests isn’t going to impact the entire stock, however we feel that every step, no matter how small, is worth taking. Hopefully with the collective efforts made by everyone in the fishing community, the striped bass stock returns to a more acceptable level and we will re-evaluate our decision in the future.

-LIBBA Board of Directors

4 on “LIBBA Removes Striped Bass From All Tournaments

  1. Al Scardino

    This action is the right thing to do.
    Long Island Beach Access under New York State, County and Town Leadership is as valued Natural Resource to many resident enthusiasts.
    Long Island Beach Buggy Association Cares about our Long Island Residents’ Current and Future Generation beach access enjoyment of our vast natural resources.

    1. hank arkin

      is anything being done about poaching of the stripers. Are commercial fisherman still allowed to catch bass at any size. The party boat that I fish on is a stickler about the conservation rules. However, I have been on some private charter boats that do not bring a ruler. If you know what i mean.

  2. brian marks

    many dead stripers were thrown in to the water this fall. many 6 pack cancellations for next season. in Montauk no one wants to deplete the resource but what about the concerns of us. PEOPLE. there has to be a better way

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