Keep Hudson Canyon Open to Sportfishing

Take Action Now: Tell NOAA that no restrictions on recreational fishing should be considered.

UPDATED: August 5, 2022

As the largest underwater canyon along the U.S. Atlantic Coast, Hudson Canyon is a bucket list fishing destination. Located about 100 miles off the coast of New York and New Jersey, it is extremely popular for offshore anglers in the region who pursue tuna, billfish, tilefish, mahi mahi and other sport fish.

The federal Office of National Marine Sanctuaries is considering designating this popular fishing area as national marine sanctuary for the primary purposes of supporting education and research of the area.

While it does not appear that any restrictions on recreational fishing are being proposed at this time, it is critical that anglers like you make it clear that should this sanctuary be designated, recreational fishing must be allowed to continue.

Recreational anglers, use this opportunity to tell NOAA that as this proposal moves forward, it must be made explicitly clear that no restrictions on recreational fishing will be considered.

The period for public comment closes on Monday, August 8th.

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1 thought on “Keep Hudson Canyon Open to Sportfishing

  1. Anthony Castaldi

    please do not consider closing the hudson canyon to recreational fishing. This is the closest canyon to our home port and would prevent me from fishing any other canyon due to the extra miles and not enough fuel to reach them

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