It’s Official: New World Record Striper

Congratulations to angler Greg Myerson on his official IGFA recognized world record striped bass of 81 pounds, 14 ounces!


From the IGFA:

Greg Myerson’s 37.1 kg (81 lb 14 oz) striped bass record was approved yesterday morning after the IGFA’s Record Committee came to a consensus on the catch and its supporting documentation. Myerson’s catch created a whirlwind of excitement in early August for striper anglers everywhere, but especially in the northeastern USA.

“After a 15 minute fight on my St. Croix rod and Quantum reel, I got the striped bass close enough to the boat for netting,” Myerson shared in the testimony accompanying his world record application. “The fish was bigger than I thought. I slipped on eel slime and banged my ribs against the gunwhale of the boat. But it didn’t matter. The monster fish was mine. At this point it was about 8 pm, I put the fish into the hold and fished the rest of the tide. As I fished, I repeatedly peered into the hold and asked myself ‘is this striper really that big?’ The following morning, I brought the striped bass to Jack’s Shoreline Bait and Tackle to be weighed. The fish measured 54 inches in length and tipped Jack’s digital scale at 81.88 pounds. It really was that big.”

The IGFA’s approval of Meyerson’s catch marks the end of Albert McReynolds’ 29-year reign as All-Tackle record holder for this prestigious saltwater species. In addition to now holding the All-Tackle record, Meyerson’s catch also landed him the new men’s 37 kg (80 lb) line class record, which previously stood at 70 lb. Congratulations to Greg Myerson on this historical record catch – and good luck to you striper fishermen aiming to best it in the future!


Check out these photos of Greg’s incredible catch, which was weighed-in for the 2011 Striper Cup, and then read an account of the hectic morning after Greg caught the new world record striped bass.



greg myerson potential record striped bass
Greg Myerson struggles to hold up the world-record striped bass.
Greg Myerson hoists the mount of his 81.88 Pound striped bass that earned him Striper of the Year and Boat Division Angler of the Year titles.
David Ittner of Yamaha (left) and John Kushnerick of Quantum (right) present the mount of the 81.88-pound Striped Bass, made by Northeast Taxidermy, to Greg Myerson. The world record striper was caught on a Quantum Reel that Myerson won at the previous year's StriperFest!

63 on “It’s Official: New World Record Striper

  1. Larry Ryan

    Great fish, Great mount by Northeast, Greg a first class person and the ON the Water Team does it up right. We had a great time! Thanks OTW

      1. Anthony

        Westbrook!!! Pier 76! Launched many a trips from there with hopes of catching a monster cow like that! Good ol’ Bills seafood!! I miss my CT sound fishinh

      2. Eileen

        Watching you reruns of Shark Tank right now. Not sure yet how it turned out but I am sure either way your business flourish. Beautiful fish.



  2. Leighton Harrington

    Had the pleasure to meet Greg at the Striper Fest a true sportsman in the most sincere way. Couln’t have happened to a nicer guy. Congratulations Greg, on your NEW Wold record fish.

  3. Eddie Collins

    Congrat’s from Long Island ! That is something to be very proud of ! Congrat’s again !

  4. Rudy Walz

    Your article in the December New England Issue stated this fish was caught off Westport, CT. …that should have said WESTBROOK.CT.

  5. dean steppe

    Where’s your honey hole, Greg? Congratulations. I’m exited about about striper fishing again after seeing your great fish. You can fish on my boat any time.

    1. Greg Myerson

      It’s the technique of Rattling that makes the big girls strike! really! Not the spot! But I do have great fishing here!

      1. Funky call Medina

        Greg,thanks and congratulation 4 showing us that ENORMOUS STRIPBASS..I pray dream of someday catching a Monster like yur,s…But until then i,ll keep dreaming in the hopes of making my dream into a reality…C u in 2017 and may u,yur family and all the fishermen around the world MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY HAPPY BLESSED NEWYEARS!!!!

    1. Bryan

      Caught the fish in the water and in the lip would be a good guess,?????

  6. Amy

    Fantastic ! What was your bait.? Your more than welcome anytime here in Lee Co.Florida! Our fishing here is not too shabby . I curtsie to the bass master.

  7. Reggie stringer

    I had the pleasure of helpingland the ky state record 58 pounds 4 oz in dec 1985 , fishing with my uncle Roger foster , his fish was 50 inches 30 inch girth, he caught it on a Cordell Redfin surface fishing on lake. Cumberland . Congratulations on your new record !!


    Ya, I caught one a little bigger one time a couple of years ago. ..Ya! In my dreams! Nice catch Mr. Myerson, CONGRATULATIONS!

  9. Ken Blanda

    Great fish caught one yesterday 52 inches 48.9 pounds off of Cape May NJ I thought that was a whopper WOW 81 pounds!

  10. Alan

    I love Striper fishing and I am 14 years old I was wanting to know what bait or lure were you using

  11. michael blaine anders

    I caught one in Montezuma Slough in Fairfield CA. It measured 49 n half inches and weight was 48 lbs plus we had a 32 lb and 3 twenty pound stripers

  12. Eddie howard

    That’s a great catch bro I luv catching those things they a blast congrats

  13. Lorenzo Duran

    Wow! That’s awesome Greg congratulations from New Mexico….

  14. Cody dillon

    Dam nice feesh man thts a absolute brute right there we don’t have many stripers in the part of WV I live in

  15. Derek J Williams

    Congrats again Greg on a Record that Still Stands. I wonder how many fishermen’s lines it broke-off before Greg was able to outsmart it. If we continue to get Menhaden numbers like last year, maybe we’ll see more of these big bass in our waters! Now its time for Greg to get on a Kayak!!!

  16. Steven Lowe

    Nice job Greg! Congratulations! You beat my on-shore catch of October 1972 in North Bend, Oregon. It was only a mere 75 lbs. and 48.5 in. I guess I need to get back out there, lol.

  17. Paul Daigneau

    Little late got a couple of 48”s last night guess I’ll add 35 lbs and a half a foot and just imagine

  18. Robert Shubert

    Absolutely thrilled for you!
    It’s a once in a life time accomplishment!

  19. Rodney Manley

    Down here down here in South Carolina catching nice striper on the lower saluda River. Daiwa SP lures seem to be the prince of the day

  20. Pete

    Friend caught a 48lb striped bass in 1955. Wondering what the record was back then. ( he has his mounted and it’s big!). Any way for fonding the old record?

  21. Mikey

    Thanks for killing a beautiful old fish that someone else could have had the pleasure of catching as well. Just for the “hero shot”. Well here’s a Pat on the back for being a big piece of shit way to go shitbag

    1. Angel

      Just shut the hell up Mikey ! You are the **** bag . Always be haters. You jealous self righteous piece of ****. Easy to be an on line tuff guy! Don’t listen to him Greg. You did nothing wrong! Congrats on the record and your success!

  22. Randy Lundgren

    These fish are amazing coming out of the Northeast. Humongous stripers unbelievable. Good job guys

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