It’s Never Okay to Cast at Boats, Obviously

This week, someone fishing in the Canal chucked a 5.5-ounce Savage Gear Sand Eel into a passing boat, where the line wrapped one of the passengers. With the boat moving, the line pulled tight and lodged the jig into the passenger’s ear. The man at the helm threw the boat into reverse, saving the hooked passenger from being pulled over or from having the hook rip through his ear.

If you’ve fished the surf enough, you’ve heard a fisherman threaten to send a warning shot over the bow of an encroaching boat. I get it. As surf fishermen, we’re limited to where ever our feet can take us while boaters have the entire ocean to fish, so tempers flare when a boat moves into casting range of the beach in Jersey or cuts off a blitz in Montauk or buzzes by close to the rocks at the Canal. But even if that boat dropped his anchor right on top of the fish you were casting to, under no circumstances is it okay to launch a projectile at the people on board. At best, you’ll miss and have them threaten to meet you on shore. At worst, you’ll seriously hurt someone and end up in court. And if basic human decency isn’t enough to deter you, consider that this kind of press does nothing to help surf fishermen continue to be granted access to their favorite locations.

While many surfcasters threaten this, before this week, I didn’t think any were detached enough from reality to actually launch a lure into a boat.

In the case at the Canal this week, he shouted that he didn’t see the boat and then high-tailed it out of the Sandwich Marina after his line was cut by the men on board.

29 on “It’s Never Okay to Cast at Boats, Obviously

  1. Brian williams

    I would have pulled into shore ,jumped off the boat, pierced his ear with a jig, threw his gear in the water & kicked his ass in the drink….what a douche move. Unbelievable. That’s not a fisherman that’s an A-hole

    1. T Man

      I’ve watched those boaters in the canal press their luck this week. They probably deserved it.

    2. Dennis Sullivan

      you would have pissed your pants. the boat had no business fishing in the canal in the first place its not legal. i dont blame the guy for getting pissed off i would have done the same thing only i would have used a sinker not a hook,

      1. John

        Learn to read, dingleberry. They weren’t fishing, they were underway.

  2. Brian williams

    Should have pulled into shore ,jumped off the boat, pierced his ear with a jig, threw his gear in the water & kicked his ass in the drink….what a douche move. Unbelievable. That’s not a fisherman that’s an A-hole

  3. Chris

    So it’s okay for a boat to screw up the fishing I like to do. I have all but given up fishing some of my favorite spots that I like to fish because boats take over and then yell at me because I am in there way. Respect goes both ways. I have watched guys park a boat on top of the fish and not catch a one of them because they just scared them all. The sport is supposed to be fun and having a good time I wish people would remember that.

  4. J taylor

    Could have been a lot worse. Thank God it did not.
    On a side note note some boaters should keep the speed limit and not fish the canal especially at night. Last year at the railroad bridge it was ridiculous. Boats were drifting eels all night during the fall run.

  5. Chris Nichol

    I would’ve grabbed that line, pulled the guy aboard and made sweet, sweet love to him the whole way back,to P-town.

  6. peter okeefe

    well if we can get the ID of the man I guess you can press charges…as to other comments about speed limits..dont we have enforcement of those limits? Is it legal to drift eels in the canal at night?? local govt is a resource rarely used

  7. Gill

    I’m not saying it’s a good idea to cast at people. It’s obviously ridiculously idiotic. HOWEVER, many boaters are assholes and have ZERO respect for fisherman off shore and in boats. Again, casting at people is absolute nonsense, but respect is a two way street. I know in my area, the guys cruising in the 100,000 boats drinking and having fun as little to no respect for others in smaller boats and people fishing.

  8. Tom

    It is illegal to fish from boat in the canal, due to its function as shipping water way!!!!

    1. Meg

      did you read the story they werent fishing they were going back to their marina..

  9. chris

    the exception is jet skiers intentionally messing w surf fishermen during a blitz – as happened at breezy point these two greaseballs were chopping up the inside pocket blowing kisses at the dozen or so surf fisherman casting into the white water. they did not get hit by any 3oz hopkins but finally did get ticketed once a patrol boat got there. jet skiis what a scourge

  10. Chris Nichol

    I’d have ripped down his waders and gave him a good rogering!

  11. Boat lover

    We all know that the majority of boaters are total scum and have little respect for people on shore, but you should definelty not be casting hooks at them. Instead it’s good to try and snag their lines and break them off as long as you have heavier line.

  12. Bill

    I was squid jigging one night from a bridge. 3 idiots in a boat decided that, even though they had the entire harbor, they dropped anchor 100 yards from the bridge and let out 99 yards of rope, so they kept drifting into the bait ball and squid. One of the guys on shore pulled off his jig and put on a 1.5 ounce sinker and started intentionally casting it at their boat. After the 5th time hitting it, they finally reeled in 95 yards of line, but the damage was already done. The bait ball broke up and the squid moved on.

  13. Sal

    Everyone has their opinions. WHY should a boater who has run of the water get so close to shore to put himself and occupants in harms way. They should consider themselves lucky that it wasn’t worse. Will bet he will be more careful as to how close he gets to land again.

  14. Budman

    Well, that sums up the canal this last decade or so. A- hole boaters and A- hole shore casters all together in a confined space. Not to mention the waves of migrants from NY,NJ,CT,PA etc, a lot of who make the most die hard Masshole look like Mother Teresa. Mr. President. Build that Wall !!!

    1. Jon

      Most of the local population of massholes down there are too busy nodding on drugs at the various canal parking lots when I visit….

  15. Jack

    Always keep a lure with the bend of the hook sharpened. Cast across the jerks line or lines and cut them off

  16. T Man

    I’ve watched those boaters in the canal press their luck this week. They probably deserved it.

  17. J taylor

    No fish is worth someone’s life. We are blessed having this waterway.
    Maybe when the bass are finally here the canal patrol boat should work the night shift.

  18. Bill Harris

    I am sorry to hear about your friend, I surf and I deep sea and NEVER in my life would even think about doing something like that, total BS thank god he took off running like the PXXXY he is I agree with the other beach the boat and LOL F&&& him glad your friend is okay

  19. Roy

    Having fished the east end of the canal I have watched countless times boats running along the shore close enough to run over surfcasters lines. Many boaters do not obey the no wake speed limit. I have seen them come out of the marina and not bother to pay attention to the surfcaster’s fishing from the wall. So the surfcaster has to reel frantically to not get his or her line cut by the boat going over it. Speed limits I believe are posted at the east end on the main land side right around scusett at the beginning of the access road path. the canal police are not in their boats enough to catch these violators. while never good we take the law into our own hands. I can not speak for the person throwing that 5.5 Al Gags while the boat was moving in front of him in the canal. To say they were moving as indicated is true. to say they weren’t fishing right there we will never know. to say the person throwing the lure did it on purpose, we will never kow. I have seen boaters fish in the canal day and night when the stripers are feeding heavily. there are boaters who don’t care. they will risk everything for that one trophy fish. MAYBE JUST MAYBE THOSE THAT HEAR OF THIS ACTION WILL TAKE BETTER CARE WHEN MOVING UP AND DOWN THE CANAL ??? there are people willing to be A-holes on land and shore. BE RESPECTFUL OF EACH OTHER AND BE CAREFUL.

  20. Dave Trumbull

    This is incredibly bad. Criminal even. As to what degree is above my pay grade. I hope you have healed up well Mr Chevrier. I can’t believe some of the comments. Actually any intentional snagging from shore or by boat is totally a dick move. Why does anyone think this is okay to do for either shore people or boat people? Guys say they are not opposed to casting a warning shot, but can you really live with severing a person’s artery, perhaps disfiguring them, or putting somebody’s eye out? Really? So if you’re on the receiving end of a 6oz shot the the head that must be ok too right? This kind of petty (dangerous) BS is why outsiders and politicians marginalize fisherman. We can’t even be civil to eachother so why should they treat us with any respect or listen to our concerns? Unreal.

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