Get Started: Striper Trolling

From the spring run to the fall run, it’s tough to beat trolling for finding and catching striped bass. Trolling allows anglers to cover water and fish a variety of presentations at once, dialing in the striper bite.

Striper Trolling Gear
Malin Pre Marked Monel Trolling Wire

Malin Pre-Marked Monel Trolling Wire


Monel Trolling Wire has exceptional resistance to kinking, corrosion, and abrasion, and it sinks faster and stays deeper than soft stainless steel due to its high density. The wire is pre-marked every 50 feet to allow anglers to precisely set their trolling depths.

Penn 113H2SP Special Senator

Penn 113H2SP Special Senator

Combining the toughness of the legendary Penn Senator reel with higher gear ratios, the Penn 113H2SP gives saltwater anglers the best of both worlds: power and speed. The 113H2SP comes with a bronze spool for wire-line trolling and has been the staple of the charter fishing fleet for decades.

Tony Maja Bunker Spoon #4 Adult Bunker/Porgy

Tony Maja Bunker Spoon No4 Adult Bunker Porgy
This 8-inch-long, 15-ounce spoon is designed to tempt trophy stripers. Made from extra-heavy-gauge stainless steel, the Tony Maja Bunker Spoon gets to the strike zone with less wire line. Troll them 5 feet off the bottom or 5 feet below the baitfish schools for the best results.

Otter Tails

Otter Tails

Designed by experienced charter captain Bruce Millar, Otter Tails replace the seaworm on the classic “tube and worm” rig. Made from a synthetic material that is durable, scented, and never dries out, they can also replace pork rinds as trailers on bucktail and parachute jigs. Pick up a few jars and you’ll never again be shut out from a trolling trip because you can’t procure bait.

Mann’s Stretch 25+

Manns Stretch 25+
No special gear is needed to troll this striper killer. Simply clip the Mann’s Stretch 25+ onto your medium-heavy livebait setup and slow-troll over inshore structure. The simplicity of trolling the Stretch has made this deep-diving plug a striper staple throughout the Northeast.

Star Rods Delux Wire Line

Star Rods Delux Wire Line
Made with premium E-glass and designed to withstand the rigors of wire-line trolling, the Delux Wire Line trolling rod has a shock-absorbing action that keeps the pressure on the fish and reduces pulled hooks.

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