Gear and Tackle: Nantucket Shoals Fluke

Chris and I both set new personal bests for fluke while fishing Nantucket Shoals with Captain Jimmy Koutalakis of On Time Charters. In addition to Jimmy’s knowledge of how fluke move around that vast area, we owed those catches to the tackle that Jimmy has fine-tuned for this fishery.

For fishing depths up to 100 feet, in an area where 8-plus-pound fluke are almost common, this gear almost seems too light, but it was perfectly suited to the techniques that Jimmy has refined for targeting trophy fluke.


Reels: Abu Garcia Revo Toro S Low Profile (with power handle) and Abu Garcia Revo Beast

Rods: Black Hole Challenger Bank 731M

Main Line: Berkley X-9 Braid (15- to 20-pound test)

Leader: 30-pound-test Fluorocarbon


6-ounce Berkley Fusion19 Bucktail Jigs

“Popcorn” Rigs fitted with Tsunami Glass Minnow with Silicone Teaser or 1/2-ounce Berkley Fusion19 Bucktail Jigs (Olive, Pink, White Glow)

6-inch Berkley Gulp Grubs (Pink Shine, Pearl, Chartruese)




Costa Del Mar Salt Break

Columbia PFG Force XII Zero Long Sleeve Hybrid Shirt

Columbia PFG Force XII Pant


Costa Del Mar Salt Break

TAK Waterman NJ Striper Solar Tech L/S Hoody



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2 on “Gear and Tackle: Nantucket Shoals Fluke

  1. Rick parviainen

    The rod say 1-4oz, how are you using 6oz jig plus bait?

    1. MrBiem

      Those are the casting lure range for the rod. Vertical bottom fishing is different where you are just hanging lead to hold bottom.

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