Five Innovative Freshwater Lures from ICAST 2020

Hyperlastics Dartprop

The Hyperlastics Dartprop is similar to the popular DartSpin, but instead of a molded-in willow blade, the Dartprop features two propellers on the front and the rear of the lure in a soft-plastic jerk bait body. At first glance, you might think it’s a topwater, but the lure actually sinks slowly, making it closer to a “spybait.” Spybaits are hard-plastic finesse lures that have two props, but what they lack is the added action of the Dartprop’s SofTough material. On the retrieve, the Dartprop has a nice tail wag, accentuated by the spinning props, creating a presentation that hungry predators won’t be able to resist.

Rapala Rap-V

In the new Rapala Rap-V Blade, the “V” stands versatility. This lure is a balance of metal and plastic as a hybrid blade bait/lipless crank bait. between a e. It produces instant vibration on the lift or retrieve. It can be worked at any depth, from the shallows to deep water, with a wide range of techniques. Available in one size, 2-1/2 inches and  ½ oz., the new lure breaks the mold of traditional Rapala lures.
The Rap-V has an extra-wide metal dorsal fin with two line-tie positions. When anglers tie their line to the front tie hole, the lure will provide a slower, lazy fall action. If they tie their line to the rear hole position, they’ll achieve a faster fall, head-down action.

Acme Rattlin’ Spin Master

The Acme Rattlin’ Spinmaster brings never-before-seen features to an inline spinner. The first is a Flutter Blade Unidirectional technology produces a wide array of blade directions during the retrieve. The high-speed accelerator virtually ensure that the blade starts spinning as soon as you start reeling. The pulsating action cam is paired with a hexagon body design and rattle chamber that produce an unparalleled “Pulsating Action”. Available in 15 colors in 1/8-, 1/4-, 3/8-ounce sizes.

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Berkley Hit Stick

The Berkley Hit Stick, floating stickbait, is the first plastic bait  to achieve the unique high-speed rolling action of balsa. With an integrated FlashDisc design, Hit Stick delivers Berkley’s largest rolling action combined with the durability and casting ability of a hard-plastic lure – making it one the most effective and versatile baits in the market. The heavy polycarbonate exterior of the Hit Stick means you can cast it 60% further than balsa alternatives, and you can fish with more confidence because this nearly indestructible bait will keep its form. Plus, the durable body construction also delivers a consistent bait action, whether being cast and retrieved or trolled.

Engage Waterbull

The Engage Waterbull heavy-cover flipping jig features a bullet-shaped head with a cut chin profile, recessed line tie, and double fiber weedguard. It will easily punch through vegetation, while the hook, Patrick Sebile’s inverse curve hook design, remains exposed and keeps fish hooked.

Check Out Our ICAST 2020 Picks for the Best In New Fishing Tackle and Technology


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