Eastern Long Island Fishing Report- June 8, 2023

Fluke fishing is hot in the bays, stripers and blues chase sand eels and bunker off the beaches and scup fishing is great in the Long Island Sound.

Eastern Long Island Fishing Report

  • Great fluke bite this week.
  • Good bluefin tuna action off Montauk.
  • Big bass hit the east end beaches.
  • Sandeels and bunker just outside the surf zone.
  • Weakfish bonanza continues.

Captree Bait and Tackle reports:

“Paul came in to weigh a pier-caught fluke yesterday; the fish ended up going 4 pounds. Guys have been coming in daily with local keeper fluke, like John Schmahl. Four days ago he caught twin 19 inchers. The Island Princess has been getting on that fluke bite.”

The Fishfinder of Captree reports: 

“Tuesday’s 10am trip saw some good fluke fishing, right after a quick thunderstorm. We had lots of keepers and shorts for most of the trip. One angler picked a limit, and the pool fish weighed 4 pounds. White gulp was getting the job done. Monday’s trip also had some good fluke fishing. Earlier in the week, we held some casting/jigging trips that produced a good number of bluefish, keeper and short bass, weakfish and fluke. The nighttime trip was similar, but one angler picked a 29 inch, 9 pound fluke. The fluke fishing has been pretty awesome in the bay this week, for the most part.”

The Fish Finder out of Captree is on some good fluke fishing, including this 9 pounder.

Bill at Chasing Tails Bait and Tackle in Oakdale reports:

“Another incredible week of fishing is in the books. Locally we have striped bass, bluefish, fluke, and weakfish going crazy. Schools of bass can still be found lurking away from the nutty bluefish. Bunker schools are holding some quality fish. Popping plugs, swim shads and SP Minnows have been flying off the walls. Darters and bottle plugs are searching out big bass for night time anglers. Bluefish are doing their thing up on the flats. Tailing demons are a common sight these days. Rip a popper, tin, or SP passed them, and they’ll turn and smash! Weakfish are putting numbers up this year; we are seeing impressive numbers in the size of the fish and the schools themselves. Lightweight gear is key for success, and they love bright colors like pink and chartreuse. Fluke fishing has been pretty great for those that are going after them already. Lots of solid flatties are chilling in the channels, hoping to make it past the fleet of party boats, into the flats where they belong. Drop a bucktail down and start jigging! Put a Fat Cow strip or a Gulp of your choice on there for extra scent, motion, and color.

The lakes and the rivers are full of life. Bass and pickerel are out cruising for big meals before it gets too hot. Swim baits, in-line spinners, crank baits, and jigs are working very well. Top water action is best in the early morning and evening, they love mice, frogs, Whopper Ploppers, and pretty much anything else that will splash and make a commotion on the surface. Perch and sunfish are schooled up and plentiful. Hit them with a classic worm and bobber rig, or you could toss an in-line spinner or small jig at them for consistent action. Trout are active the most during the mornings and evenings, preferring to chill on the bottom toward the middle of the day. Mayflies of all sorts are hatching, and there are plenty of caddis swooping around.”

Vince Cagnina caught this pretty lookin’ striper earlier in the week under cloudy, smokey skies. (@vincecags)

Capt. Dave Flanagan of North Island Fly in Northport reports:

“Yesterday was wild in the smoke, with plenty of bluefish hitting topwater presentations. Dolphins showed up to chase my stripers away, and a surprise Atlantic sturgeon popped up right next to the boat! Never know what you’re gonna see out here.

Dan joined me for some great striper action the other day. We ended up boating a quality bass. The bass have been on sandeels, and chewing steady all week. Vince Cagnina picked a real nice fish early in the week on a big pattern. That was his PB, and he also picked his bluefish PB that day.” Check out Dave’s website to book him for a charter at www.northislandfly.com.

Captain Dave Flanagan of North Island Fly hoisting a big Long Island Sound striper from a good day of fishing in some choppy and smoggy conditions this week. (@northislandfly)

The Celtic Quest Fishing Fleet of Port Jefferson reports: 

“A bunch of kids and parents from Terryville Road Elementary joined us yesterday for a great day of porgy fishing. The scup bite has been on all week in Port Jeff, aka Porgytown USA. Sea bass have been coming up here and there as well. Earlier in the week, we had an epic day, catching a ton of fish with some retired detectives. They got on some weakfish and big seabass alongside the supply of endless scup.” Call them at 631-928-3926 for booking info, or check the website/Facebook for more info.

The Peconic Star of Greenport reports:

“We’ve had a few insane days of fishing lately. Sunday’s trip saw some picky fish, but we managed a full boat limit of weakfish to 33 inches on our first drop on Monday. Everyone left with a limit of scup too. Fluke were hitting the deck and we were getting double headers of multiple species. Earlier in the week, we saw some nice striped bass come over the rail, but the fishing was not easy. Clam bellies got the job done. We’re fishing daily for jumbo porgies and weakfish at 7:30am.” For booking info, call Captain Paul at 631-522-2002.

Capt. Phil of Fishy Business in Orient reports:

“Gabrielsen Builders got out with us in the smoke for some good bass and blue fishing. There were plenty of short bass to keep our anglers busy during any lulls. The Bryce group got in on pretty much the same action the day prior. The Kolb group put a limit of slot stripers on ice 2 days ago, with overs and unders being released to fight another day.” They sail out of Duryea’s in Orient. Give Phil a call to book a trip.

Surfcasting guide Bernie Bass reports:

“Bernie’s got last June on his mind, when he was able to pick some solid stripers. He’s expecting them to show face these next couple weeks. Lately, though, it’s been more of the same story. There are plenty of short bass for the taking, on both day and night tides. It has been a grind, with a ton of spot-hopping, but there’s nothing better than being on the water. Bluefish have been keeping me busy with a consistent bite.”

Rosie Fishing of Moriches Bay reports:

“The fluke bite has been on fire this week. Yesterday’s biggest fish was 6.5 pounds. Weve been seeing as many as 50 keepers come over the rail. Bluefish also provided some fun action for our anglers. We’re doing evening trips starting this weekend, from 5-9pm. Give us a call for booking info!”

The Shinnecock Star in Hampton Bays reports:

“The bay bite is HOT! We’ve got quality fish in skinny water. The bay is filling up with bait, but the fish are still keyed in on crabs, mantis shrimp and grass shrimp. We’re not sailing until Sunday, but we’ve resumed half-day trips for 7-11am, and 12-4pm. We’ve been catching more weakfish than porgies, which is wild. On Friday, it only took 20 minutes to limit the boat out on weaks. The fluke bit well that day too, especially on the top hook baited with a single spearing. They’re sailing out of Oaklands Marina daily from 7 a.m. – 2 p.m.”

The Hampton Lady of Hampton Bays reports:

“Fluke fishing was outstanding this week, with a full boat limit taken just yesterday. Lauren picked a limit with her newborn strapped to her. Even on the windy days this week, the fish bit well.” Text Capt. James for reservations: 631-521-3366. We’re sailing 6 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Lauren Billie caught this quality fluke with a beautiful pattern on the Hampton Lady earlier this week.

Chris Albronda from Montauk reports:

“Last week, with the full moon and the stronger tides, the striped bass fishing picked up again. There are a lot of over-slot fish being caught right now, alongside slot fish. Savio on the Fishooker had multiple fifties last week on bucktails and diamond jigs. Porgies have moved in and are eating bait and small epoxy jigs. Sea bass are being caught and released; all of them are extra large. Lots of bluefin tuna came in last week, in all sizes. In the surf, there are huge schools of bunker being molested by chopper blues. The striper fishing from shore has been solid, especially at night on the flood.” Shoot Chris a text at 631-830-3881 to book a light tackle trip.

Montauk’s Viking Fleet reports:

“Friday June 2 was our full moon striper trip, and it went real well. We were hooking up to hungry bass as soon as we started fishing. We limited out easily, and released fish to 40 pounds. Craig Lynch won the pool with a 20 pound bass. Saturday’s trip focused on the porgies; the bite was slow when the tide was slack, but the fish got going when the tide did. All the scup were large, and Francisco Mendoza Tok the pool with a 2.75 pounder.” Call the office to book at 631-668-5700, or book online.

Bill Wetzel of the Surf Rats Ball reports:

“On Friday, Walt and I hit the and beaches where he picked one fish and provoked a couple strikes on SP minnows.  On the north side, we weren’t so lucky. I picked a couple fish on SS darters though. On Saturday, we expected to catch a bunch of fish due to the nearly perfect conditions on the north side. However, the bait is sandeels primarily, and they weren’t holding in this water. We found some fish when we headed west, feeding on SP minnows again. Monday’s trip with Frank from Connecticut was a tough start. He got one hit on a bucktail on the south side, and hooked up for a hot second later in the evening. Toad caught some big fish early this week. Mark and John joined me last night for a brutal skunk. We tried all around, but a seal was plaguing us, as was that god awful smoke.” Subscribe today at www.longislandsurffishing.com.

Eastern Long Island Fishing Forecast

I began this week on the flats of Shinnecock to throw some crab flies. On the sunny days, there were sight fishing opportunities for stripers, although the smoke from Canada was casting an ominous haze which practically ruined my visibility. The glare on the water was pretty awful. Still, I had two days of solid fishing for bluefish and stripers. I fished around mid-tide, and the fish were there when I arrived. On the third day, the weeds pushed in, and the fish just didn’t seem to be there anymore. I was thinking maybe the dead humpback whale that washed into Shinnecock Inlet the day prior might’ve stunk them out. So, after skunking on the flats, I headed down to the surf to throw holy moley‘s for stripers cruising the beach lip. I was able to count on that bite for the rest of the week. I picked at least one fish per session on the crab presentation, but the bite was definitely slow. 

I experienced better striped bass fishing in the surf than in the backwaters this week. (@southforksalt)

There seem to be tons of sandeels around with shad, bluefish and stripers all feeding upon them. At sunset the predators would blitz the beach lip and send these fish flying. A rubber shad sufficed for a strike or two. Even though these fish seem to be completely keyed in on fishy baits, the bass I kept was filled with sand fleas. The fluke I caught early this week was doing the same thing. In fact, as soon as my holy moley hit the water, that fluke was on it. I’m pretty sure it inhaled it before the jig hit the bottom. I took that fluke home and cooked it whole. Not a single shred of meat was wasted that way. Delicious.

My dude Justin caught a catch very worthy of mention early this week. He had a 28 pound bass take his flea midday. I hunted the heck out of that water afterward, for hardly a nibble. There was some minor blitzing occurring on the outer bar though. The water was incredibly calm too, so it was a very pleasant session. 

I’ve heard of some really high quality catches this week. Inlets were holding very large bass for a couple tides. It seems like those big girls moved out towards the beach afterward though. I was filming some solid fish attacking the bait schools offshore. I haven’t looked at that footage yet, so I might be wrong… but I do believe the prey was bunker. I get the feeling my prediction of a big fish beach bite will come to fruition this next week. 

Unfortunately, I’ll probably have to work that bite with some lighter gear as my VS200 and Lamiglas were stolen from right outside my house yesterday. I figured I’d put the word out in here; maybe one of you will see some scumbag trying to sell my stolen gear online. The reel is silver, and the Serial Number is 31348. The Lamiglas was a GSB101MS. Thanks for keeping an eye out.

Despite the smoke and the thieves, I’m optimistic. The fishing seems to be picking up, the skies seem to be clearing, and material stuff is replaceable. It’s unfortunate that there are bad people out there, but that’s just reality. At least all the fish are good. I love ‘em.

Keep an eye on the surf this week. Peep the big fish spots when the current is running strongest. Do not sleep on the low-light periods. I have a feeling the blitzes around sunset will produce some huge fish somewhere, soon. Gotta hope you’re in the right place at the right time. Look for the birds and fish the bait.

Make it happen cap’n. Good luck.

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