Coastal New Hampshire and Maine Fishing Report- January 12, 2023

largemouth bass
Thanks to willing bass, smaller water does not necessarily translate to smaller fish!

The waiting game continues for “ice in” among larger water bodies or – dare I say – the smelt camps! Still, a glass half full (of ice!) is better than none at all.

New Hampshire Fishing Report

If you’re feeling the pain of a lack of uniform hardwater put yourself in Tim Moore of TimMooreOutdoors boots – a 7 person group booked him for Winnipesaukee Saturday! As you can imagine it’s not looking good for pulling that one off in the least and it certainly is tougher to manage when it’s your livelihood.
Jim from The Tackle Shack in Meredith said that determined anglers are still making due on smaller water bodies such as Hawkins Pond, Lees Pond as well as Little Pond in Sandwich. Just because those ponds are smaller doesn’t mean you have to diminish expectations as anglers are reporting black bass to 4 pounds! Some daring anglers did manage to get out on 19 Mile Bay in the big lake but it would probably be wiser to wait until after the predicted thaw/rain and let Mother Nature ice that bay up nice and solid next week.

Southern Maine Fishing Report

Brady from Dag’s Bait & Sportgoods in Auburn just got back from checking traps for native bait when we spoke on Wednesday. Is there little wonder why that shop has such premium baitfish when one of the principal trappers works behind the counter? Sabattus has had game as a few anglers have been able to find good ice, and as anyone who has even an ancillary knowledge of Sabattus can attest, pike are plentiful there! That place also has good numbers of willing white perch. For more options consider the coves of Cobbosseecontee as well as Little “Cobbie”, Hobbs, Halls and the of course – the Otter Ponds as well as the Ranges. The latter two have been pounded furiously so expect an outing heavy on fresh air and exercise and light on catching but there’s always an ice fishers chance of catching something special.

Andrew of Sebago Bait and Tackle is in the same holding mode as other with hardwater hopes but as for the shop’s namesake it’s not looking very good. A couple choices that are more promising is Cold Rain Pond, Horn Pond and Little Sebago.

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New Hampshire And Southern Maine Fishing Forecast

Sadly, the forecast is looking as thin as skim ice for the foreseeable future. Anglers looking for relief should stick to Hawkins Pond, Lees Pond and Little in Sandwich. With any luck the coves of Winnipesaukee, which did have a few inches of ice as recently as a few days ago, will ice up after the thaw. Regarding it’s counterpart in southern Maine – Sebago – it’s going to take a sizable shift in the weather pattern to ice up. Meanwhile Mainers looking to keep busy should stick to Sabbatus, Little Sebago as well as the three Hs – Horn, Hall and Hobbs.

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