New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont Fishing Report – July 14, 2022

Adventureandcatch Charters tuna
The “Kizik Birthday Trip” kids – from left to right: Carter Kizik, Brayden Herman and Gavin Bly – kicked some serious Charlie while aboard Adventureandcatch Charters!

Carter Kizik, Brayden Herman (the tall one standing), and Gavin Bly. First Tuna they ever caught.

The bigger striped bass are sticking like glue to the pogy schools! For fast-paced action the Piscataqua River is delivering at first light. Tuna are increasingly becoming a factor offshore and there has even been world of halibut!

New Hampshire Fishing Report

Ki from Dover Marine said that flounder fishing in Rye Harbor/Odione Point is causing a stir. Berkley sand worms and anglers slicing up clam strips are catching well. Bunker bait balls off Salisbury and Seabrook are holding big bass. White perch in Lake Wentworth has been a fine freshwater alternative!
Captain Andy from Adventure and Catch Charters recently treated Tim Moore from TimMooreOutdoors to peak into how the “other” side lives and with limits of haddock and a host of other deepwater denizens caught I have a feeling Tim loved it! The captain has been making a killing around The Curl as well as towards the northern edge of Stellwagen. Dogs are an issue so be prepared. You should also be prepared for pelagics as school tuna have been swarming the southern edge of Jeffrey’s Ledge. The skipper has been staggering mackerel baits with the best bite taking place at slack tide for ubiquitous 50” fish!

Southern Maine Fishing Report

Just this Thursday morning Brandy from Webhannet Bait and Tackle/Boatyard heard of no less than 8 or 9, 40” plus stripers falling for mackerel or mackerel chunks around Jakes Island. The night shift crew working eels and big soft plastic stick baits such as Slug-Gos and GT Eels are accounting for bigger fish still – forty pounders! Bays as well as estuaries are producing the blistering big fish bite at dark. Pogies have appeared around the Piscatagua River as well as Cape Neddick. Groundfishing is good in about 240’ of water off Jeffrey’s Ledge and in addition to haddock, redfish and pollock there have been at least three keeper halibut caught! Dogs remain an issue however. One that could be filed in the unusual category is the report of a 20” tautog taken in the Cape Neddick area. A bumper crop of sand eels bodes well for sea run brown trout! Griffin from Saco Bay told me that tuna have been targeted off Tantas Ledge. Mackerel while not populous can be found near the islands in Saco Bay. Pogy schools off Old Orchard Beach and Biddeford Pool Griffin are holding big bass.

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New Hampshire And Southern Maine Fishing Forecast

Pogies off Salisbury and among the Piscataqua River are holding some of the better bass with night-stalkers doing well among bays with eels and stick baits. While not a great year, mackerel can be found near Wood Island, Richmond Island, Monument Island and Jakes Island. Should you strike out on the mack front, put your sabiki rig a little tighter to structure and jig up harbor pollock which are an adequate alternative. If you’re not sure what to do with that bait source than consider school tuna which have moved into Tantas as well as Jeffrey’s Ledge.

2 on “New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont Fishing Report – July 14, 2022

  1. Julie

    Oh, man…You guys screwed up the names! This fishing trip was a birthday gift for Brayden. The names are from left…Carter Kizik, Brayden Herman (the tall one standing), and Gavin Bly. First Tuna they ever caught.

  2. ad Lib

    Last weekend Pulpits Harbor ME.,woke up at sunrise on my sailboat to frantic splashing of bait fish throughout the harbor. The same thing another morning in Camden harbor. Schoolie stripers, not keepers, were seen being caught with pogie chunks off the town dock, about 20″. Is anyone catching keepers north of Rockland, ME?

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