Pennsylvania Fishing Report – December 9, 2021

West Marine

Northwest Region

Mandatory Cold Weather Life Jacket Wear
Mandatory cold weather life jacket wear began on November 1st. This means that a person must wear a US Coast Guard approved personal flotation device (PFD or life jacket) while underway or at anchor on boats less than 16 feet in length or any canoe or kayak from November 1st through April 30th.

Butler County

Lake Arthur

Some anglers are catching Largemouth Bass on brown crankbaits and minnows.

Crawford County

Woodcock Creek Lake

Anglers are catching Smallmouth Bass, panfish, and Walleye.

Woodcock Creek

Anglers are catching Muskellunge, Walleye, and panfish below the dam

French Creek

Anglers are catching Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, and panfish. Reminder to boaters using the PFBC access to the creek, boats must be properly registered before using PFBC accesses. Also, be sure to have all required safety equipment on board prior to start of your float.

Canadohta Lake

Anglers are catching Muskellunge, Walleye, and panfish. The lake is drawn down for winter.

Sugar Lake

Anglers are catching panfish, Chain Pickerel, Bowfin, and Largemouth Bass.

Tamarack Lake

The lake is open to hunters, boaters, and anglers. Remember to have all required safety equipment and proper registration if going out on a boat, canoe, or kayak. Anglers, please note that the lake is still listed as catch and release only. Anglers are catching Largemouth Bass and panfish from the docks.

Pymatuning Reservoir

DCNR has begun dropping the water level for winter pool. Anglers are catching perch and crappie from Jamestown Marina and Linesville Marina. White Perch are non-native to Pymatuning and any caught by anglers should be harvested- just be sure to know the difference between a White Perch and a White Bass.

Shenango River

Anglers are catching panfish, Muskellunge, and catfish below the weir. Most anglers are finding success using live bait in the early mornings and late evenings. Be courteous and do not leave your litter behind when you leave; pack it out and dispose of it properly.

Lawrence County

Cascade Quarry

Anglers are catching stocked trout on small rubber worms that are all white, a combination of white and lime green, or black and lime green.

Northcentral Region


A person shall wear a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device (PFD or life jacket), during the cold weather months from November 1st through April 30th, while underway or at anchor on boats less than 16 feet in length or any canoe or kayak.


Ice fishing season is just around the corner. If you plan on going ice fishing this winter, check out PFBC’s Ice Safety Page. Be cautious, and always check the ice, prior to heading out. Be sure to bring ice awls, invest in a float suit, or if you already have one be sure to wear it while out on the ice.

New to Ice Fishing? Check out PFBC’s Intro to Ice Fishing Video Series. It introduces you to essential gear, how to use the gear, ice safety, and more!

Centre County

Spring Creek

The water temperature is currently in the low 50’s and the creek is in great shape for fishing. The flows are currently above average making for a great December streamer bite. Sculpin imitations and sparkle minnows are currently working great. Anglers having the best success are targeting fish both early and later in the day. Cloudy days are currently producing the best action. Nymphing has also proven to be effective right now. Anglers are finding success using both scud and sowbug patterns near the bottom. There are several fish still actively spawning throughout the waterway so be mindful of Redds!

Clinton County

Fishing Creek

The water temperature is currently in the high 40’s low 50’s. Many anglers continue to witness fish spawning throughout the waterway. Be mindful of this when fishing and wading. Anglers having consistent success are currently using both nymphs and small streamers. Long leaders and light tippet are key when nymphing low and clear water. Small nymphs continue to produce the most hook-ups.

Northeastern Region

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From November 1st- April 30th, all individuals on all canoes and kayaks as well as all boats under 16 feet in length, are required to be wearing a properly fitting, U.S. Coast Guard approved Personal Floatation Device. Cold water shock is a leading cause of boating fatalities, a disproportionate number of which occur during the months of November- April. So, as a reminder, keep yourself safe, and go home at the end of a great day on the water.

Northern Pike County

Some of the smaller lakes in the district are beginning to retain ice on the surface for the entirety of the day.  This means ice fishing season is around the corner in locations such as Lily Pond, Shohola Marsh Reservoir, and many of the community lakes in the area. If you do plan on going out on a small boat on some of the lakes that are still unfrozen, be sure to refresh on mandatory wear laws to help prevent tragic outcomes in the case of an accidental submersion.

Bass have been active on Lake Wallenpaupack over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend with anglers reporting successes using jerk bait. Anglers have also been successfully catching walleye on the Delaware River from the Zane Grey Museum upstream on nightcrawlers and minnow style crankbaits.

Southern Monroe & North Carbon Counties

With deer season in full swing and many hunters in the woods, it’s important to remember to wear orange or brightly covered clothing while fishing in or near wooded areas. Your safety is more important than worrying about a trout seeing you and spooking. With that in mind, trout fishing is slowing down but there’s a few die-hard anglers on the McMichael’s Creek who are pulling in trout using flies.

With the cold weather, we are beginning to see ice form on some of the smaller ponds and lakes. Anglers, and anyone else for that matter, are reminded to ALWAYS check the ice before venturing out and to be ever mindful of the changing weather and ice conditions. Hopefully in the next month or so we will begin to have thick enough ice for good and safe ice fishing.

Northwest Monroe, Southern Wayne, and Western Pike Counties

With the cold weather moving in, fishing has been hard to come by recently. Warm days are few and far between this time of year, but that could only mean one thing: ice fishing is right around the corner.

Days of fishing off a boat are essentially behind us for the year and public lakes such as Tobyhanna Lake, Gouldsboro Lake, Brady’s Lake, and Lake Wallenpaupack will soon be covered with ice fisherman. While there is not quite safe enough ice yet on those lakes, they are starting to see some ice formation with the cold temperatures, high winds, and open spaces. As a reminder, before going out for ice fishing, please take a few moments to refresh yourself on all laws and regulations regarding seasons, sizes, creel limits, and devices.

Northeastern Monroe and Southern Pike Counties

With colder weather descending on the lakes, ponds, and streams fishing activity has slowed.

Carbon County

We are all are waiting for the ice fishing season to arrive, so now is a good time to check over your ice fishing equipment and gear.

2022 fishing licenses, permits can be purchased.  If you’re thinking of giving a different type of Christmas gift this year, consider purchasing a voucher for that person which then can be redeem for a fishing license.

Anglers fishing the Pohopoco Creek, downstream from the outlet of Beltzville Lake to the bridge at Harrity Rd. & Rt. 209, continue to report good success catching trout.  Anglers are reminded that the Pohopoco Creek from the outlet of Beltzville Lake downstream to the cable across the creek at the Hideaway Hunting & Fishing Club is designated as both a Class A Wild Trout Stream and Stocked Trout Water.  The Extended Trout Season on this section of water is No Harvest-Catch and Immediate Release Only.

Anglers have also reported doing well catching trout at the confluence of the Pohopoco Creek and the Lehigh River, in Parryville.  The Princess Run in Monroe County has also been providing some good trout action in recent weeks.  Spinners appeared to work the best in this stream.

Anglers are also reminded that the Extended Trout Season on other trout stocked waters and all waters downstream the daily limit is reduced to three (combined species) trout.

Mauch Chunk Lake has been providing good fishing on most parts of the lake.  Anglers reported doing well catching pickerel, perch, and crappie.  The fishing pier at boat launch A including the docks at both boat launch A & B have been removed for the winter season. Anglers are reminded that Mauch Chunk Lake is governed by the Big Bass Special Regulations and bass must measure the minimum size of 15 inches before being harvested.  Posters are posted at the lake detailing the Big Bass Special Regulations.

Anglers fishing Beltzville Lake continue to do well catching Striped Bass from the shore or a boat.  Live bait, large bucktail jigs (red/white) and even chicken livers appeared to work well.  The Striped Bass have been active near the upper reaches of the Pine Run bay and along the northern shore of the picnic woods section of the park including the upper reaches of the Pohopoco Creek bay near the Trachsville Bridge.  Anglers were recently observed catching largemouth and smallmouth bass measuring between 17 – 18 inches from the shore at the Pine Run boat launch.  Perch action was also good with some perch measuring 14 inches. Live minnow appeared to be the bait of choice.

The regulatory buoys (Slow No Wake, Ski Zone, etc.) at the lake have been removed for the winter season.  Although the buoys have been removed, the regulations pertaining to the Slow No Wake, Ski Zone are still in effect and being enforced.  If you are unsure of the regulations pertaining to the lake, there are maps posted at each boat launch indicating the regulated areas.

Columbia & Southern Luzerne Counties

With deer season in full swing, fishing activity across the district has pretty much come to a halt.

However, those who have been fishing, are finding success as fish begin to feed heavily in preparation for winter.

Trout anglers are finding success on the Lehigh River, with most of it coming from nymphs and live baits close to the bottom.

Those fishing the Susquehanna River are still having success with Smallmouth Bass, mostly on soft plastics fished slowly.

Now is the time to start prepping for that hard water! Hopefully, we will have early ice and lots of it.  Get that gear ready and don’t forget that safety equipment.

As a reminder, let’s not forget about the Early Bird Sports Expo at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds.  It is scheduled to run from January 27th through January 30th.  Hope to see you there.

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