Cape Cod Fishing Report- December 23, 2021

Trout and White Perch are keeping freshwater anglers busy heading into the winter.

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OTW’s Jack Burke plucked this lively rainbow from one of Cape Cod’s many stocked ponds last Sunday.

As our local temperatures teeter between freezing and fifty, it’s a wonder where the bite is happening and when. For anglers interested in putting any sort of bend in the rod, freshwater has been the primary option. Clear and starry nights turned to sunny mornings have brought me the most success when targeting trout recently.

Don’t let a little breeze or cloud cover keep you indoors, though; rainbow trout are still aggressively feeding in the mornings and late afternoons. During early hours, I’m fishing a Kastmaster high and fast through the water column, which has produced aggressive strikes and plenty of follows. Keep your eyes on the surface for fish swirling during sunrise. With sunlight, a faster retrieval gets rainbows fired up by reflecting more light off the spoon. Later in the afternoon, or under cloud cover, try fishing low and slow with a similar lure that provides nice flutter action. On The Water’s Videographer Jack Burke landed a few good rainbows fishing low and slow through cold wind this week. Further east around Brewster and Hyannis, anglers report sizable holdover brown trout up to 19 inches, biting mostly at night on both jointed Rapala’s and live bait. To target browns mid-day, fishing deeper is your best bet.

The trout haven’t been the only reliable bite, though. White perch are providing a welcome tug on the line even when the weather remains shoddy. On The Water TV’s Producer Adam Eldridge has been putting a beating on white perch with small jigs along bottom. Meanwhile OTW’s Editor Jimmy Fee wasted no time busting out the float and fly rig with his daughter.

OTW Editor Jimmy Fee and his daughter landing a stout white perch as a team.

Float and fly is also a great rig to try when targeting bass or pickerel, but it may be worth waiting for a couple consecutively sunny days. The warmer water and change in pressure can potentially draw largemouth bass out of their winter hideouts for a snack. Live shiners are typically a safe go-to for coaxing largemouth into a meal on the bottom. Dedicated bass fishermen may also find success using small soft-plastic jigs and blade baits for smallmouth bass. These options will work best when fished vertically around holes and ledges, from a boat or kayak if you’re willing to bundle up.


Fishing Forecast for Cape Cod

Evan of Eastman’s Sport & Tackle in Falmouth says the trout bite around Falmouth is steady. Customers are stocking up on spoons, with rainbows flooding the report from Grew’s, Mares and Deep Ponds. Rainbows are active in shallow areas of kettle ponds, with browns in the mix and very few brook trout reported. Largemouth bass have been peppered in the mix too, with most being caught on live shiners in smaller, accessible waters like Shiverick’s Pond.

In Hyannis, the reports don’t stray much from the angler experience around Falmouth; Sports Port Bait & Tackle has seen trout worms, spoons and trout magnet leaving shelves on a regular basis; Shubael and Peter’s ponds are producing fish regularly with the aforementioned bait options.

Persistence through the cold for trout will work, but watch for freezing guides; I lost a nice fish last week due to iced-out guides tearing my line. In times like these, we can’t afford to lose that one fish that could make or break an outing.

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