Pennsylvania Fishing Report – April 22, 2021

West Marine

Northwest Region

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REMINDER: Mandatory Cold Weather Life Jacket Wear began on November 1, 2020 and runs through April 30, 2021 for anyone on boats less than 16 feet and in all canoes and kayaks.  Learn more here…

Butler County

Harbar Acres

Mentored Youth Day
Mentored Youth Day 2021 was a success with approximately 150 people lined up on the shore and enjoyed the various memories that were made!

Erie County

Presque Isle Bay

Anglers are catching Yellow Perch from both the North and South Piers, DonJon, and Dobbins Landing in good numbers. Anglers will need to weed through the smaller perch, but larger perch are present.

Lake Erie

Anglers are catching Yellow Perch on Lake Erie in about 45 feet of water North of the cribs. Anglers are catching Lake Trout off the mountain North of the North East Marina.

Anglers are catching Smallmouth Bass in both the bay and lake and will only continue to get better as we go into May.

Lawrence County

Neshannock Creek and Big Run

The stocked trout in the nearby streams are preferring different bait than in the lakes. In the Neshannock Creek and Big Run, the trout seem to prefer spinner style baits with a gold or silver spoon.

Bessemer Lake and Cascade Quarry

In Bessemer Lake and Cascade Quarry, trout are more likely to bite on dough baits in either chartreuse, orange, or brown.

Venango County

West Pithole Creek

Noah W
Noah W. shows off his West Pithole Creek catch! Congrats on a nice trout!
Tyler-S. trout
Tyler S. shows off his West Pithole Creek catch! Congrats on a nice trout!
Lincoln-S. trout
Lincoln S. was primed and ready, as well as ultimately successful on Pithole Creek on the first day of the 2021 Statewide Trout Season!
Golden Rainbow Trout
Mario F., Logan P., Brayden C., and Cam C. proudly smile with their Golden Rainbow Trout!
Pithole Creek
Pithole Creek, downstream of SR36!

Northcentral Region

Clearfield County

Trout season is now in full swing and our in-season stockings are underway. Currently, all of Clearfield’s Stocked Trout Waters are being fished. Anglers are having success on all of the standard baits and lures. Spinners, Power Bait, Butter worms, and minnows have all been catching trout consistently. If you are fishing some of the larger streams such as the West Branch of the Susquehanna, try targeting the current breaks and tail outs. Trout can be found resting in these areas while they wait for a food source to drift by. Those fishing the smaller streams have found that drifting and jigging minnows or meal worms through the faster moving water can trigger a reaction from an aggressive trout. If you are having a hard time getting the trout to cooperate in the low clear water conditions, scale your hook size and offering down to a smaller size. Do not be afraid to fish “small”.

For those of you that have been fishing the fly, size 16-18 glo-bug/sucker spawn imitations have been very successful. Some of our fish are starting to really key in on the caddis flies as well. At this point, most of the trout are still not all that shy about eating nymphs in the 12-14 size range. If you’re up for a challenge, head over to Curwensville or Clearfield and attempt to locate a West Branch Lunker! A 4-5” “slumpbuster” type streamer will help you get a sizable offering in front of one of those larger fish.

Lycoming County

Larrys Creek

Anglers are doing well catching trout utilizing wax worms and smaller sized Rooster Tails with a neutral coloring to them.

McKean County

Now that the water levels are going up on the Allegheny Reservoir, boaters are starting to hit the water, and kayakers are going out on Marilla Reservoir, it important to be sure you are wearing a PFD (personal floatation device/life jacket) if you are on a boat less than 16 ft, and all canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards until April 30th at midnight. The temperature of the water is still very cold, even if we do get a 70-degree day. Cold water immersion may not seem very dangerous, but after falling overboard, the initial shock of the cold water will take your breath away and cause your body to slow down. Attempting to get out of the water and performing normal tasks, especially with your hands, will deteriorate.

If you plan on going out on the Allegheny Reservoir with your boat less than 16 feet, canoe, kayak, or paddleboard, it is mandatory for you to wear your PFD at all times while you are on the water, as part of rules set forth by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. PFD’s come in different types, so purchase one to fit the activity you plan on doing and make sure it fits properly, so that you are comfortable, can look to your left and right without any problem, and so that you don’t feel restricted from paddling or fishing. If you do want to take a break from wearing it, pull to shore. We want everyone to be safe out there. You wouldn’t want to get handed any paperwork for wearing a PFD that isn’t meant for kayaking, for instance, any taking it off so that you can use your full range of motion.

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