Pennsylvania Fishing Report – April 15, 2021

West Marine

Northwest Region

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REMINDER: Mandatory Cold Weather Life Jacket Wear began on November 1, 2020 and runs through April 30, 2021 for anyone on boats less than 16 feet and in all canoes and kayaks.  Learn more here…

Warren County

Allegheny River

Anglers are catching large trout throughout the special regulation section of the river. Anglers are catching them off boats and from shore. Walleye season is closed until May 1st. Bass season is closed from April 17th through June 11th.

Chapman Dam Reservoir

The fish population in the reservoir is still recovering from the drawdown, but anglers are still catching trout in good numbers.

Northeastern Region

Reminder: The PFBC does not monitor ice thickness.  Ice thickness and conditions can vary greatly across the lake. Use caution as you head out onto the ice. A life jacket and a set of ice awls can be extremely important if you fall through the ice.
Remember – SAFETY FIRST:

Monroe County

Anglers are having very good success fishing the Bushkill Using a variety of natural baits. Pastebaits seems to be producing the best results.

Northcentral Region

Centre County

Anglers are currently having success fishing for Trout in Bald Eagle Creek, Six Mile Run, Cold Stream, Cold Stream Dam, Black Moshannon Creek, Penns Creek, Sinking Creek, Poe Valley, Poe Valley Lake, Marsh Creek, and Little Fishing Creek. Anglers are using a variety of tactics to include spinners, minnows, waxworms, and power bait.

Sayers Lake

Anglers are reporting catches of Yellow Perch using redworms floated under a bobber. Additionally, some anglers are having success targeting Crappies. Most of the success is coming from anglers using 2-inch rubber twisters or live minnows with a float.

Jefferson County

Anglers are out in abundance taking advantage of the recently stocked lakes and streams. Lots of happy kids catching some nice trout! There are some boats out on Cloe Lake taking advantage of the nice weather. Remember that mandatory wear is still in place until April 30th!

Southeastern Region

Reminder: Mandatory cold weather personal flotation device wear remains in effect.  Visit our website at for more details.

Jefferson County

All over Bucks County anglers were reeling in trout with yellow and rainbow paste baits as well as spinners on the Delaware Canal and Neshaminy Creek at Tyler State Park.

The striper run has started, larger ones have been seen down in the airport area and the schoolies were caught up at Neshaminy Creek, State Park.

Please remember to use inline circle hooks when using bait in all tidal areas of the Delaware River and Estuary, regardless of what you are fishing for. Also, a saltwater registry is required when fishing for striped bass.

As a continued reminder, it is mandatory to wear a cold weather personal flotation device until April 31st .

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