Cape Cod Fishing Report – March 11, 2020

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OTW TV Producer Adam Eldridge caught this brook trout during his lunch break on Thursday. It was one of four Adam caught in 30 minutes of fishing.

The trout are in the ponds! Stocking trucks began rolling this week, delivering some big-shouldered brook trout and brilliant rainbows to the ponds of Cape Cod.

The brookies might be my favorite of the four trout stocked here on the Cape. They aren’t as likely to holdover and grow extra large like the browns, and they aren’t stocked in the same numbers as the rainbows, but they are the most aggressive when they first enter the ponds.

You can fish PowerBait for them, if you want, but they will actually respond better to lures and flies. Evan at Eastman’s Sport and Tackle got a report from one of his customers that he caught brook trout “one after another” while fly-fishing the other day.

You don’t have to worry too much about “matching the hatch” with the freshly stocked trout. After they’ve been in the ponds for a few weeks you may need to match specific insects with your flies, but for now, a Woolly Bugger, or similar buggy-looking streamer. Olive, black, and brown are great colors, but gaudy pinks, purples, and chartreuse streamers will also get bites.

For spoons, I’ve always liked the Thomas Rough Rider. It’s very compact, so it casts far, it has a great kicking action on a moderate retrieve, and the trout love it. Sometimes, though, a larger lure, like the Thomas Buoyant, will cull out some of the bigger trout. Spinners, small soft plastics, and stickbaits all work too, but since the trout school up so tightly after first being stocked, I like the spoon for its ability to cast far and cover water.

At Red Top this week, AJ said shop owner Tom Coots was celebrating his 66th birthday on Thursday, while the two worked on some renovations in the shop. AJ mentioned that the stocking trucks were rolling, and that the pickerel and largemouth fishing was bound to be improving.

At the beginning of this week, some ponds still had a little skim ice, but that should be nothing but a memory by the weekend.

The largemouth and pickerel should be getting very active in these warm temperatures, and with Friday reaching a high of 55 degrees, I would say that’s the afternoon to blow off work and fish some suspending jerkbaits, shallow-diving crankbaits, or live shiners at your favorite shallow bog pond.

Fishing Forecast for Cape Cod

With the trout being stocked, that’s the top pick for this weekend. If the warm weather has you longing for saltwater fishing, you can check out the most recent episode of On The Water’s Angling Adventures, filmed last June, when Kevin Blinkoff and I were catching bluefish from the beach. Sunday at 10 a.m. on NBC Sports Boston, it’s me and Kevin again, this time catching tog from kayaks in Buzzards Bay.

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