Pennsylvania Fishing Report – August 20, 2020

Northwest Region

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Butler County

Glade Run Lake

Trout are the only species that may be taken after the season opened. All other fish species, if caught, must be immediately released unharmed. With water temperatures rising, anglers should try casting to deeper waters. Nightcrawlers and paste baits work well. Boats must be registered or permitted to use this PFBC property. Non-powered or electric-powered only. Dry mooring of boats at the lake is permitted from March 1st to November 1st each year. Dry-moored boats must display a valid Launch Permit or registration.

Harbar Acres Lake (SGL 95)

Anglers are catching trout by using minnows and paste baits in the deeper water. Anglers are using minnows in the shallow waters at the upper end of the lake at sunrise and early in the morning. This is also a good lake for bass. Don’t be surprised if your trout spinner attracts a lunker bass!

Lake Arthur

Hybrid Striped Bass are no longer coming shallow. The best opportunity now is by boat. Try trolling with artificial lures over the roadbeds and railroad beds. Black bass season is in. Lake Arthur is a Big Bass Regulation water. Minimum size is 15 inches. Limit is four per day. Anglers are using rubber worms and spinners in the weed beds and around natural submerged structure to hook a nice bass.

Crawford County

Woodcock Creek Lake

Anglers are catching walleye, smallmouth bass, and panfish.

Woodcock Creek (Below the dam)

Anglers are catching a few smaller walleye and muskellunge during the evening hours.

French Creek

Anglers are catching some smallmouth bass in the Saegertown area and at the PFBC access in Cambridge Springs. Water levels are low making it tough in spots for people floating downstream.

Canadohta Lake

Anglers are catching some nice sized muskellunge, walleye, and panfish.

Sugar Lake

Anglers are catching panfish, largemouth bass, and catfish.

Forest County

Allegheny River

Anglers are catching smallmouth bass by using tube jigs and live bait. River levels are low and weeds will become more prevalent, which can cause some navigation issues for jet boat operators. Boaters are reminded that the use of swimming aides are prohibited to be used on Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission access areas. Also, all boats that use a Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission access area must be registered or have a launch permit.

Tionesta Lake

Boaters are reminded that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Slow No Wake Area is still in effect, and it extends from the point to the dam. Boaters are also reminded that they must be 100 feet from shore while traveling faster than slow no wake speed, or in other words, in gear. Boaters using the PFBC Access at Nebraska Bridge must have a current registration or have a current launch permit. Boaters are also reminded that they cannot block access to the ramp for others wanting to launch or retrieve a watercraft.

Tionesta Creek

Tionesta Creek from Kellettville to Nebraska Bridge is still productive for Smallmouth Bass and Muskellunge. Water levels are low, which could make navigation of a canoe or kayak difficult. Boaters using the U.S. Army Corps boat launch at Jug Handle, are reminded that they must have on board a wearable PFD. Also, all watercraft must be currently registered or have a current launch permit to use the PFBC Access at Nebraska Bridge.

Clarion River

Boaters are reminded that children 12 years of age and younger must wear a PFD while underway while in a canoe, kayak, or boat 20 feet in length or less. Boaters should also be aware of State Park regulations, while navigating through Cook Forest State Park.

Northeastern Region

Northern Luzerne County

Regardless of the low water conditions in the Susquehanna River fishermen are still keeping busy with smallmouth bass. Topwater baits and flies seem to be doing the most work right now and anglers should concentrate on larger pools especially ones with lots of rocks and structure as well as any area that is fed by a tributary. The river itself is showing lots of color and areas where clear water from tributaries mixes with the river water should produce well. Area ponds and lakes are still giving up some nice panfish to anglers that know where to find them. Try to fish in areas where you can reach 10-12 feet of water and present your bait just off the bottom where the fish are picking through to find a meal. Vertical jigging from a boat is a great way to find these fish right now. Just tip a small jig with a waxworm or piece of nightcrawler and drop it to the bottom and bring it back up about a foot.

Northcentral Region

Tioga County

Hammond Lake

Anglers are currently having some success targeting Largemouth Bass around near shore structure. Slow presentations are working the best. Try slowly fish a drop shot or a Carolina rig to get a slow presentation. Anglers are also finding some Crappie around some of the deeper structures found through out the lake. Small jigs tipped with natural colored artificials or live bait are currently working well for Crappie.r

Tioga River Spillway

Anglers are currently doing well fishing for channel catfish at night. Those having success are using chicken livers fished directly on the bottom with weight.

Montour County

North Branch Susquehanna

Currently the water temperatures are well above average and the river is low. Focusing on deep pockets is currently working as there are a lot of fish holding in these areas. Anglers are currently having success using natural colored baits like transparent dark greens and browns. Slowly fishing jigs tipped with artificial plastics in these colors is working well. Black is also producing fish as the river currently has some color due to some rainfall last week.

Clinton County

Fishing Creek

The water temperatures are currently in the mid-60’s. The creek is low and clear. Terrestrial patterns have proven to be effective right now as well as, ISO nymphs and caddis imitations. Long leaders are key for successful nymphing with the current water conditions. The fishing has been the best early in the mornings and late in the evenings. Small streamers are also producing fish.

brown trout
This nice brown trout took a small streamer imitating a sculpin late in the evening hours on Fishing Creek.

Centre County

Spring Creek

The creek is low and clear. The current temperature is in the mid 60’s. Trico’s have been making a strong appearance in the early morning hours. Anglers continue to have consistent success using terrestrial patterns. Ants, beetles, and green weenies are all great choices right now. The best fishing is currently early in the mornings and late into the evening hours. Walt’s worms are also working well right now.

Southeastern Region

Lehigh County

Despite the heat and low water levels, fly-fishing anglers are using dry flies to catch trout raising late in the evening on the Little Lehigh River. This is occurring in the fly-fishing only section.

Bucks County

With the summer days getting shorter, remember to make sure your required navigation lights and all-around white light are working properly. Sunset has a way of sneaking up on boaters at the end of summer and catching them unprepared. It’s a good idea to check bulbs, switches, batteries and to make sure there are backups on board. For more information of proper lighting for your boat, and other boating regulations, check out the online version of our basic boating handbook at:

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