Pennsylvania Fishing Report – July 30, 2020

Northwest Region

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Erie County

Lake Erie

Anglers are catching walleye in 60 to 80 feet of water depending on where you want to fish. Anglers are catching some yellow perch, but you must work for them. Anglers are fishing in two places and those are off Walnut and the old Hammermill stacks.

Northeastern Region

Northern Pike and Southern Wayne Counties

Randy Shoultes
Randy Shoultes

Randy Shoultes, from Sellersville, caught this 23” walleye on herring off of Bern’s Island on Lake Wallenpaupack. He also a 28” walleye earlier in the week and was also having success catching striped bass. Other anglers on Lake Wallenpaupack have been catching good sized smallmouth bass around Mangan Cove and Paupack Point as well as reported catching stripers around Epply Island and Sunny Point just this past week.

Northern Luzerne County

Susquehanna River fishing in the area has gotten tough. Low water, high temperatures and sunny days are not spelling success for many anglers. This time of year spend your time along the river at night and early morning and concentrate on the ends of longer pools and areas where tributaries bring in fresh water.

Lakes and ponds are seeing issues with algae blooms and warmer temperatures as well. Target fish that are sheltered under structure, around spring seeps and in water greater than 12 feet. Panfish are usually able to be found from a boat this time of year by vertical jigging just off the bottom with a small jig sweetened with a waxworm for sunfish or a small fathead for perch or crappie.

Don’t forget to check ALL your safety equipment on the boat to make sure it is still there and in serviceable condition!

Stay safe on and around the water!

Southern Luzerne and Columbia Counties

Fishing across the district has been hit or miss this past month. Largely in part to a spike in both air and water temps.  Most action seems to be early in the morning or just before dark.

The Susquehanna River has been giving up some nice smallmouth.  Try soft plastics and crankbaits near the confluence of feeder streams.  Those fishing at night are also doing well with Channel Catfish on the Susquehanna.

Trout anglers should not overlook the DHALO Section of Nescopeck Creek, or the Approved Trout Waters Open To Year Round Fishing Section of the Lehigh River.  Both have been producing some nice trout early and late in the day.  Remember, a Trout/Salmon Permit is required to fish these Special Regulations Areas, whether you intend to keep trout or not.

Fishing Creek is still producing trout as well.

FEW Reservoir is giving up panfish if you can locate them and the Ice Lakes in Rice Twp. is giving up some decent Largemouth Bass.

Boaters are again reminded of the zero-tolerance policy for BUI.  This includes recreational drug use as well as alcohol.  With warm water, some boaters appear to be getting sloppy with flotation devices.  Remember, they float, you don’t.

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