Long Island – New York Fishing Report – June 25, 2020

12-year-old Sebastian Fernandez with his 22 pound striper caught with North Island Fly.

“The weakfish bite is as good as the old days.”

Big bass from Shinnecock to Block Island.

Epic tuna action inshore and offshore. Reminiscent of Costa Rica, with acres of blitzing fish.

LI Sound heating up with big bass.

Productive season opener for big black sea bass.

Gator blues are still hanging in the peconics.

Carp fly fishing has been productive.

Tony from CrossBay Bait and Tackle in Howard Beach says the local catch consists of porgies, lots of blues and fluke.

There’s a lot of short fluke in the bays, but guys are pulling up some big ones every once in a while.

There’s a ton of bluefish.

Guys are getting stripers at night, and even some decent ones, but that action sounds like it’s pretty slow. Tony says they’re “few and far between.”

Paul at River Bay Outfitters in Baldwin got out the other night for some new moon fly fishing. The tide was ripping and the sea robins were biting. Paul threw a sand eel fly because there are lots of sandeels in the bay right now.

There are plenty of bass out front. Jones Beach has reopened finally. The West End II, although still operating as a testing facility, is now allowing people to go fishing. Two of his friends fished the jetty there the other night, and had a few 35-40 inch fish chase their flies right to the rocks.

The weather upstate is hot and dry, which made for some excellent smallmouth fishing. The streams are low.

For trout, you’ll want to fish the tailgaters mainly, as they still have cold water (and do all year). Consider Westchester, the Farmington or Delaware. The Connetquot is doing well, but you have to be there at the right time.

Carp has been a hot ticket item these days. Brian Phelps has been slaying some big ones to 31 pounds, and another customer just started bailing them on dry flies.

The striper bite tapered off a bit. There are still bunker pods around, and some of them are holding bass underneath, but the bite is not as hot as it was this time last year. There are some fish in the back bay, from shorts to slots. Rob got out into the marshes the other evening and caught a bunch of fish on surface plugs in the skinny water. There are fish under the bridges. Guys chumming with clams are catching some fish.

Sea bass season started with a bang. Guys are out catching them as we speak. 

The bluefin bite has been awesome. The guys who have been trolling have been keeping the rods bent. A variety of wrecks have been productive.

Lots of new anglers are coming into the shop for starter kits and gear, and having a fun time catching bluefish from shore. They’re also catching all the smaller fish like porgies, blowfish and kingfish. It’s all a blast!

Bay Park Fishing Station in Oceanside had some hot fluke and shark reports for us.

Captain Mike of the “Valerie Lynn” took the kids out fishing for fluke on Tuesday midday. There were heavy winds but they scored 21 fluke, with three nice keepers. The action lasted for three hours by the school.

Adam Romanek with a 46 pound tilefish taken from the canyons at 700 feet. caught using a fresh bluefish.

Mark from the shop posted about the awesome thresher and mako shark fishing that occurred over this past weekend.

Five year old Broden Downling of the “Lizzie D” was high hook on Tuesday when he landed 20+ fluke, including a 2 pounder. All of them were caught on Bay Park spearing in the back bays.

Frankie and John of “Ant Man” drifted the outgoing on Wednesday, using BP spearing and squid. They caught numerous fluke in the Reynolds Channel. High hook was a nice 21.5 inch fluke caught near the school on a KO double-fluke rig.

Dave Flanagan of “North Island Fly” guide service in Smithtown had an excellent week with the bass and blues. There were plenty of fish in both the shallows and deep water. Finding the bait is key! Look for sandeels inside, and bunker outside.

Dave boated fish to 22 pounds this week and had some real heartbreakers with big fish. He even had some 50 pound class bass trying to eat their 2-4 pound cocktail blues boat side!

The Sound has been producing very well. He reckons it’ll last a few weeks as it’s just heating up.

Even if you can’t get out early or late, the midday bite has been made enjoyable by large and numerous bluefish. Get out there and have some fun!

Surfcasting guide Bernie Bass had an up and down week in the surf. On some nights he’d find good numbers of bass, and on others it was a grind. There are still plenty of cocktail blues to bend the rod, and plenty of big bunker around to attract some big fish.

Bill at Chasing Tails Bait and Tackle in Oakdale says summer is here and the striper bite is just as hot as the weather. Lots of big fish are hanging out by the bunker schools, and some solid fish are inside the bay as well. Clams and chum will pull them in, and lures always work well. They’re hitting SP minnows, popping plugs, shads, bucktails, diamond jigs and bass assassins. Plenty of solid bluefish are still around too, eating everything in sight. Bait or lures stand no chance against the savage blues. The same lures mentioned for the bass will do just as well for the blues. Jacob Minerva had a great Saturday night on a town dock with consistent bluefish action on bunker chunks.

5-year-old Broden Dowling is all smiles after catching more than 20 fluke.

Fluke action is heating up, with some solid keepers finally coming over the rails. The flats are hot with fish on bucktails and Gulp jigs; the classic squid-spearing combo will always catch for you too. 

Weakfish are still running around in impressive numbers and size. 4-6 pound fish are pretty commonplace, and they are chewing on small jigs and soft plastics.The docks are loaded up with blowfish and kingfish, which are tons of fun for the kids, and the adults too.   

Captree’s Laura Lee crushed it once again, boating many fish this past week. The red hake marathons continued, with multiple days of hundreds of ling.

Almost as many sea bass have been getting caught.

They’re pulling up blues, sea robins, weaks, fluke, cod, porgies and mackerel regularly.

Nothing out of the ordinary this week, just tons of fish getting caught.

Jeff at Whitewater Outfitters in Hampton Bays says fluke fishing in Shinnecock Bay has improved. It has been a grind for most of the open season, but we seem to be in the heat of it now. There aren’t many fluke being taken from the ocean, but the ones that are tend to be larger.

Sea bass opened up and it was excellent. Jeff said they’re big fish. I asked “how big?” He and Bryce said they’re as big as they come.

There is still some action to be found on the bunker schools. They are widespread across the south fork, and there are still bass on them. Out in Montauk, they’re getting some real good bass.

The bluefin bite is still awesome. It’s been getting ridiculous in the 30-40 fathom range. Spreader bars are catching smaller fish, but the guys targeting bigger tuna with bigger profile lures are catching some quality fish. Jeff heard of a really nice fish that was taken on the jig.

Jeff says the only thing that’s been off is the bay bass fishing. He can usually count on catching a bunch of stripers on the flats this time of year, but he’s been coming up empty handed lately.

Kenny at Tight Lines Tackle in Sag Harbor says the sea bass season started well, although he hasn’t heard many reports. The big fish have been around a while now. The guys who went to the windmills did pretty well. There are some fluke there also. The fluke fishing is spotty though. One day it’s good, one day it’s slow.

The bass have moved out of Sag Harbor, but the bluefish have not. Jessups is still loaded, with some very big ones too. It sounds like there’s no bluefish out east in Montauk though, and that’s where the bass are.

Guys have been happening upon some day bites of slot fish. When the sun sets, the big fish move in. All the fish these guys got into after dark were over the slot.

There are lots of weakfish in the peconics. Guys have been saying it’s as good as the old days. One boat had 14-15 fish the other evening at sunset. The further west you go, the bigger they’ll be. Kenny has seen/heard of fish from 5-8 pounds, and fish over 30 inches.

There are still plenty of porgies around. The action has not slowed down a bit. There are some huge ones as well. One customer fed a family of 4 with one porgy the other night.

The tuna bite is ridonkulous. Kenny saw video footage from 3 miles off the beach that looked more like Costa Rica or Panama. The amount of fish recorded jumping out of the water and feeding was unbelievable. Kenny said if someone told him that video was taken in Central America, he’d say “no doubt.” But it was friggin here.

Rick from Harbor Marina of East Hampton says BIG bass are being caught from Shinnecock to Block Island. Remember, the slot is 28-35 inches. 

Fluking is improving throughout the eastern peconics, but shorts are prevalent (under 19 inches).

Some nice codfish are being caught south of Block Island. Some good sized sharks are being reported sunning by guys running offshore for tuna and cod fish. The Montauk Marine Basin shark tournament is this weekend.

The sea bass season is open, and Rick’s looking forward to some serious bottom fishing in the weeks to come.

The porgy bite remains strong, with some true dinner-plate sized fish being taken in the usual spots.

Montauk’s Viking Fleet sailed regularly this week, putting many fish on the boat.

This weekend saw good numbers of porgies, big sea bass, and fluke. Some over-slot sized stripers were caught, and plenty of bluefish.

Big porgies were hanging by the lighthouse, and some were caught to three pounds. On Wednesday, Jeff Greenbaum of Yonkers caught a 3.8 pound porgy.

Most bluefish were under ten pounds.

The Black Sea bass were big, until the day the season opened. Now there are plenty of shorter ones around, and you usually have to pick through them to get any jumbos.

Chris at Westlake Marina in Montauk says there are lots of nice striped bass being caught these days (and released).

Sea bass fishing remains red hot.

There are lots of nice fluke coming in but you have to work hard for them. There have been plenty of fish over 5 pounds.

There are lots of codfish around, and guys are picking some good ones from Cartwrights.

There are tons of porgies in the rips, and on the south side near the trailer park

For anyone who’s interested in sharking, there are plenty of blue sharks around. One keeper mako came in earlier this week.

Long Island Fishing Forecast

I heard the bluefin tuna came into an inlet again this past week. Wild.

Brian Spreckels watched a 7-foot thresher shark attack sea robins almost right at his feet on the back side of Demo yesterday. He also told me about a big ol’ Houndfish that his buddy caught.

I’ve seen giant, absolutely giant splashes far off the beach this week. 

The bunker schools I’m filming still have big fish underneath them.

So I think it’s about time for some ridiculous, exotic catches. I think we’re at that point in the year.

Maybe it’s that point where a shark blitz occurs. Maybe the prevailing south winds this week will push the warm gulf stream water close to shore, bringing southern visitors with it.

The heavy ground swell and tropical-looking water (which were prevalent this week) usually indicate that some weird catches are going to occur throughout the island (particularly the east end). 

It’s all a game of maybes, and you gotta go to know. Will you be one of the lucky ones who make a catch of a lifetime this week? 

Get out there and try. Tight lines.


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    best fishing report i have read in years, so the fishing is decent.

  2. Peter okeefe

    3 Seabass is barely enough for two. Stupid limit and we fishermen should not stand for it. On the 21st in jersey you can take 10 . The next days opening in NY its 3? Don’t try to convince me it’s about keeping fishing healthy

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