Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont Fishing Report – May 7, 2020

The first waves of river herring are migrating upstream and there are even reports of striped bass feeding on those herring! With cool water temperatures however, salmon fishing is at its peak making sweetwater still the best option.

New Hampshire Fishing Report

Chad from Dover Marine told me that river herring runs in the Oyster, Lamprey, Cocheco and Salmon Falls Rivers are showing life and the fresh bait source is resulting in striper catches. There will be debate over the next week or so whether these fish are holdovers or fresh but regardless it’s still a hoot to catch one this early in May. Haddock fishing remains hot with clams accounting for a good haddock haul from Old Scantum and New Scantum. Chad’s been tossing spinnerbaits in local largemouth lairs and catching big bucketmouths to just south of six pounds! See-saw water temperatures are resulting in a hot and cold bite but when it’s on, it’s really good. Chad’s choice picks this week for bass are Ivanhoe Lake and Balch Lake.

largemouth bass
Chad from Dover Marine caught this healthy largemouth bass on a spinnerbait.

Al from AJs Bait in Meredith said that salmon and especially rainbow trout can still be found in rivers and within access of the shore angler thanks to chilly water temperatures. Power bait is working best for both species, even salmon, especially in the Weir Channel. The backwater of bays has been heating up – literally – for lakers and smallmouth bass. Lakers and salmon can be found in 30-40 feet of water while smallies are staging in 20 feet.

Cool water temperatures are keeping salmon in close!

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Southern Maine Fishng Report

Matt from Saco Bay Tackle said that scout river herring are beginning to migrate up rivers. Not surprisingly holdover striped bass are awakening in the Saco River and Scarborough Marsh.

Haddock fishing is impressive with many reporting good tallies from Tantas.

Regarding sweetwater, the Songo River, as well as The Station in Sebago Lake, have been yielding impressive tallies of togue and the fish have not been fussy with spoons, streamers and bait all accounting for multiple fish outings. The only requirement is that anglers should keep trolling their wares just under marked bait in 30-40 feet of water!

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New Hampshire And Southern Maine Fishing Forecast

Cold water temperatures are keeping the salmon and rainbow trout within casting distance of shoreline anglers in Winnipesaukee. The Weir Channel has been especially good with back water bay areas fishing well during those rare stretches when we get sustained sun! River herring runs are coming to life as are holdover striped bass. The only realistic saltwater fishing is taking place for haddock with the Tantas Ledge tally terrific.

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