Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont Fishing Report – May 21, 2020

The “invasion” is now in full swing with schoolies making headway up to at least the Presumpscott Bay. Freshwater fishing is still fantastic with anglers targeting largemouth bass on beds underscoring the “sweet” in sweetwater!

New Hampshire Fishing Report

You could file this one under the “Captain knows best” heading! Captain Jon Tregea of Sea Run Charters suggested that Dan Reader set an early alarm clock and the result was some mighty fine fly fishing for striped bass up to the mid-20” category in the upper Piscataqua River! Things are changing at a breakneck speed and yesterday’s micros have been joined by better bass and it’s only going to get better! To make matters more sporting the skipper has dropped down to 6/7 weight fly rods and medium-light spinning rods. And of course, he’s crushing the barbs on his hooks to affect an uneventful release on those future cows!

Dan Reader schoolie
Dan Reader with a nice New Hampshire schoolie taken aboard Sea Run Charters.

Chad from Dover Marine said that in addition to stripers in the rivers such as the Hampton, Piscatagua, York and Saco, bigger bass have moved upstream into ambush points where there are alewives spawning. With pogies just south of the border, the ultimate big fish bait should arrive just before some serious stripers return. Largemouth bass are moving into shallows in preparation to spawn. Crankbaits and jerkbaits are working well at Milton Three Ponds, Swains Pond and Pawtuckaway Pond. Winnipesaukee salmon have moved out of the rivers and can now be found following schools of smelt in open water. A few flounder are being reported from Hampton Harbor.

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Andy Regan striped bass
Andy Regan got his first striper of the year off of york this week.

Southern Maine Fishng Report

Captain Lou Tirado of Diamond Pass Outfitters has been tooling around with schoolie stripers for about two weeks now! While not crushing them yet, something can be said for four-fish outings of stripers up to 26-inches! The Saco, Scarborough and Mousam all have fish with some of the bigger bass pining alewives against upstream structure. Herring runs notwithstanding, small jigs, soft plastics and flies are the most effective as they mimic, predominate small forage.

The Saco River shad run is gaining in intensity while anglers fishing neighboring waters are catching a few “spillover” shad.

Captain Lou and Ellie Tirado
Captain Lou Tirado and first mate in the making Ellie Tirado with a Southern Maine schoolie.

Brady from Dag’s Bait & Sportgoods in Auburn is all into bass lately but instead of stripers, he’s fishing for – black bass! In southern Maine, smallmouth bass are on their beds while farther north the fish are in – prespawn mode. A bass favorite of Brady’s is the five Tacoma Lakes which are connected. Landlocked salmon fishing has improved in Lake Auburn, Thompson Lake and the Songo River section of Sebago. To uptick your chances of hooking a salmon, opt for a long – 20 foot – leader of fluorocarbon.

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New Hampshire And Southern Maine Fishing Forecast

The march of the schoolie continues and is now reaching well into Maine. To increase your chances of eventually catching something bigger focus on the herring runs of Great Bay, the Saco River and most anywhere alewives and soon blueback herring will be moving up to spawn. If you can hit the pause button on the salt, smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing is now pretty special in Milton Three Ponds in New Hampshire as well as the five Tacoma Lakes in Maine.

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