Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont Fishing Report – May 23, 2019

The weather has hardly been an enabler to fishing effort, but with every wave of stripers what’s awaiting for you are swarms of bass! Groundfishing remains a good alternative for harbor flounder and offshore haddock.

New Hampshire Fishing Report

Captain Jon Tregea of Sea Run Charters is feeling like one lucky guy since he’s been catching stripers literally in his backyard on Dover Point! Schoolies have worked their way into the Piscataqua with the action really turning on for about an hour before sunset. Jon said that now’s a great time of year to explore the marshes during tide changes. The fish aren’t super picky as long as you get a fly or lure to where they are staging.

And it’s only going to get better as the coming weeks will see a rapid increase in the amount of hungry fish around and this will provide a great opportunity for fly and light tackle anglers to get their fill. The skipper still has openings for early/mid June and It’s an excellent time of year for folks looking to hone their skills catching hungry stripers on fly rods. Small soft plastics are a great choice, but often when fishing from shore Jon finds myself throwing lures like 7/8th ounce epoxy jigs or Daddy Mack’s for their superior casting ability.

Southern Maine

With sea temperatures cracking the 50 degree mark, striped bass numbers are swelling throughout Southern Maine according to Brandy from Webhannet Bait and Tackle. There is even talk of keepers from Scarborough Marsh! Most rivers, estuaries and marshes have schoolies now. In addition to small offerings bring along something more substantial such as a 5” shad, spook or swimmer for a chance at a keeper of your own. Some of the better reports have been coming out of the Mousam River area. Jeffrey’s has been hot for haddock with jigs/cod flies tipped with clams doing the trick. Mackerel can now be jigged up just outside of Wells Harbor which begs the question: can stripers big enough to eat one be far behind?

From Captain Luis Tirado of Diamond Pass Outfitters comes news that a good mix of stripers have arrived in Maine with fish ranging from 15” to 30”! Soft plastics such as Dart Spins, Ron Z’s and Hogy Pro Tails have proven to be effective as well as top waters and swimmers. Fly anglers are also finding fish near the bottom, employing sinking lines and flies in the 3” to 5” range. Clousers, deceivers and sand eel patterns will be your best bet. For bait, stick with sandworms and bloodworms. As of now, perennial go to spots such as Scarborough Marsh, Bayview, The Mousam River and York River are generating credible reports. Two hours either side of the tide seem to be fishing best. Shad have arrived but the weather has limited angling effort. Darts and spoons will catch shad, just be sure you keep your offering close to the bottom. Overall the season seems to have kicked off a bit earlier than last year and as soon as we get some prolonged sun, the fishing will explode!

Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont Fishing Forecast

The Piscataqua River is prime right now for fresh striped bass with Little Bay being a best bet. Along the Maine coast, Scarborough Marsh, the Mousam River and York River have plenty of schoolies with the occasional keeper thrown in the mix. Stick to white soft plastics as well as white spooks and swimmers.

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13 on “Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont Fishing Report – May 23, 2019

  1. Martin

    Picked up some blood worms at Johnson’s in Cook’s Corner, tried Casco Bay/ Wolfe’s neck… Nothing yet. Martin in Freeport

      1. Martin

        Chuck… thanks for the tip, Will check Winslow on Monday.

    1. Jacob keef

      My brother got a 17 “ nothin big at Mitchell field harpswell

      1. Martin

        Jacob…Johnson’s had some blood worms that were as big as snakes, tried them out at Thomas point, picked up a few 18 inch schoolies just as tide started to change. Just as I said to myself, “well high tide is over, I guess I’ll go home” a schoolie he hit me so hard it almost pulled me over. Martin in Freeport

  2. Jason

    Anybody tried Popham yet? Thinking about throwing a few flies tomorrow morning. Maybe this warm weather will help the cause

  3. Steve

    C&R’ed two 24″ stripers in Kennebec River near Bath on Saturday morning. Lots of birds, seals and bait around.

    1. Martin

      Steve… I think you just came up with a great name for a striper fishing club, C & R Striper Club of Maine.

  4. Martin

    Steve… I think you just came up with a great name for a striper fishing club, C & R Striper Club of Maine.

  5. Martin

    Fished with Dave out of S. Freeport last night, I hate to say it but I got skunked using bloods, but Dave was on fire using white paddle tails on a jig, 20 inchers ‘till we ran out of daylight, came back in the dark. Fun. Martin in Freeport.

  6. Martin

    Stripper fishing at Wolf’s Neck is alive and well. Brought a dozen bloods an hour before this morning’s 8:45 high tide and by 9:45 caught and released 6 schoolies (15 to 25 inches). That’s what I call an early Father’s Day present. Martin in Freeport.

  7. martin samelson

    Quickly put a dozen mackerel in the livewell (3 at a time on sabiki rigs) out past Pound of Tea island yesterday, then chased the birds over bait fish from marina to Wolf’s Neck, caught up with 18-20″ schoolies, Dave / S. Freeport and I caught and released 20 on jigs w/ white trailers (nothing on the mackerel) … yes, I was 2 hours late getting home, but it was worth it. Today my back is killing me so I’ll sit on the point at Wolf’s Neck for the 1pm high tide. Martin in Freeport.

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