Long Island Fishing Report – October 19, 2017

Northport Charters albie

Pictured above: A nice albie taken aboard Northport Charters this week.

The weather across Long Island is finally beginning to fall back into the expected cool autumn air that anglers have been waiting for. With the waters still too warm for the action to really get hot, it’s encouraging to see the season start to set in. As it is, false albacore are working beaches hard this week from Brooklyn to Montauk. With them have been a decent mix of striped bass and some gator blues. Weakfish have slowed down but can still be found and blackfish are starting to show better size along the seabed.

New York Metro Fishing Report

At Hudson Park Bait and Tackle, John reports that the Alvie’s have begun to take off this week. In most surrounding New Rochelle waters, with a bit of luck, you have a good chance at finding a school or two buzzing through on the bait schools close to shore. Stripers are also hitting well, though there is a healthy mix of schoolers and keepers. Monster blues can be found on just about any bunker school and the sizes have been impressive, to say the least. On the bottom, blackfish are all over but continue to be mostly shorts. There are some nice keepers coming up between 6-7 pounds but for the moment the shorts own the action.

I’m Brooklyn, at Stella Maris, Stretch has found the Marine Park Bridge waters, as well as Rockaway Reef to be holding an endless supply of scup and some fair sized blackfish. Bass have been caught primarily on eels in the waters of the Verrazano Bridge. At the Breezy Point Jeti, false albacore and blues are both on patrol and at the moment hold the second spot of most common catches nest to the always number on porgies.

Long Island South Shore Fishing Report

At Causeway Bait and Tackle, the albie action had been fantastic just east of Jones Beach I let. It’s a multiple time a day occurrence making the local beaches a popular place to be. As always the birds are the smoking gun to the action so keep an eye on the sky. You are biting very well but continue to lack in size. The brunt of the action if off the Meadow Park Bridge waters. Eventually, when the water cools more, the big blackfish will move in and the siege will be fully underway.

Paul from River Bay Outfitters also weighs in on the reports of solid action from the albacore. He relays more reports that the bite in Shinnicock and Montauk that the bite right now is the best they’ve seen in years. Bluefish are also giant in these areas right now. In the Jones Beach waters, there are tons of sandeels around which is always a welcome and exciting sight for fall time anglers. Although weakfish have greatly slowed down since last week, a friend of the shop did manage to land a 17-inch fish on his fly rod just days ago. On the freshwater scene, all local ponds and river are freshly stocked by now and teeming with life just waiting for a baited hook or small fly to wrestle on.

Long Island North Shore Fishing Report

Aboard Northport Charters with Capt. Stu, the coolers continue to fill up with plenty of scup and blues. These fish are weighing in at 2.5 and 10 pounds respectively. The bay is loaded up with both adult and peanut bunker which should hold these fish for an extended period of time to all of our delights. Allies have been popping up here and there which adds an excitement to keep on your toes at all times.

Northport Charters scup
The coolers continue to fill up with plenty of scup and blues aboard Northport Charters with Capt. Stu

In Kings Park, at Terminal Tackle, John Sr. reports that the fishing scene had stayed largely the same per the last two weeks. Weakfish have slowed as the false albacore take their place and bass and blues remain decent. Blackfish are all over the rocky bottoms but need some time before we start seeing double-digit fish in these waters. Bait can still be found in all shapes and sizes so things are really holding step for a strong late fall explosion. Just keep your gear and mind at the ready and prepare to hold on.

At Miller Place Bait and Tackle, Jim has been seeing some bigger blackfish start to show their face and lots of scup around he Cranes Neck area. These tog have been maxing out at about 6 pounds which is pretty decent compared to most reports across Long Island. Bluefish are working bait schools hard and a healthy mix of sea bass and porgies make it so all depths are providing bites.

Long Island East End Fishing Report

In Southold, at Blue Water Ventures, Chris reports that the false albacore have been tearing up the beaches this week. From Goldsmiths Inlet to Orient you can find year predators causing havoc along the shorelines. Some areas the bite is so good you can stop down at almost anytime and find a tight line. Stripers are adding to the fun and have tipped the scales at up to 30 pounds. Live eels at night are a great strategy as well as dark-colored plugs on a calm night. Scup are tough to avoid an plenty of sea bass are holding fast to bottoms with structure.

Jake from White Water Outfitters has been seeing some solid fishing in Shinnicock Inlet and just outside, mainly for albies but bass are mixed in as well from time to time. Blackfish off the rocks has been pretty good but better fishing Shinnicock Wreck. Here there’s been some boat limits filled and the bigger tog seem to be more frequent here for now. Some calm, cool days should really ignite these waters Ito some can’t miss fishing in the days to come.

Long Island Fishing Forecast

It almost seems to be getting repetitive but the fall run continues to be on the verge of dealing through. We just need a string of cool days to drop the water temperatures and the waters are sure to boil over. The bite has already been getting better so make sure to put aside to get out and make sure things are in order while you still have the time. If nothing else, tog can become monsters once the action is in full swing but the uncommon trophy an still be found in these early days of the season. No matter how deep you fish from shallows to wrecks, there are fish around just waiting to make a memory.

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  1. Kelly

    What type of fish can I find now by cross bay bait and tackle Jamaica Bay broad channel/Howard beach area off the bridge? What is the best bait for this season. Thanks

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