Long Island – New York Fishing Report – September 21, 2017

The effects of the passing hurricane took a big toll on the Long Island fishing scene this week. Just as it seemed everything was falling right into place a big blow comes through and mixes things up on us. However, before the weather hit there were some very encouraging signs for the weeks to come and even a few after that show a good wash may not spell then of the fall season. Stripers, blues and false albacore were beginning to become a common sight of most shores and a few have been found in the last day or so as the storm began to ease.

Metro Long Island Fishing Report

At Hudson Park Bait and Tackle, John reports that there were some decent blues and bass around as the storm began to move in. The amount of bait in the New Rochelle waters has been impressive most of the year and lately it’s been enough to hold the interest of these fish for a while. As the winds calm and the normal weather begins to show, John is hopeful that the blues will be right back where we last saw them. The fall temperatures set up the perfect conditions for an all-out blitz in this area so be sure to be on your toes as the clouds begin to part.

In Brooklyn, at Stella Maris, Stretch has still found plenty of interest in the part of the porgies as they almost liter the bottom. Bluefish that are either barely holding onto their snapper status or have just broken through to the cocktail size can still be found off most local piers and docks. The number of them up and down Long Island was so great this year that even a storm like the latest one we’ve seen can’t push them all off the shallows. Albacore have been spotty here as they dart up and down the shoreline but if you can catch up to them, there have been some decent sized fish. Any albacore will put up a fight well worth the effort so be quick to take advantage of any opportunity. As things began to get nasty out, threshers had been making a resurgence and anglers looking for sharks were running into plenty of luck. It’s tough to tell how the bite will be as boats are finally able to get back on the water but it will certainly be worth a test run if you’re looking to land some big game fish.

South Shore Long Island Fishing Report

Ashley from Bay Park Fishing Station reports that the close of fluke season ended with a bang. On Saturday, a boat made it out by the name of “Beast” captained by Mike Roth. They fished 17 Fathoms and landed an 8.1 and 6.35-pound fluke. The day led to a boat limit of 9 keepers and a packed cooler of fillets to help get through the winter. Gulp baits and snappers were the best baits down the stretch and overall, for a season that started off rather slow, the second half seemed to produce some of the biggest fish and picked up the slack for the start.

In Shirley, at Smith Point Bait and Tackle, Craig was seeing a nice mix of bluefish and false albacore in the local Inlet before things got rough. The occasional striped bass was rolling through also but only up to about 14 pounds for the most part. Further East out in Montauk and Orient Point were holding some bigger fish closer to or just over the 30-pound mark. Hopefully when the swell clears these fish will be picked up again. A friend of the shop was fishing the north side of Montauk and ran into an impressive 41-pounder just as dusk turned to night. Night as seemed to be the hottest time for action in most places so look to get some eels in the water or plug bags ready.

Paul from River Bay Outfitters reports that there was some pretty good albie action earlier this week. Breezy Point, Shinnecock, Montauk and the North Fork were all holding a decent amount of fish and witnessing some hot action. The bite in these places was slowly on the rise for the last week or two and seemed to really be taking shape as this week began. With the amount of bait that’s held here all summer, hopefully it will be enough to help pick up where it left off as the winds calm, as Paul believes will happen. Jones Beach has been seeing some small bass and lots of shad which has been making for a lot of fun on the fly rod. On the freshwater scene, the local ponds and streams should be getting stocked soon as usually the first week of October has most spots loaded up. This will make for a great boost in action and should be plenty of incentive to grab the light tackle and hit the lakes. The Casting for Recovery group headed out this week and saw all its participants hook into fish and have a great time. This is a group assisted by the Long Island Fly Rodgers that takes out survivors of breast cancer and teaches them to fish which helps rebuild muscles in the chest. At the end, they guide them out on the water and this trip found some great action.

North Shore Long Island Fishing Report

In Kings Park, at Terminal Tackle, John Sr. reports that before the foul weather the remaining snapper sized blues were all over and as aggressive as ever. It was making for a great time, especially for the kids, that we’re looking to spend some time on the Dick with some high-volume action. The always reliable scup are also covering the bottom in any rocky areas or waters with structure. Much like the snappers, these porgies are tough to drive out so the bite should resume no problem once the waters flatten out.

East End Long Island Fishing Report

At Blue Water Ventures, Chris had been seeing some great results for those anglers targeting albies on the sound side. It seemed to be falling into place perfectly so we will have to see how things look next week. The usual local spots for stripers have also turned on along the beaches and just off in boats. As we approach the always hot October month, look to zone in on the spots you know best for the big bass working their way past. Plugs and eels are great strategies for night time fishing on the North Fork as in most waters. Sea bass have been a little quiet on the bay side here but there are decent reports coming out of the waters off Plum Island.

On the South Fork, at White Water Outfitters, the false albacore are still around, even in the last few days when it’s been rough. Shinnecock canal has been holding a couple fish which is a great sign that it will get hot again in the week to come. Stripers are also in but mostly at night. The daytime bite has been very slow up to this point.

Fishing Forecast for Long Island

This week was tough on Long Island for us anglers but hope should not be lost. There is still lots of bait in most waters and that will eventually lead to the predator fish we all look forward to. Keep your gear ready and a sharp eye on the shoreline as the first week or two of October can really set the tone for the fall run with bass, blues and albies. On the freshwater side, there’s no better to hit a pond or stream after a fresh stocking so if nothing else, drop a fly or golden spinner for some late season fish as we await the saltwater to clear.

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