Long Island Fishing Report – September 28, 2017

Jennifer Sanchez caught her first ever weakfish this week while fishing out of New Rochelle on the Sound Bound.

Once again, the weather did not play to the favor of anglers across Long Island this week. However, a couple calm, sunny days did manage to squeak through and lead to decent production in most waters. False albacore and striped bass are slowly returning to action since the last storm but bluefish have recovered the quickest and seem to be dominating the bait so far. The always present and plump porgies refused to be slowed down and weakfish have made another push for attention as some boats managed to fill their limits. Overall, there’s been some great signs that the last storm didn’t disrupt the fall run too much and with with any luck, the next one won’t either.

Metro Fishing Report

At Hudson Park Bait and Tackle, John reports that blues have been hot on the local bunker schools. They have been varying in size but just about anytime is a good one if you’re looking for a solid fight. Poppers and bait have been doing the trick and just about anything in between is worth a shot as well. The surprising action has been with the weakfish this week. The bite has become red hot as the boat “Sound Mound” managed to head out and come back to port with a full limit of fish. Some of these weaks have been reaching up to 8 pounds. Scup continue to carpet the bottoms of any muscle beds or rocky bottoms and bass have been spotty but John managed to hook into a 37-inch fish with a pencil popper in the early hours of morning.

In Brooklyn, at Stella Maris, the best bite is with the bottom dwelling porgies as there so many it’s tough to miss them. Jamaica Bay is a well known hot spot and has also been holding plenty of cocktail blues ranging from 3-5 pounds. Small diamond jigs, deadly dicks and small poppers will help you catch your fill both by boat and from the surf. Floyd Bennet Field is fishing well for weakfish lately, and offshore, a few Longfin albacore have been falling victim to the troll. The striper action hasn’t been great since the storm but you may still find a bass or two cruising through while catching blues. There is plenty of bait around so it’s very possible for them to turn back up soon.

South Shore Fishing Report

At Bay Park Fishing Station, not many boats have made it out lately but the fish are still around. One boat that did sail had a great day fishing Rockaway Reef. The hauled in a limit of scup, 4 sea bass, one bluefish and one false albacore all while using the shops clams. With only 3 anglers onboard this was a pretty good haul and a nice mixed bag of action. There’s plenty of time to get back out while the fishing is good so don’t look to pack up the gear here just yet.

In Wantagh, at Causeway Bait and Tackle, the action has been slow outside of snappers off the local docks, which shouldn’t be around much longer as they continue to grow and move off. There has been a few long fish and trigger fish that are willing to try a hook baited with clam off the local bridges. The predator fish however have cooled off but will hopefully be making another push soon. Before the weather, bass and blues were pretty good with a small mix of albies running the shoreline here and there. Hopefully a couple more nice days will push things in the right direction and get the bite back up.

Robert from Sea Isle Custom Rod Builders also relays that the action has hit a slow point. There are a few bass and blues around but it takes some time put in to find one. The size has ranged from schoolies to a couple decent fish but most are on the shorter side as of right now. With plenty of bunker still around the bigger fish should be planning an attack soon so keep a pole in the car and your eyes on the water.

Paul from River Bay Outfitters reports that the South Shore have been best with a few albies and bass around but that it should get much better soon. All the signs are there, we just need the fish to do their jobs. Larger blues are working through here as well, especially further east towards Montauk. There are lots of bunker schools around and they will be attracting lots of attention as we move further into October. On the North Shore, the fish seem to be smaller at the moment and not quite as many as the South Shore. There’s still some schoolie bass around and maybe a couple roaming albies but at the moment, the Southern side holds the advantage. On the freshwater scene, weeds should be receding soon making the waters much more open to fish. However, I think the meantime, a weedy Lake is the perfect set up to drop a top water fly. Carp are fishing well on the fly rod but is very much a sight fishing type of situation. Patience and strategy play a big part so be sure to leave yourself plenty of time if you’re looking to head out.

North Shore Fishing Report

Aboard the Northport Charters with Captain Stu, scup continue to lead the charge with a nice mix of sea bass as well. There been some false albacore on the outside of the sound along with some pretty big blues. On the bay side, there are bunker pods all over and some very large bluefish hot on them both at sunrise and sunset.

In Kings Park, at Terminal Tackle, the porgies are huge reaching to 3 pounds and very numerous. Bluefish are also tearing up the waters lately and have been impressive in size. Jogging diamond jigs has been best but are aggressive enough to take just about anything with the right conditions. A striper or two may be mixed in but it’s been tough to target them with the large number of blues around. Night time may be the best bet for bass with eels as the catch has been getting better by the day.

Further East, at Miller Place Bait and Tackle, Jim reports that the middle grounds has been decent for blues ranging in size from about 9-12 pounds. This bite has also been improving daily so things should really catch fire in the coming week. The local docks are good for all the scup and snappers you can handle and clams will work great for both.

East End Fishing Report

Jake from White Water Outfitters reports that Montauk and Shinnecock were starting to catch fire before the swell but has been slowly regaining steam in the last few days. Bass, blues and albies should begin to be hot on the bait again soon this time may really launch into the fall run. Outside of a stormy day tomorrow the forecast looks good for some weekend action.

At Westlake Marina, it’s been tough for many boats to get out but the bass and albies are around. Sea bass and porgies are also fishing well so even while things are slow at the moment, there are still plenty of hooks to be set. It shouldn’t take long for things to pick back up where it left off so be on high alert heading into the weekend.

Fishing Forecast for Long Island

Strong winds and high swells don’t tend to work to anglers’ advantages but it’s not a bad thing for the waters to be mixed up every once in a while. Sometimes it gives fish the new burst of energy they need to really take off. Keep an eye out on the shorelines as well as anywhere you can find schools of bunker as these will be the hunting grounds as we move deeper into October. On the freshwater side, October is a great time for fall pickerel and bass so don’t be afraid to grab the light tackle and fill an afternoon.

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