Long Island – New York – Fishing Report – August 17, 2017

Above: There have been plenty of scup and fluke coming aboard Northport Charters with Captain Stu Paterson this week.

Long Island fishing continues to produce a full day of action on the water this week. As fluke fishing continues to slow down, porgies and sea bass are there to pick up the slack. Big blues are beginning to become more of a common sight on the bunker pods and there has even been a hint of false albacore on the radar.


At Hudson Park Bait and Tackle the porgy bite remains red hot. It took a while for the scup to show up strong in the New Rochelle waters but this week it seems the wait was worth the rewards. Blues have begun turning the water white as the year into the numerous bait pods and are showing great signs for a strong fall run. Diamond jigs have been the best bet for these mouthy predators, but in a frenzy it’s tough to throw something that won’t grab their attention. Stripers can still be found in the rocks and are reaching to about 32 inches. Plugs, poppers and swimmers are all efficient tactics but it may take some experimenting to figure out which is preferred day to day. Fluke will also take some work but there are keepers around for anyone willing to put the time in.

In Brooklyn, at Stella Maris, stretch reports that the porgies are getting bigger and have been all over. Fluke have been fishing surprisingly well with a good amount of keepers being pulled. Not many anglers are targeting them this time of year but for those that are is been worthwhile. Bass are around but are largely schoolie sized for the time being. Blues are also mostly cocktail sized right now but there are plenty Togo around. There have been a couple bigger fish mixed in here and there but that should become more frequent in the weeks to come. Weakfish have been the exciting species as they have moved in to claim their ground. They have been pretty decently sized and make for a nice change to the porgy heavy bottom fishing scene.

South Shore

At Bay Park Fishing Station, fluke fishing appears to still be hot. This week saw a good amount of 6-pound fish hit the deck, the largest of which weighed in at 6.9 pounds. Squid and spearing are all you need to attract attention and the bite has been best around Reynolds Channel and the Atlantic Beach Reef. Sea bass are also a hot commodity as a whopping 4.5 pounder was landed along with plenty of 3 pounders. A couple lucky anglers found their limit of both species while many others had one or the other.

In Wantagh, at Causeway Bait and Tackle, the fluke reports have been alright in the back bays of Merrick and off of Hempstead Reef. There hasn’t been a ton of keepers but there are a couple around with the right mount of effort. Sea bass are also patrolling Hempstead Reef and have been much more plentiful. Off the local docks and piers, snappers are getting bigger by the day and are all over the shallows. Anyone looking to take a kid down or even fill up for some fluke bait can find all they can handle this time of year.

Paul from River Bay Outfitters reports that the back bays have been holding cocktail blues, snappers and plenty of blue claw crabs. He also relays that there may be a school or two of albies beginning to make their rounds in Montauk and also to the west of Oceanside. On the freshwater side, McDonalds pond has been fishing very well for anyone looking to drop a fly. Big blue fills and plenty of large mouths can make for an exciting and very satisfying day on the lake.

North Shore

Aboard the Northport Charters with Capt. Stu, this has been a great week of fishing. Between the summer camp and charter trips heading out, he’s had lots of scup up to or just over 3 pounds. Fluke have been hanging around still as well and are generally topping out at about 4.5 pounds. With tons of bunker and smaller baitfish still filling Northport Harbor, the action should continue to be hot and make for plenty of solid days on the water ahead.

On the Celtic Quest, Capt. Mark reports that although the fishing has been changing day to day, he’s been able to figure them out and the fishing has been great. Dropping down anywhere from 20-100-feet, the scup and sea bass continue to take turns of dominating the bottom as the tides rise and fall. Mark has found that the sea bass lean more towards the deeper water and the porgies hold true to the opposite. Between the two, the boat has kept lines tight and coolers stuffed.

At Terminal Tackle, John Sr. has seen a couple keeper fluke come through the Kings Park waters. Live snappers have been the best Bait and it’s sure to take some time out in, but the summer flatties are still around. Porgies and sea bass have held steady off the beaches and rocky bottoms. Smithtown Bay has been a favorite location as of late. You may find some weakfish mixed in and even though there haven’t been a ton around yet, the ones taking baits have been keeper sized for the most part. Stripers are slow this week although dropping some bunker chunks may still lead one into temptation with some effort. There have been plenty of big blues around but mainly off in the middle of the sound for the time being. Cocktails are working the beaches hard and should end up giving way to the bigger fish as we move into the fall.

Jim from Miller Place Bait and Tackle reports that there continues to be some nice stripers being trolled out of the Middle Grounds on Mojo rigs. There’s also been some decent sea bass here for anyone looking to drop down some bait for a break. More sea bass along with scup can be found by Old Field Point and will make for much more aggressive fishing. The fluke scene has been quiet as much of those that are left are on the short side of the legal limit.

East End

In Hampton Bays, at White Water Outfitters, Rich reports that the fluke fishing has been alright on the bay side but there are lots of sea robins to work through. On the ocean side, some bigger fish are in but there’s less of a population. Shark fishing continues to be good as plenty of threshers are surrounding the numerous bait pods that are in the area. Bluefin tuna have been popping up in the Butterfish Hole and off the Canyons, yellowfin are making their bid for attention.

At West Lake Marina, sharks have been dominating the scene as this week a 390-, 247- and 239-pound threshers were caught. Bottom fishing is still not to be forgotten about though as a 7.3-pound fluke and a 4.1-pound sea bass we’re both taken out of the Montauk waters.

Fishing Forecast for Long Island

As we begin to slip into the fall months, things are shaping up well for an explosive fall run. Although this may draw much of our attention away from the summer species, it’s important to still catch them while you can as there’s are still some big fish lurking in our waters. This time of year is also great to get out on the weekend or after school with a kid and get them hooked by catching plenty of snappers or scooping some crabs. There’s plenty of ways to find a tight line this time of year, the key is keeping a sharp eye out to help decide which species to target.



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  1. John Kurtz

    Love fresh water fishing as have caught several 5 lb largemouth bass from Swan Lake. Looking for information on where to catch some smallmouth bass. Have small trailered boat that I use. Fun freshwater fishing on island also looking forward for the striper run this fall.

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