Long Island – New York Fishing Report – August 10, 2017

The first half of August has produced some terrific fishing action so far as this week seems to have picked up right where the last one left off. Big blues have begun to show up and the fluke bite remains hot. Stripers and sea bass can also be found in the mix along with plenty of shark and a few weakfish.

Brandon caught this 3.5-pound fluke while fishing with Northport Charters.


At Hudson Park Bait and Tackle, John reports that gator blues have invaded the New Rochelle waters. The average has been about 14 to 18 pounds as they have been tearing into the huge amounts of bunker. The blues are hitting just about all day long. Later at night or right around dusk when the blues have cooled down, stripers have been sweeping in to clean up the scraps. A 28-pounder was pulled this week along with plenty of smaller fish. The fluke fishing has picked up, although there are less anglers going out for them this time of year. He keeper to short ratio has picked up for sure.

In Brooklyn, at Stella Maris, Stretch has seen porgies almost thick enough to walk across holding steady to any structure along the bottom. The Tin Can grounds and Breezy Point have been reliable hot spots for the last week or two. Bluefish have been pretty scarce, although a roaming school or two isn’t yet out of the question at sunrise or sunset. Fluking has been pretty decent with the best action around Rockaway Reef. A few 5- to 7-pounders have been peeled of the bottom this week.

Ray was trolling a ballyhoo off the South Shore when this monster cobia took him by surprise.

South Shore

Ashley from Bay Park Fishing Station has been having tons of fluke and sea bass being put on ice this week. The fluke haven’t been massive as the top one stretched out to about 25 inches, but still some very nice fish and a fair share of keepers. Off areas like Reynolds Channel and Cholera, flatties to 8.3-pounds tipped the scales. Earlier in the week there were a good amount of yellowfin tuna working off of the canyons, however that seems to have dropped off. The fish being caught there were coming in at about 80 pounds off the troll.

At Causeway Bait and Tackle, the fluke bite has been pretty good this week. The back bays and inlets have been the spots to be. Sea bass have been decent but has yet to really catch fire. There have been some average keepers around and an almost even ratio of shorts to keepers. Snappers have finally gotten big enough to target and there have been plenty around. They also make great bait when looking to land a doormat fluke. Shark fishing continues to produce at night off the beaches. Anywhere between Jones Beach Inlet and Fire Island is a good bet as the action has been pretty widespread.

In Shirley, at Smith Point Bait and Tackle, Craig reports that there have been lots of triggerfish and scup around this week. Sea bass are also combing the same areas but seem to turn on as the tides slow. Stripers can be found at night but the bite hasn’t been consistent the last few days. Sharks are still hitting great as plenty have been landed on the sand beaches lately.

At River Bay Outfitters, Paul reports that the back bays are offering up tons of small blues in the 2- to 3-pound range. Them, along with the snappers and a few larger blues, have been hitting on very small spearing. These bait fish are only about 1.5 inches long so dropping down to a smaller sized rod and fly have been key for those finding success. On the freshwater side, weeds are making many favorite spots difficult to attack. If you can find a clear lake or even an open patch, the fishing is great at first and last light as the air is still cool. This time of year is a great time to slip on at night and try using a jitter-bug or another type of topwater lure to land a lunker largemouth.

CJ of Smith Point Bait and Tackle is showing the proof that snapper blue season is in full swing.

North Shore

Aboard the Northport Charters with Capt. Stu, there have been some very picky porgies taken lately and some nice fluke by his summer campers. The scup have been reaching to 3 pounds and are right around the same weight as the fluke. The flatties have been in the range of 3 to 4 pounds mostly but there are still plenty around. Bait can be found all over the bay from spearing and sand eels to schools of bunker, things are shaping up for a hot fall.

In Kings Park, at Terminal Tackle, John Sr. reports that the best action by far has been a day filled with porgies and sea bass. Both have been tearing up the bottoms on opposite tides. The scup can be found anywhere from shallows and harbors to put in the deeper waters. Fluke are hanging around and fishing very well for those putting in the effort. Anglers continue to come home with 6- to 8-pound fish, especially out of Northport Harbor and Huntington Bay. Live snapper on the deep drop offs have been one of the keys. At nighttime, a couple of the local beaches are allowing for a couple stripers but not a ton of fish have been taken lately.

At Miller Place Bait and Tackle, Jim has been seeing some nice bass being taken on the troll at the Middle Grounds. Mojo rigs have been working well for these fish. Big sea bass are working the waters of Cranes Neck and Old Field. Porgies are of course mixed in and dominating the strong tide hours.

East End

In Hampton Bays, at White Water Outfitters, Hake reports that Shinnecock has been good with fluke but slow with the bass this week. There’s been decent fishing in the ocean but the bay side has been more reliable at this point. Nighttime has been the best for those looking to try to pick a few bass on eels. 

At Gone Fishing Marina, the bass have gotten better this week as a ton of bait has been moving in. This has made for less success being found fishing eels and more towards the bunker side of things. The second half of the tide has been prime time as a fair amount of 30-40-pound fish are being recorded. Sea basing is red hot right now and although it can change from day to day, the fluking right now is a lot better. Porgies remain all over any structure on the bottom and some trigger fish can be found mixed in as well. About 20-50 miles off, sharing has been great for threshers and some tuna as well. There haven’t been many makos around lately but the threshers are all over it. 

This big sand tiger shark, caught in the Vicinity of Smith Point, was taken on a chunk of mackerel.

Fishing Forecast for Long Island

Fishing on all ends of the spectrum seems to be in good shape this week. With the arrival of snappers, it makes for a great day out to put the kids on some fun and active fishing. They also make for great fluke bait which may be worth a try as the usual spots are less crowded this time of year. Keep an eye the bass and blues coming into your area along with what kind of bait and how much you have to make targeting them with the right gear. Things seem to be in the early stages of setting up for a great fall so be sure to be ready at a moments notice. 




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