Long Island Fishing Report – July 27, 2017

With a mix of weather this week on Long Island, the fishing scene was forced to take a day or two off this week but didn’t lose much steam when the sun fought back through. Stripers continue to hit well and along the bottoms, porgies can be found all over mixed in with sea bass and even a few weakfish in places. Big predator fishing such as shark and tuna have also been doing well both inshore and off making for a wide variety of opportunities for anyone looking to spend a day on the water.


At Hudson Park Bait and Tackle, John reports that the fluke fishing has picked up this week, mainly on the number of bites but with a couple more quality fish as well. Porgies have finally shown themselves in the New Rochelle waters but are mostly small and haven’t yet taken over. Sea bass and a few weakfish can be found mixed in with them. Blues can be found making their way back into the mix and aren’t monsters yet but could be making a difference soon with the large amounts of bait around.

In Brooklyn, at Stella Maris, the porgy bite has been dropping off this week. On the other hand, fluking has been improving. The amount of hits anglers are getting hasn’t changed much but the size and quality of fish has taken a step in the right direction. Off the local jetties, bluefish up to about 3 pounds can be found working bait schools and bass have been found underneath, though at this point it’s been mostly schoolies around.

Over in Oceanside, at Bay Park Fishing Station, the fluke fishing was great this week. It may have taken a while but many anglers met their limit as Reynolds Channel was fishing very well. There were a couple flatties taken around the 6-pound mark and one doormat weighing in at 12.6 pounds. White Gulp baits have produced great results this week and have for most of the season. Sharing is also hot as a monster 430-pound thresher was hauled in out of 90-feet of water. The bite here is great and for sure worth investing some time if you’re in the area.


South Shore

At Causeway Bait and Tackle, the fluke fishing has picked up a little bit, especially out of the Merrick waters. The local wrecks and reefs are yielding great results with scup and sea bass up to Hempstead. It’s been a mixed bag of sizes so far but not very difficult to hook into the bigger of the brew. Shaking has been doing well right off the beach as guys are throwing out bait chunks to soak and simply waiting for the irresistible seemingly free meal to be picked up.

In Shirley, at Smith Point Bait and Tackle, bass are around still but it seems the best fishing has been for sharks. Guys are doing just as well soaking bait off the beaches as they are on the boats. For anyone looking for some easy access to big game fishing, grab some bait, a surf pole and plenty of endurance to head down and take your shot at landing the next one.

Paul from River Bay Outfitters reports that schoolie bass are getting thicker over on the north Shore. The fishing has been best on the dropping tide but Paul is pleased to see so many young fish as it is a great sign for the years ahead. On the freshwater side, the Healing Waters group went on another outing and continued to find success dropping flies for trout. The Connetquot has been producing some very big trout and lots of them as Tom, a friend of the shop, and his cousin have been topping out at up to 30 fish a trip. The local ponds have been fishing well although with the summer weeds at their peek it can make things tough. First and last light have been best for anyone looking to land a few large mouths or pan fish and there in no such thing as a poor fight on a fly rod.


North Shore

In Kings Park, at Terminal Tackle, John Sr reports that the best all around fishing continues to be scup. They are all over right now and the size continues to impress even the most seasoned anglers. They can be found off docks and beaches as they have ventured further inshore and those anglers on boats have been finding them difficult to elude. On the outside, in about 30-feet of water, the sea bass begin to show up mixed in with the scup. There are always some shorts to work through but the sizes have been big this week for those over the legal limit. The best sea bass have been when the tide slows down and the porgies take a break as they cannot out compete the scup at mid tide. Stripers can be found under bunker schools and have been very big, up to 40 pounds. Not every school has the bass on them so you will have to do some searching but the ones that do are well worth the wait. Snappers are beginning to show up but are still very small. About another week or two and they should be big enough to grab a hook.

Aboard the Celtic Quest, Capt. Mark found the new moon tides make things slightly tougher but the porgy bite is still on. A few sea bass are mixed in but not as much as there had been. Mark is looking forward to the new set of moon phases as he thinks that will bring things around and get it back to hot fishing he had gotten used to.

Capt. Stu of Northport Charters had great fluke and scup fishing this week. The flatties were weighing up to 6 pounds and the porgies reached 2. There are schools of bait lol over Northport Harbor and that should really make for a heated fall in the coming weeks. For the meantime, there are no complaints with the way bottom fishing has been holding up and should continue to produce late into the summer.

East End

In Southold, at Blue Water Ventures, Chris reports that the porgy frenzy continues from Mattituck to Greenport. Weakfish are hitting well also from Jessup’s to Novak Bay.  Yesterday a 10 pounder was brought into the shop and weighed. New Suffolk, Mattituck and Goldsmiths have all been producing schoolie bass both off the beach and on boats in deeper water. If you’re looking to take a night trip, the gut has picked up recently with buck tails and should continue to get better.

At White Water Outfitters, Jake has seen better action with the offshore than inshore this week. Bass and fluke fishing has slowed down as there are still some around but it’s been largely hit or miss as anglers have had a tough time locking in either species. Tuna and shark on the other hand are doing very well as south of Shinnecock, about 30-35 miles has been giving up some yellow and bluefin tuna. Shark fishing, like across most of the Island has been good and has helped keep many anglers occupied as the inshore scene looks to pick back up.

In Montauk, at West Lake Marine, the bass continue to be hot with 30-40-pound fish hitting the decks this week. Fluking has been decent and although there haven’t been a ton of fish, there have been some big slabs being put on ice. Big blues can be found moving into the area as the boat November Rain landed an 18.4 pounder just days ago. Tuna have been good out of the butterfish hole and should continue to produce in the weeks to come.

Fishing Forecast for Long Island

The offshore scene this week seems to have surpassed the inshore. If you have been looking to head out the time is now as it seems to be hot all over for tuna and shark. For those that are looking to stay closer, keep picking away at the porgies and sea bass to secure some fillets to get you through the winter. However, keep an eye out for any schools of bunker that seem to be getting pushed as you never know when a trophy bass may be working its way by. Always keep a casting pole at the ready to make sure you don’t miss your shot.

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