Long Island Fishing Report – April 6, 2017

The spring season in certainly upon us with the rainy days we have seen this week. Fortunately, along with it comes a few warm days where the sky can’t squeeze a drop out that offer a perfect opportunity to take a few cast and begin to chip away at the built-up frustration of a long winter wait. Although the fresh water continues to command most anglers focus at this point, flounder season has opened this week and bass have been reported moving North from New Jersey up along the coast.

Captree Bait and Tackle is one of the few shops that has seen much effort put toward the flounder fishing in this first week of the season. The elusive flatties have been very difficult to figure out in recent years and has shown the effect of less and less anglers putting in much time. The party boats that have been sailing out of the area so far have had a very slow pick. Clams and sand worms have been the bait of choice if you are looking to try your luck.

At Causeway Bait and Tackle, Mike reports that the local lakes have been stocked by now and the trout fishing has been great. Largemouth bass and pickerel are also coming alive in a big way around the Wantagh waters. On the days where the sun is shining, night crawlers, golden spinners, and small flies have all been successful tactics to attract these species off the shallow sun spots as well as off the bottom. As the saltwater slowly begins to reboot, these lakes and ponds offer a great way to pass the time and start to shake the rust as a new season begins.

In Freeport, Robert from Sea Isle Custom Rod Builders didn’t have much action around his parts this week, but has heard reports of stripers being caught around New Jersey on their way up the coast to the breeding grounds. Although not in season yet, it’s always a good sign to hear that the first arrivals are beginning to near and make everyone a little more antsy for the coming days.

John Sr. from Terminal Tackle has seen the trout fishing come alive this week. The Kings Park water have been fishing very well to this point for trout and yellow perch. John notes that the Blydenburgh Park had been the best spot to run into a nice sized perch as well a couple crappie and bass.

At Miller Place Bait and Tackle, Jim reports that the Yaphank fresh water bodies have caught the hot fishing for trout. After the early season stocking, night crawlers and golden cast master have brought many rods into the familiar “C” shape. These local waters are also known to cough up some big largemouth bass, pan fish and everything in between. So, don’t be shy on trying new lures and tactics are there are plenty of different mouths looking to chomp into a neatly disguised hook.

Bryce from White Water Outfitters has seen the most action coming from the hold over schoolies. Many of the back bays and marshes have been warming up and drawing in the bass as well as the bunker schools that have begun to appear. Hampton Bays is usually one of the later bloomers for the stripers to really get going, but once they do, it offers some of the best fishing on the Island. So keep an eye out and ears open to catch the first action.


At River Bay Outfitters, Paul reports that there have been a couple small stripers in Little Neck Bay this week. The conditions have to be right and have been best in the afternoon on sunny days with a high, outgoing tide. 5-4pm seems to be the magic hour so far as the warm water from the day’s sun seem to ignite the action. The same can be said for the Jamaica Bay area as schoolie bass and bucker schools have been popping up. On the fresh water side, the local ponds and rivers are all stocked up and fishing very well. The action here has been good over the last few weeks and only looks to get hotter as the weather improves.

Fishing Forecast for Long Island

Look to continue biding time hitting the lakes, ponds and rivers this week as that will offer up the best action across Long Island. Small lures are a great way to drop into those hard to reach spots under trees and close to shore, as the fish look to warm up in the shallows. Free-lining a juicy night crawler is another can’t miss tactic that is sure to kick off any fishing outing with success. On the saltwater side, it’s still worth a shot targeting the early season flounder. It may be an elusive species now-a-days, but the boats are making the trips out and every angler that brushes off the thought of heading out only increases the odds of the ones that go. Finally, continue to keep an eye on the striper migration as the make their trip north and look to kick off another impressive year of action.

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  2. richy zappulla

    now in pompano, fishing very good. back in freeport 10 days , cant wait to start another striper season.

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