New Fishing Party Boat in Manhattan

When I received the invitation to go fluke fishing on Manhattan’s newest (and only) party boat, the Capitol Princess, I jumped at the opportunity.  The boat is owned by Capitol Fishing Tackle, a tackle shop located at 7th and Broad in the City.

The boat picks departs from Pier 36 on the East River in lower Manhattan. There is street parking available, as well as a big pay to park lot next to the pier.  The boat is also conveniently located close to mass transit.

capitol princess 1

The boat arrived and my first impression was how clean and well maintained the boat appeared. We departed from the docks and cruised out of the east river under the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. For a minute, I forgot that I was going on a fishing trip with such amazing views of lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.  For an even better angle, head up to the second deck where they have an open area for people to go to, and make sure you have your camera ready. It took only 20 minutes to get to our first spot for the day.  We had nearly with non-stop action with both keepers and throwback fluke. Almost everyone on board went home with a keeper or two for the dinner table, the biggest weighing in around 6 pounds.

capitol princess 2

The Capitol Princess is great for all skill levels but it is the perfect boat for families with children who want to go fishing.  The crew went out of their way to make sure everyone had a great time and to show everyone what they needed to do to put fish in the boat.

The fluke trips leave at 9:30 a.m. daily and return at 3:30 p.m. The Capitol Princess also offers a 4 hour striped bass trip for the after work crowd that leaves at 7:00pm and returns at 11:00pm.  The boat provides a rod and reel and all baits, but if you want to bring your own tackle that is encouraged also.  The Capitol Princess will start doing blackfish trips in the fall.

capitol princess 6

18 on “New Fishing Party Boat in Manhattan

  1. Stephen Molin

    About time will be coming as soon as I get some time off. Good Luck

    1. candace harding post

      Dear Stephen:
      Would love to catch up. Please get in touch,

      1. Karl Crutchfield

        I’m on fix low income. I want to fish once every month. Even in the winter.

    1. Norman

      What’s the cost and do you need a reservation or is it first come first serve. ?

    2. steve




      Active Military
      NOTE: You may select no more than 15 for this event
      Consider these additions to your order:

      $10.00 The Hungry Fisherman – Chicken Cutlet, Virginia Ham and Sharp Cheddar Cheese prepared on a Ciabatta Baguette.
      The Hungry Fisherman – Chicken Cutlet, Virginia Ham and Sharp Cheddar Cheese prepared on a Ciabatta Baguette.
      Chicken Cutlet, Virginia Ham and Sharp Cheddar Cheese prepared on a Ciabatta Baguette.

      $10.00 The Little Italy – Genoa Salami, Capicola Ham, Prosciutto Di Parma, Pepperoni and aged Provolone Cheese prepared on a Freshly Baked Italian Hero.

      $9.00 The Babe Ruth – Virginia Ham and American Cheese prepared on a crisp Ciabatta Baguette.

      $9.00 The Lady Liberty – Honey Maple Turkey and Rich Munster Cheese prepared on a French Baguette.

      $9.00 The Metropolitan – Delicious Roast Beef sliced with Fresh Mozzarella prepared on an Italian hero.
      How did you hear about the Capitol Pincess?

  2. Bob Mendoni


  3. Louis Johnson

    Can I have a fish schedule and a price rate I live in Philadelphia so I want to know before I get there

  4. Ed Jones

    Great boat.Great tackleshop.Great group of guys.Hope the boat will be around as long as their tackleshop has been.

  5. Funky call Medina

    Greg,thanks u 4 showing us that picture of yur stripbass. I still ca,nt keep yur fish out if my head.But honestly,how did it feel when u was reeling in that Beast?.Dam!,I wish I was there with u.that fish head would,ve made Alot of soup!!!!.LOL

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