New Jersey | Record Black Sea Bass Caught on Party Boat

Steve Singler caught a 9-pound, New Jersey state record black sea bass in 200-feet of water over the weekend.

Steve Singler Black Sea Bass NJ Record

Two monster black sea bass hit the scales over the weekend, one off Long Island, and the other off New Jersey.

[Article: NY & NJ | Party Boat Black Sea Bass]

One, a 27-incher weighing 8 pounds even, hit the deck of the Brooklyn VI out of Sheepshead Bay. The fish was just a pound shy of the New York State record, caught in 1993.

This 8-pound black sea bass was caught aboard the Brooklyn VI on Saturday while fishing in 175 feet of water.
This 8-pound black sea bass was caught aboard the Brooklyn VI on Saturday while fishing in 175-feet of water.

➤ New Jersey State Record Black Sea Bass

The monster sea bass caught aboard the Voyager out of Point Pleasant, NJ on Saturday did break a record, however. The official weight, recorded at the Reel Seat in Brielle, was 9 pounds, which made it roughly 12-ounces heavier than the previous New Jersey state record caught off Cape May in 2010. The fish was caught by Steve Singler on bait.


The record sea bass had a huge head, and if the body was a little more filled out, reported Eric Bunz at the The Reel Seat, it might have been close to breaking the world record, which stands at 10-pounds, 4-ounces, and was caught off Virginia in January 2000.

Late fall and early winter are the best time to encounter giant sea bass, as falling water temperatures force them offshore where they concentrate over wrecks in 180-to-220 feet of water. The sea bass seasons in New York and New Jersey close on December 31, so there’s still time to jump on a headboat to try to catch a giant sea bass of your own. The Brooklyn VI has two sea bass trips running this weekend, departing at 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday Nights. The Voyager is running to the sea bass grounds daily, leaving the night before at 10 p.m.

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12 on “New Jersey | Record Black Sea Bass Caught on Party Boat

  1. Doug Yankauer

    If I’d known, I would have taken the huge black sea bass I caught in the Cape Cod Canal and had it weighed at Canal Bait And Tackle. I know for sure it weighed more than either of these. The one I caught fishing bait on the bottom measured just under 30″ and was fat. It sure did taste great though. Late fall Canal fishing, that’s the life.

    1. Jay Benson

      We were fluke fishing on the 7 B’s out of R.I. 4 yrs ago,I caught a 7.75 BSB that had me fooled into thinking it was a blue , Capt Ben said he never saw one that big and usually they get away. It was weighed in at Galilee Bait and Tackle.I have pics to prove it.Their out there for sure, I was just lucky that day.

      1. Lou Thompson

        Nice critter..I fish on that boat all the time.Best captain,Great mates,Donny, Mike G. /Great galley.Dianne V., Barry G. Russ does a great job getting us fish.Works hard at it.I think he gets madder than the customer if we arent catching.Its his livlihood so he takes it very serious.Hes not just the captain ,he owns the boat so he goes at it harder.Best party boat fishing ever in my opinion.Ive stayed with them for a good 13 years now.They will be Big Fluke Fishing thru May,and June full days then July and August half on the second trip in the afternoon.Go to SEVENB’S.COM FOR MORE INFO.AS DIANE A REGULAR AND GOOD FRIEND OF MINE THATS THERE EVERY DAY./ ( CATCH EM UP FOLKS…DONT MISS EM.

    2. Tom

      That’s a striped bass, in the canal no sea bass, unless you were in the mouth on a boat. Head right out of there ( if you have a boat or go on a headboat) you’ll catch sea bass and scup all day!

    3. Tom

      I’m in connticut the seabass are here more than they ever were right local too! Head over to six mile reef of hatchets even black point and you’ll get em, Clams squid or other baits work Ben starting to get them on diamond jigs too a steady pick. The other advantage is no searobins or dogfish hit them jigs. Good fishing.

  2. Matty

    Sure Doug, keep your fish stories to under a paragraph and less than 26 inches lmmfao

  3. Joe

    Hi Doug,

    You may want to keep that story on the quiet side. I know you didn’t come out and say it but your post implies you caught that fish after the August 27th closure of the seabass fishery. Peace Brother

    1. Riley

      The season for sea bass opens back up in November which he was implying by, “Late Fall”

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