Fishing CT Report – August 27, 2015

Otter tubes and tails doing their job

Striped bass fishing remains the same. Larger fish are being caught after dark on eels and bunker. Harbors, local reefs, Long Sand Shoal and the mouth of the CT have produced some good fish this week. Bluefish are all over the mouth of the river as well and there has been some brutes being caught. Including one fish that weighed in at 18lbs! Good fish are also being pulled from the harbors and reefs but the river is bluefish central here in CT. There are tons of bunker and the blues are chasing them. Snapper blues are around as well in tidal creeks/rivers and most harbors. Not hearing great reports, though.

Some Scupzillas aboard the Middlebank II
Some Scupzillas aboard the Middlebank II
Fluking is okay if you like shorts. Successful anglers are finding good fish in deeper water around structure. The best reports came from Black Point this past week. Heading to Montauk for fluke is a good idea if you can make the trip. Bottom fishing is hot right now for anglers wanting sea bass and scup. The deeper you go, the more sea bass you’ll find. There are some excellent ones to be had too. Great reports came from Bartletts, Hatchetts, Black Point and Middle Ground. Crabbing seems to have picked up a little bit this week and some productive spots were the DEEP dock, North cove and the Lieutenant river. Anglers are still heading just over the border in RI chasing after bones and there has been some good ones landed. Things are really getting good now and anglers are fired up for the excellent Autumn fishing opportunities to come.

Middlebank II: With the school year rapidity approaching, the deck of the Middlebank II has been busy with families enjoying the last carefree days of summer. There’s nothing quite as memorable as a successful family fishing trip where the days catch is enjoyed for dinner. Fortunately, scup and sea bass have been cooperative for these trips while providing enough challenge and sport to keep it interesting. Typically the practice of anchoring up tide of bottom structure while fishing hi-low rigs down current of a loaded chum pot is par for the course, however, this was not the case last week. Largely due to a crab hatch, drifting was the most successful method for keeping the rods bent and putting good numbers of keepers over the rail.
Capt. Tim Griffith

The Otter: Lots of blues this week but we managed to get some nice bass in the mix. Trolling along rocky shorelines and over humps produced some good fish. The kids did especially well. Bonita showing up to the east. There is plenty of bait around. Fluke locally still slow but sea bass fishing is great.

(Picture) Otter tubes and tails doing their job

2 on “Fishing CT Report – August 27, 2015

  1. Tj

    I love striper fishing, can you tell me the closest place to catch a striper that is over 33″, biggest I’ve pulled out was 32″ and that was out of the connecticut river in east hartford. But nothing as nice since

    1. Kyle Quine

      Tj, the CT river has some big fish in the spring and right now if you fish the mouth of it with bunker you’ll catch a ton of blues and if you’re lucky there are big bass cruising in too. Wait another month and you’ll have a good shot off the surf when the fish are on the move again.

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