June 16, 2015 NY Metro/Western Sound Kayak Fishing Report

Striped Bass

This past week we finally saw the main body of striped bass push out of Jamaica Bay.  It’s more or less right on time for them to push out with water temperatures at a consistent 70 degree range. Timing is everything to try and rustle up a few stragglers in Jamaica Bay. I’d try to fish overcast mornings only if I am looking for stragglers.  I recommend fishing bunker schools at day break.  You can also try running live bunker or a tube n worm combo up on the flats. Even though the water is warm the flats have a lot more oxygen than deeper channels right now. There are plenty of smaller striped bass to be caught in Western Long Island Sound right now. Trolling Tube N Worm through rocky areas and working bunker schools are your best bet.


Fluking has picked up for the yak anglers this past week as areas from Raritan Bay, NY Harbor, Jamaica Bay, and the Western North Shore have been producing. Kayak anglers are committed to certain locations so my best advice is to monitor water quality, as fluke tend to be sensitive to dirty tides. The fluke already seem to have set up in their summer pattern and are feeding best on high water periods. I’d try to avoid the last two hours of outgoing and start of the incoming at this time.

Blues and Weaks

Bluefish in the 22”-27” range have been encountered in smaller numbers on most of my back bay excursions this past week, either on tubes or chopping up bunker.  Weakfish have been around in small numbers and can be found in deep back bay channels. All of mine have been caught on fluke drifts so far but they have been of good size.

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