Striper Cup Tale – Daphne’s Cape Cod Canal Blitz

Here is Daphne Forster’s tale from a great trip to the Cape Cod Canal.

I had some time to myself for a week and made the decision to spend some of it at the Canal. I had been there for three days already with very little to show, just some smaller fish here and there, and contemplated going home. The next morning I was awakened to the ringing of my phone with my friend Jim on the other end yelling that there were fish EVERYWHERE! I grabbed my Century 1327, Shimano Stella 10K and plug bag and ran to the truck. I was there just before 7:00 AM and five casts in, I had beat my three year best 23-pound fish with a 25-pounder… just five casts and it all began. That particular fish was caught on a swim shad right in front of the Herring Run parking lot. From then on, no matter what you threw, you would get fish. Everyone around was catching. We all were throwing SP Minnows and swim shads, and at slack, it was on fire with pencil poppers on top. I was catching all day, mostly fish around the 20-pound mark. I landed a 28-pound fish and honestly thought it would be my biggest of the day so I was quick to head to the tackle shop and weigh it in for the Striper Cup. I returned moments later after the weigh-in and the fishing was just as hot! Ten casts after my return, I hooked into and landed a 46-inch, 35-pound fish that had everyone staring and pointing. My friends and I were laughing at the events of the day. Since I had already wieghed in my fish for the week, I released the 35-pounder and later submitted a Striper Cup Catch & Release form for a 30-Pounder Pin. Not only did that fish beat my Striper Cup weigh-in, I also had two other fish that had to have gone over 30 pounds that ended up spitting the hook at my feet. I looked at my pencil and one fish had straightened the back hook! A quick swap and the next cast I landed a 27-pound fish. That day was unbelievable, and I heard guys saying they have never seen anything like it. After contemplating leaving early, I’m sure glad I stuck it out!

Daphne with her 46-inch 35-lb canal fish that she submitted for a Catch & Release Pounder Pin.

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  1. Danny Pearson

    Thats a great picture Daphne!

    Congrats, well done indeed.


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