Field Test: Lamiglas Infinity Surf Rod

Lamiglas has long been one of the most popular names in surfcasting rods. The GSB blanks have been favorites for a couple generations of surfcasters. For 2013, Lamiglas dropped two rod lines, and introduced the Infinity Surf.

The Infinity Surf is definitely the lightest Lamiglas surf rod in production. The factory-built models come with K-Frame rod guides, a unique spiral grip and have a blank made with 3M Powerlux Resins which keep the rod light while increasing strength, durability and sensitivity.

However, resins are the farthest thing on my mind when on the beach. You can read all day long about resins and guides, but when picking out a surf rod, the biggest determining factor for me is “feel.”

The rod, rated for 2- to 6-ounce lures, launched a 3-ounce jig 75 yards with little effort. In the right hands this rod could really throw for some distance.

I had the chance to test out one of the new Infinity Surf rods the other day. The rod has a really great feel, casts well, has a fast action, but the tip section is still soft enough to work plugs or jigs. The grip is very comfortable, and I’m looking forward to seeing how will it holds up to regular use in the surf. Three ounces seemed to be the sweet spot for the rod, which is rated for 2- to 6-ounce lures. I have a hard time believing it will cast 6 ounces with more than a lob cast, but lures up to 5 ounces should be well within its range.

The spiral grip was very comfortable in hand and did not get slippery, even when wet.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to see how the rod handles a bulldogging bass just yet, but the rod has plenty of power, and should be able to put the brakes on any big bass I’m lucky enough to hook.

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  1. John yeomans

    Iwould be interested on knowing the price of the lamiglas infinitf surf rod.I fish the canal most of the time.I would like to expand my fishing to the beaches,is there a book that shows the best places to go,with maps. Thankyou John

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