Field Test Favorites: Tony Maja Bunker Spoon Trolling Rod

Tony Maja’s Bunker Spoon Trolling Rods

I’ve been trolling Cape Cod Bay for a long time, wire-lining for striped bass using jigs and the trusted tube and worm. A couple of years ago I went out with a friend who is a dedicated bunker spoon guy. We did very well that day and I decided I better add this technique to my arsenal. Over the last couple of years I’ve dragged spoons around on my regular trolling gear with limited success. This year for the first time I got to use one of Tony Maja’s Bunker Spoon Trolling rods. These custom-made 8-foot E-glass rods have just the right action, very parabolic with soft tips to let them really pump as the spoon zigs and zags back and forth, giving it that perfect action. The rods are built tough with double wrapped carboloy guides, heavy duty aluminum reel seats and gimble, and a slick butt. Nice looking wraps with a diamond butt wrap finishes off this excellent rod. If you’re into fishing bunker spoons, these rods are definitely worth a look.

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