Product Review: Squealing Reel Hog Baits

Squealing Reel Hog Baits

I’ve regularly lamented the end of pork-bait production by the Uncle Josh Bait Company, and based on the company’s reasons for discontinuing the production of pork-based fishing lures, I didn’t dare to dream that another company would pick up the pork rind mantle. But they have, several in fact. Among them is Squealing Reels Baits, a Connecticut-based company that began offering several pork rind trailers in 2018.

They offer many of the classic trailer shapes, and in all the right colors. One difference is that the baits come in a package, like a soft plastic bait, rather than a jar, like the original Uncle Josh. I simply added the baits to my old Uncle Josh jars with the brine as that seemed fine, but leaving the baits in the packs, even after opening them, kept them from drying out as well.

The baits fished just as well as the old Uncle Josh trailers did. One difference is that when putting the trailer onto the jig, as the bait stretches, some of the color may flake off.  It’s understandable, because getting the color to stick was one of the major challenges Uncle Josh faced with their baits. This had no apparent effect on how the baits fished, as they still maintained the majority of their color.

See below for an underwater video showing the different actions of bucktail trailers:

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  1. rockyshorestackle

    You might want to redact this article based on the John Skinner video content he posted a while ago using this product. See link to John’s video below:
    In addition, see the conversation thread regarding this video on this page. Sort the comments to the newest one first and the thread will pop up on top. The thread starts with this entry:

    “for Pete’s sake John, that is a stiff piece of pork skin you picked up at Key Food. Pork rind bait trailers are not what is seen in your video here. There is no action to this piece of cadaverous skin you are drifting in the water. That is why the fish do not care for it but you already knew that. Here, play yourself this video of a real pork rind bait strip:

    John begrudgingly admitted that this was a junk product you guys gave a positive review for in your article earlier during the year. In fact he clearly tried to shift the blame for disparaging pork rind trailers to you and to whoever produced this garbage. Since this was the only product you reviewed as far as pork rind was concerned, it clearly was this stuff described on your page. Say, Jimmy … are you sure this bait fished “just as well as Uncle Josh did” as you stated in your review article? Skinner’s video seems to say otherwise. Best regards friend, always good to see you at the Jersey show.

    1. Jimmy Fee

      On a bucktail, cast for stripers, with action added, I found no noticeable difference between these and the remaining Uncle Josh Strips I’ve horded.

      There definitely doesn’t seem to be much movement on the bait in John’s video, but dead-sticking something behind an underwater camera probably isn’t going to get the best action out of any trailer.

      The Salty Skins in the video look great–I’ll have to pick up some jars of that at the shows this winter.

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