Field Test Favorites: Mustad KVD Elite Trebles

Kevin Van Dam Treble Hook Mustad Elite Hook bass smallmouth


KVD Elite Short Shank Triple Grip Treble
PO Box 41
N-2801 Gjovik

For a long time, I’ve be upgrading and replacing the hooks on my saltwater fishing lures, switching to sharper, stronger hooks than the ones available out of the package. But changing hooks on my freshwater lures was something I never gave much thought to. For one, with largemouth and smallmouth bass, I’m not exactly worried about straightening out my hooks. Also, the thin-wire hooks available on most lures out of the package already seemed pretty sharp. What I didn’t realize is how big a difference treble hook shape can influence hooking (and hanging onto) striking fish.

Fishing for smallmouth bass this spring, I had the chance to fish some of the Mustad KVD Elite trebles on some jerkbaits. The water was clear and the smallies were responding well to an erratic retrieve. Some of the fish struck the bait hard hooking themselves, but others, simply nudged the bait. In the past, light hits like that resulted in misses that left me scratching my head how a lure with three hooks can fail to hook a striking fish – but with the jerkbait adorned with KVD trebles, even those light nudges turned into secure hooksets. The short shank and wide gap of these hooks gets plenty of bite on the hookset, and the unique shape hangs onto fish, even acrobatic jumpers like smallmouth. All in all, the KVD Elite Trebles have added a new item to my winter maintenance list – change the hooks on my freshwater lures as well.


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  1. adam davis

    Great article on Mustad hooks. We use Mustad hooks exclusively in our products. They are the best hooks in the business.

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