Field Test Favorites: Koppers LiveTarget Hollow Body Frog and Field Mouse

My favorite kind of freshwater fishing is without a doubt tossing a weedless frog into some lily pads and watching a hungry largemouth burst through the slop to eat the lure. This happens to be a favorite technique of many anglers in the reigon, so largemouths in the heavily pressured ponds can grow somewhat accustomed to the traditional frog baits. This year, thanks to the early spring and weed growth, I had the chance to start my frog-fishing early, and I brought with me a new weapon, the Live Target Hollow Body Frog. If this lure looked any more realistic, it would hop right out of my tackle box. The bass can’t seem to tell the difference either, and I’ve been hammering largemouths on this lure since mid-April. Another realistic offering from LiveTarget, the Hollow Body Mouse, has also been extremely effective. I have to admit, it feels a little sinister pitching this life-like rodent imitation in front of a hungry pickerel and watching the toothy predator demolish it. Mouse or Frog, fishing these topwater offerings from LiveTarget has been incredibly fun, and I look forward to fishing them right into the fall.


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