Field Test Favorites: Esca

Esca Global

We’ve sprinkled the infield here at the office with some samples of the ESCA global fish-attracting lure light that the folks from ESCA were kind enough to share with us. Everyone that has tried the lure has had measurable success. On two separate cod fishing trips fishing the ESCA in tandem with a teaser noticeably out-produced both jig and bait presentations. When I took the ESCA along while fishing for black sea bass, the ESCA teaser also out-fished the jig, and also accounted for the largest porgy I’ve ever caught when the dinner-plate sized scup hit the ESCA squid accessory.

This Esca can be rigged in a variety of ways to tempt a multitude of species from scup to striped bass to swordfish. Figuring out different ways to rig up adds to the fun of using this unique accessory.

4 on “Field Test Favorites: Esca

  1. Sam

    Send me a couple to field test on my charter boat, Sea Saw out of Martha’s Vineyard

  2. John Herson

    Please send me availability of ESCA for the coming Long Island fishing season. My boat named Second Mateout of Smithtown, N.Y. If samples are not available I nwill gladly purchase a few of them..where can I get Them

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