Field Test Favorites: Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow

On a trip on the boat last season, I decided to try something outside my normal tried and true arsenal for stripers and tied on the Daiwa SP Minnow. I’ve heard great things about these lures, from friends and co-workers. I wish I’d tried the SP minnow sooner. After a couple of casts, I was hooked and so were a few stripers. The 6-inch, 1-ounce lure casts long distances with ease. When retrieved, the SP Minnow rides a couple of feet below the surface and darts erratically. With a little practice you can make this lure really dance. The only drawback to the SP Minnow is the hooks. Having broke a few of the treble hooks, I do suggest changing the factory hooks on the lure to something stronger, like the VMC 1/0 6X or the 2/0 4X. I will be going out and buying a few more of these lures before my next fishing trip. The SP Minnow has earned its place among the other standards in my tackle box.

Daiwa sp minnow striped bass cape cod canal
Jimmy Fee with a Cape Cod Canal striper that fell to a Daiwa SP Minnow.



3 on “Field Test Favorites: Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow

  1. gary engblom

    the s/p minnow is becoming a close second to a plug known as the beachmaster, or as i refer to it as the Jules Bendavid special.My friend from the vineyard,Jules, always goes to that plug when the fishing is slow.I’ve been using the s/p minnow before it became popular. I’ve got a green and silver plug that is all bit up, I use the used ones for back-up plugs incase I lose one, or want to change it for catching bluefish.

  2. Dave

    Hello, thanks for the article!
    I’m an old guy, but relatively new to surf casting with artificial lures. Luckily, I caught a very tasty, 31″ keeper bass on an artificial for the first time just this past December in the LBI surf about an hour before dawn, using one of these new Daiwa SP minnows (Black/Purple color). Since then I’ve caught several short bass and even a late bluefish on the same plug – it’s starting to get scratched up but still works. Anyway, now I really “got the bug”!
    I notice that these plugs are sold in many different colors. I understand that the darker ones (like mine) are preferable in low-light conditions, but there are so many bright or mid – range colors, I’m not sure which ones would work best in my most frequent fishing area (Ocean County, NJ, especially LBI) at other times of day. I doubt that I need every color, that gets $y, but any guidance would be deeply appreciated!
    Thanks again!

    1. Kevin Blinkoff

      Thanks Dave! Congratulations on your success. Color is very subjective. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a silver or chrome color since it looks most like an actual baitfish. That said, yellow and white colors are very popular as well. Good luck!

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