False Albacore Records

Albies can be the most frustrating, but exciting fish to catch in the Northeast. Take a look at these elusive record catches state by state.

World Record

Jess Lubert caught the world record false albacore on Nov. 4, 2006, aboard the HOOKED UP, captained by Mark DeBlasio. The crew was fishing in the Washington Canyon off of New Jersey when Lubert reeled in a jaw-dropping 36 pound, 42-inch long albie. His catch toppled the previous world record caught in Algeria by just under a pound.

Jess Lubert with his world record albie (reelreports.com)


Vincent Deledda holds the Connecticut state record with a 16-pound and 13-ounce albie. The fish measured 37 inches and was caught at Butterfish Hole in 2011.


Donald Macgillivray caught the Massachusetts state record albie in September of 1990. Macgillivray caught his fish off of Edgartown (Martha’s Vineyard). The monster albie weighed in at 19 pounds and 5 ounces.

Massachusetts false albacore record
David Macgillivray with his Massachusetts state record albie (mvderby.com)

New York

John Skinner caught the New York record in October 2009. Skinner was fishing at the Wading River, when he hauled in his 16-pound and 3-ounce albie.

John Skinner Albie
John Skinner holding the New York albie record (outdoortom.com)

Rhode Island

The Rhode Island state record was caught in Sept. 2022 by T. Craig of The Bronx, NY. He landed a 16-pound and 2-ounce albie near The Gully. The fish measured 32 inches in length.

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