Connecticut Carp Open 2016 Results

Angler Mike Hudak

Pictured above: Angler Mike Hudak

The catch and release only Connecticut Carp Open ran from Essex, Connecticut all the way up to Enfield, Connecticut on the Connecticut River.

The Connecticut Carp Open, a catch and release only tournament that enforces strict fish care rules, was held the second week of October.

Angler Iain Sorrell
Angler Iain Sorrell

The tournament started with a peg draw at the Connecticut Cabela’s on Sunday, October 9, where teams of two and individual anglers chose their spots from a random peg draw. Anglers pulled out two pegs at once and then had to choose which peg they wanted. These pegs were pre-designated from Essex, Connecticut all the way up to Enfield, Connecticut on the Connecticut River. The next morning, these teams or individuals went down to their spots to set up. Fishing began at 10am and most people fished non-stop until the finish time at 10am Friday, October 14th.

Angler Pavel Hastik netting a big carp
Angler Pavel Hastik netting a big carp

On the second day anglers had the option to move to a spot that was not occupied if they pleased. The tournament had weigh marshals who were on duty from early morning up to 10pm weighing carp. The minimum size for entering fish was 22 pounds, but many exceeded that. Since the tournament was only catch and release, anglers would sac their fish and hold them in the water until a weigh marshal could weigh and verify the fish was released safely.

First place winner Phil Nathan with a 30-pound+ carp
First place winner Phil Nathan with a 30-pound+ carp

There were a lot of good prizes to be won, including $100,000 if anyone caught the state record (it would have to exceed 43 pounds 12 ounces). This was a “big 4” tournament, meaning the top 4 heaviest fish over 22 pounds would be given out for 4 places.

Top Winners
  • 1st place winner was Phil Nathan with $3,500
  • 2nd place was won by Chris Jackson and Scott Russell with $2,500
  • 3rd place was Pavel Hastik with $1,500
  • 4th place winner was Vanja Nikolin and Vlastimil Vrskovy with $1,000

Phil Nathan also had the biggest overall fish at just over 37 pounds, winning him an extra $1,500.

Phil Nathan and David Moore
Phil Nathan and David Moore

Marcin Targonski caught the biggest mirror carp, which hit just over 25 pounds and landed him $500.

9 on “Connecticut Carp Open 2016 Results

  1. Phil Nathan

    A thoroughly enjoyable tournament. Looking forward to next year, meeting up with friends made and of course the Tourney again in October!

  2. John

    I met one of the rudest, most obnoxious fisherman of my life as he explained he “is in a tournament” and therefore had provincial right to claim exclusive access rights to an incredibly long stretch of river bank in Thomsonville. This jerk threatened me with “Go ahead and ‘try it'”, referencing crossing his sacred lines. Ironically, his limp lines were far less productive than his angry mouth. He bemoaned his fate attributable to drawing an East Hartford site the previous day. As a local who simply enjoys peaceful times along a scenic river bank I simply do not get it!

    1. Paul

      That man paid 400 dollars to fish in a tournament. That was his peg and swim. Carp can be very spooky so anglers will protect there swims like a mama grizzly. With up to 100,000 dollars on the line I would say he let you off easy.

      1. Dave

        Oh OK so he paid to get in a tournament and he has the right to tell another angler to basically hit the curb. **** u paul

    2. Steve

      Do they actually have rights to exclusively occupy certain stretches during the tournaments? I’m curious how that permitting process works. I dunno, seems kinda lame. I wish it was me who he threatened that day. I live to put douchebags in their place just like some dweebs live to fish carp.

  3. Jeff Skelton

    Simply put, The best organized and supported tournament out there. Had a blast as I did the previous year. Hurd park was serene places I have ever had the pleasure to fish. A big thank you to all who had a part in making this happen. Thank you to David Moore, Kathy Ori, and the Yaw Yaw sisters. Great fun with great friends. Check out the articles in CAM each describing their experience. Follow the link and enjoy.

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