Clothing Brand Pitches In to Preserve the Ocean

DEEP Apparel has partnered with Kenny Chesney and created a sustainable clothing line

If leaving the dock at first light, fishing all day, and then celebrating with friends back at the bar sounds like your perfect day, then Rhode Island-based DEEP Apparel has clothing made for your lifestyle.

“We’re about comfortable clothing that performs outdoors but has a clean look you could grab a beer in,” said Mike Croteau of Deep Apparel. “It’s about being outside and the pure moments with friends after a long day on the water.”

It’s a lifestyle that resonates with fishermen, boaters, and board-sports enthusiasts, and it’s a natural fit for a collaboration with ocean-loving country superstar Kenny Chesney and his “No Shoes Nation” fan club.

“As we’ve grown as a brand, and a lot like Kenny and his fans, we’ve come to cherish all our fun memories on the ocean,” said Croteau. “It’s given us so much that it only feels right to begin the giving back process.”

That’s why Deep Apparel has launched a collaboration with Chesney to raise awareness and dollars for ocean habitat conservation through his No Shoes Reefs project while also launching a new line of sustainable clothing.

No Shoes Reefs is a grassroots project for Chesney that helps ocean conservation groups by raising awareness and dollars through sales of exclusive products. With the support of the No Shoes Nation, which is over a few million strong, he is committed to help keep the oceans and all waterways healthy for generations to come.

Deep’s No Shoes Reefs apparel and ECO Series shirts use fibers made from recycled plastic bottles, and a portion of the proceeds from their sale will be donated to the Reef Ball Foundation to construct artificial reefs.

Each Eco Series Long Sleeve Performance shirt is made from approximately 16 recycled water bottles.

“We see this as an incredible opportunity to preserve ocean habitat and reduce plastic waste,” said Croteau. “With all that’s happening in the world, now more than ever we have the desire to help preserve the things that truly matter.”

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  1. matthew bishop

    Kenny is a great artist onThe water is a great place , good to have them together

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