Charter Boat Passengers Cited for Poaching in Fairhaven

Captain criminally summonsed for violations

Another poaching bust by Massachusetts Environmental Police, this time nabbing a charter boat in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Environmental Police Dispatch can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-632-8075.

Violations can also be reported online at

From the MEP Facebook page:

On the afternoon of Tuesday, June 25, 2019, Massachusetts Environmental Police Officers were on patrol in the area of the West Island Marina in Fairhaven when they observed five passengers disembark from a locally run charter boat. An inspection of the passenger catch revealed they were in possession of 32 black sea bass over the legal limit, 8 of which were undersized, and 74 scup over the legal limit.

All five passengers, each from out of state, received citations with monetary fines. The Captain of the charter vessel was criminally summonsed for the violations. The catch was seized and subsequently donated to the New Bedford Salvation Army.

For-hire scup limits shall not exceed 50 per person, a minimum of 9-inches, until June 30. These numbers decrease to 30 per person beginning July 1. Recreational or private scup limits are 30 fish per angler, not to exceed 150 per vessel with 5 or more anglers, a minimum of 9 inches.

Black sea bass are limited to 5 fish per angler, a minimum of 15 inches.

19 on “Charter Boat Passengers Cited for Poaching in Fairhaven

  1. PikeKing23

    Why not disclose the name of the captain? Or name of the charter business? Names of offenders are routinely displayed on this site for such reports. Trying to protect the commercial guys???? I would like to know so I can avoid this poacher! No excuse for charter captains. They know the law!

  2. chris

    sadly a single dragger can cause 50X more damage in one tow. but – THANK YOU whoever called this in you are appreciated.

    1. Foxtrap

      Right on the money Chris. I’m not defending the poachers, but it’s always the sport fisherman that takes it on the chin, while commercial draggers are the real culprits

  3. Jason

    Revoke the captain’s license- Set an example. How can people be such pigs and take so much? Great job EPO!!!

  4. Steve

    Please Respond. What is the name of the Captain and charter boat?

  5. jim

    Totally agree with the dragger comment above, but still no excuse for a professional charter captain to allow his clients to cheat or break the rules… shame on you! I hope it costs you a pile of moolah… no profit for cheats!!

  6. Roman

    Good job tipster. Glad to see someone is being held accountable!! But let’s see what they really do to this clown.

  7. Mark Sousa

    Commercial guys always get a slap on the wrist and recreational guys pay for it!!! Again a perfect example.

  8. FreshButSalty2

    Let’s see some patrols nabbing people fishing along both sides of the canal especially during night into the Am hours !!! I’m getting sick of seeing people taking under sized stripers stashing them or putting them in vehicles leaving and returning !
    Good that you caught people poaching some seabass and scup…
    Let’s focus on the Stripers poachers!!!
    Pay me and I’ll fish and nab them at the same time !!!

    1. Bill

      Unfortunately, that sounds like a way to get EPOs stabbed and/or shot.

  9. career commercial guy

    Nothing but the facts please.

    1. Sanctuary city has nothing to do with poaching violations.
    2. Captain and charter boat company should both be named yet it is possible that the company had no idea what the captain was allowing.
    3. “Commercial guys get a slap on the wrist while recreational guys pay for it” In this case the anglers (recreational guys) got charged and will walk away after mailing in a small fine to civil court. The captain (commercial guy) has been charged criminally and will appear in court. Which do you think is more severe?

  10. Jay

    As listed in top of this piece, it was written by MEP, not by OTW staff. Not sure why MEP did not list name of charter boat or individual poachers. Was glad to see penalties for poaching were increased in MA last year. Still, wish they were stiffer.

  11. Common Man

    I was fishing in Buzzards Bay two weeks ago and was boarded by the DEP. After checking me out they asked if I’d been fishing all morning and if I saw any other activity they should check out. Then they raced off and I watched them check every other boat around the area. Everything you all say has merit but they are stepping up the pressure and they are out there like I haven’t seen in years.

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