Changes to Striper Regulations Approved for Public Comment

Intent is to End Overfishing of Striped Bass in 2020

On Thursday, the Striped Bass Management Board approved a draft document that presents a range of options designed to end overfishing of striped bass. The proposed measures include changes in bag limits, minimum sizes, and slot size limits for recreational fishermen and reduced quotas for commercial fisheries. The document also explores the mandatory use of circle hooks when fishing with bait to reduce release catch-and-release mortality.

Proposed options for recreational fishermen include an increase in minimum size (from 1 fish at 28″ to 1 fish at 35″ or 1 fish at 36″) or a shift to slot sizes (for example, 1 fish 28″ – 34″ or 1 fish at 32″ – 40″).

Atlantic coastal states will conduct public hearings on the document in the coming weeks and the ASMFC will be collecting public feedback until September 27, 2019. We’ll share the details once they are finalized.

ASMFC Press Release:

Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board Approves Draft Addendum VI for Public Comment

Arlington, VA – The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board (Board) approved Draft Addendum VI for public comment. The Addendum was initiated in response to the 2018 Benchmark Stock Assessment which indicates the resource is overfished and experiencing overfishing. The Draft Addendum explores a range of management alternatives designed to end overfishing and reduce fishing mortality to the target level in 2020.

“The Draft Addendum is a critical first step to stem overfishing as quickly as possible and begin efforts to rebuild the biomass,” said Board Chair Dr. Michael Armstrong with the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries. “Following approval of the Addendum, the Board will likely initiate a new amendment to consider a longer term strategy to fully rebuild the resource.”

The Draft Addendum proposes management options for both commercial and recreational sectors in the ocean and in Chesapeake Bay in order to reduce total fishery removals by 18% relative to 2017 levels. The proposed measures include reduced quotas for commercial fisheries, and changes in bag limits, minimum sizes, and slot size limits for the recreational sector. Since catch and release practices represent a significant component of overall fishing mortality, the Draft Addendum also explores the mandatory use of circle hooks when fishing with bait to reduce release mortality in recreational striped bass fisheries.

It is anticipated the majority of Atlantic coastal states will conduct public hearings on the Draft Addendum; a subsequent press release will announce the details of those hearings once they become finalized. Fishermen and other interested groups are encouraged to provide input on the Draft Addendum either by attending state public hearings or providing written comment. The Draft Addendum will be available on the Commission website under Public Input by August 19th. Public comment will be accepted until 5:00 PM (EST) on September 27, 2019 and should be forwarded to Max Appelman, Fishery Management Plan Coordinator, 1050 N. Highland St, Suite A-N, Arlington, VA 22201; 703.842.0741 (FAX) or at (Subject line: Draft Addendum VI). Organizations planning to release an action alert in response to Draft Addendum VI should contact Max Appelman at or 703.842.0740.

A PDF of the press release can be found here –

155 thoughts on “Changes to Striper Regulations Approved for Public Comment

  1. Joseph hull

    They should change the size limit to 1 fish over 35 inches.

    1. Riichard Barron

      I agree with Joseph. 1 fish, over 35 inches, reduce overall numbers from commercial slaughter. Common sense.

  2. Heidi Coxe

    This is stupid, keep a smaller one the larger fish are all breeders they wonder why the population is not growing but make it a law to keep pregnant females?!

    1. Edward Sessler

      I see people all the time catch a keeper and continue to fish. It should be like hunting, if you land the fish you are done. This way you don’t have people throw back a dead fish if they land a bigger one.

      1. Mike

        You can’t “catch” things you hunt. There’s a reason it’s called a sport- fish. Some people don’t keep them at all….

      2. Mark O

        I agree with Ed. Land a striper, then you are done targeting stripers for the day. Change your tackle and catch something else. Same goes for the catch and release crowd, catch and release one, then switch to fishing for scup.

    2. craig

      You do know the “smaller one” will one day potentially become a bigger one if it isn’t kept.

    3. Paul cuzzupe

      I agree, keep a smaller Male, 1 fish,1 meal,24-28.maine has a slot reg.

      1. Howard Berry

        Maine did away with slot and is now just one per day 28″ or above it was 20 t0 26″ the problem is people need to find the facts out before making decisions! not trying pick on any one here just throweing that out there.

    4. Don Schrock

      Yes one fish 24 to 30 ends continued fishing for larger breeder size fish
      Reduce quota for commercial fishing
      It’s the catch and release that kills fish once someone catches one legal fish there less likely to continue fishing that day

  3. Tyler McPherson

    Make it a game fish. Slot limits. And end commercial fishing… we’ll have more bass back since the old days.

    1. Grant Smith

      Management needs to do something about bycatch. Excommercial fisherman told me they killed thousands of stripers from bycatch. They would just dump them dead.

      1. Kassi Hudson

        Does this apply in Lakes as well? Like Lake Texoma in Texas and Oklahoma. As well as the Red River?

      2. Eric Roderick

        They absolutely need to more closely monitor and manage striper by-catch from all commercial fisheries, especially trawlers. This is a problem with multiple contributing factors. It should not all be balanced on the backs of recreational and commercial striper fisherman, alone. A solution to the overpopulation of seals should be part of the discussion as well (although the Great Whites are trying to do their part on that front).

      3. Chris

        You may have a tougher time finding the bigger fish, but you’ll catch more trying to find it, right? So survivability in terms of proper release techniques should be thoroughly impressed upon fishers.

    2. Dennis o

      Join strippers forever make them a game fish no commercial fishing

  4. Legal fishermen

    This is all well and good but what exactly stops all the illegal activity, you can’t enforce new laws if there’s no one there to enforce them

    1. craig

      Easy, triple the joke of a cost fishing license and hire more resources

    2. Ruth Cranston

      WE stop a major portion of it by saying something when we see it. Everyone’s important and encouraging each other to do the right thing will aid in bringing the fishery back.

  5. First Last

    Get rid of commercial fishing of stripers.

    Have a slot of 28″ – 34″. Let the big breeding females live to restock future generations of striped bass.

  6. Drew

    Striper fishing needs help. For starters, slot limits for recreational anglers are a must. One fish between 20″ and 30″ would be ideal to let the schoolies grow and the big egg bearing hogs keep the population going. In addition, commercial fishing should be ceased. There are plenty of other white fleshed fish in the sea to consume


      You are spot on, slot limits work, they’ve worked well in the Florida Gulf waters with Snook and Red Fish. They’ll work with Stripers.

    2. John H Ornberg

      totally aggree. stop allowing the taking of egg laying female bass.

    3. Uncle BOB

      You are absolutely right. the problem, though, is a mafia who regulates and manages this situation.
      Think about few things: Commercial fishing exists, but almost no stripers in the stores or restaurants;
      Group of big guys takes as many fishes from the canal as they want, but nobody comes to stop them even if you report this;
      Current stupid regulations, when breeders are not protected, and no reason to dump a boat to go for single fish, and at the same time charter brings tens of them. Should target mafia on all levels; stop commercial (which is a part of it), set the boat limit (not person limit) to 2 or 3 in 24-34 slot, etc.

  7. Brian

    Old school Maine rules were the best.

    I believe it was 1 fish 20 to 25 or over 46

  8. Aaron Cook

    Like all laws and regulations, they are only as good as their enforcement. You will always have people that keep over limits regardless of laws. When eventually caught, that officer “did me wrong” is what you’ll hear. I put them all back and have for over 30 years. Fishing’s future depends on us.

  9. tautog59

    Keep no fish for next 5 years,then make it a game fish they don’t taste that good anywsy

    1. Colin

      I agree with Heidi. Why the fisheries allows fisherman to target the breeders, which are also genetically proven fish is something I don’t understand. There should be a slot size for both rec and commercial.

    2. Brs

      These fish eat alot of other game fish. Trout is a favorite. So my oppion keep all of em out the water.


        That is the most stupid comment I have ever heard , You must be a trout unlimited dude , trout are never in short supply with all the hatchery’s around !

  10. Ed

    You hit it rite on the head
    Now let’s hope the guy up in the government are reading this. Thanks

  11. Anthony Heck

    My opinion is one fish per day 28″ to 34″.All others go back.No slot fish.Any fish over 34″are our breeders,and need to keep repopulating strong.Revaluate the matter in a couple years.

  12. David Burke

    I am all for slotting the size and 1 fish a day. My problem with it is in I believe in both Maryland and Virginia they are allowed 5 fish per day even in a slotted keep. Now most of the spawning is done in the Chesapeake Bay area, so why not drop their limits as well. Also we need more DEM officers to help enforce theses regulations. I know that Massachusetts has been doing a pretty decent job the last few weeks. But I think with more officers in all states in the public eyes will help keeping the, don’t really want to say “Poachers”, but that’s what they are, from taking and bringing their families out with them and keeping 4 or 5 fish and claiming that their family members caught them when I have seen that they were the only ones fishing.

    Second and I know its not easy for the commercial fisherman, as it is a means of living, but get the draggers out farther and away from the coastline. I know that any given day out off the Rhode Island coast I can watch 5 to 6 boats working between Block Island and South Shores. There is no way that you can convince me that they aren’t changing the shape and cover of the bottom that these fish depend on for food and cover. Also drop their quotas and time slot them as well for a few years. Only then will you see changes in the fish population. Not only with Bass, but with blue fish, fluke, Scup, Albies and Bonita as well.

    I personally only fish catch and release for Bass and Blues, and only keep a legal size if it swallows a plug and or hook and know that after every effort it won’t survive. But that’s my opinion and thinking of what can help turn the population around.

    1. Steve

      MD can keep 2 fish over 19, only one over 28 for most of season. Spring there is one per person over a certain size (Usually 33/34, something like that, adjusted each year). Season is starting too early in my opinion, and our commercial season is open during breeding season too.

      Real problem also goes to menhaden harvest by Omega protein. Big problem and certainly overlooked or too powerful to be limited or shut down. Plant is at mouth of Bay.

    1. MARK Chamberlain

      Fish above 26 are mainly female so move your slot smaller ans you got the idea but you need to keep a big fish for tournaments and pools make it a big fish like 36 so alot of keeper females have to go back.

  13. MARK Chamberlain

    1 fish 18-22 inches 1 fish over 36 inches circle hooks must be used with bait no big fish till may

  14. James amato

    Lived thru the bad times. Don’t wont to go back.
    I agree with all the changes. They are more fun to catch than to eat

  15. Todd kowal

    Issue a X number of tags for a season. Works for deer hunting.

    1. David Burke

      Todd I like the idea but there is probably close to 3 times the amount of fisherman then hunters, along with a much longer season for fishing. Would be tougher to regulate then hunting.

    2. Rocco DeTeso

      EXACTLY….Tags purchased for a Kept Striped Bass allowing a limited number of SLOT SIZED bass per season, at time of purchase your Salt water License is appropriately marked that you have purchased your limit of TAGS.. Tags will be marked with your name, address and License number at time of purchase …. would help prevent the slaughter and poaching of Stripers I have seen take place in the Canal….IDEA:: If you gut hook a Striper of any size use your TAG.. Tags must be made so they cannot be re-used.. Otherwise lets just kill off the species and be done with it.

  16. Robert Boland

    One fish 28″ to 35″ for recreational fishing. Protect the big breeders. Eliminate commercial fishing. No one is dependent on commercial fishing for stripers. It is just an opportunity to make a little extra money to offset the cost of having a boat. Additionally, striped bass are very unhealthy fish to consume. They have dangerous levels of heavy metals and in particular PCB’s. The larger the fish, the greater the cumulative build up of these toxins. There is a lot of information on this on the web. Great sport fish, really questionable food source.

  17. Thomas

    This is all so stupid! Make striped bass a game fish in Massachusetts now! Advocate any recreational slot limits that make sense. Problem solved! If you want to let commercial fisherman keep 24 breeding females a day, the measure won’t work. Other States and the US government have declared striped bass a game fish! Why is Massachusetts’s lagging behind???

  18. Spencer

    Slot limit. 1 fish 28”-34” and if you keep one you cant fish anymore for the rest of the day.

  19. Rich a janitschek

    Surf,one fish 16inch to 28inch,boat slot sizes? Can release if want to,keep a larger one?


    Give a 1 year break to recover fish only for sport catch and release for 1 year no commercial fishing. Then in 2021 one fish at 30″ and no nets for fisherman only by line. Like some fishing in alaska

  21. Charlie Hairston

    Why are all regulations so confusing?
    One fish between 30-35″.
    Regulate commercial fishing to number of fish/pounds. Recreational fishing from shore/ surf is at it worst in my 50 years.

  22. Charlie Hairston

    Why are all regulations so complicated?
    One (1) fish between 30-35″.
    Commercial fishing has destroyed recreational fishing.

  23. Tom cronin

    PLEASE SLOT SIZE BETWEEN 24 &32″ VAST MAJORITY OVER 32″ are egg bearing females_.&just 1 fish. !!!

  24. Clam lover

    How about we pull the fish traps. Ever see one of those get emptied. Also i dont see anything for the comercial end. Tautog has it but in 5 years we will be back to yhe same problem . Lets face it gramps taking little jonny fishing isnt killing all the fish.

  25. Clam lover

    How about we pull the fish traps. Ever see one of those get emptied. Also i dont see anything for the comercial end. Tautog has it but in 5 years we will be back to yhe same problem . Lets face it gramps taking little jonny fishing isnt killing all the fish.
    Im more for Stricker penalty for the buyers. Slot limits for both comercial and recreational and quotas reductions.

  26. Srece

    No such thing as a keeper. Every thing goes back for a 5 year period.

  27. Pikeking

    How about make the EPO’s do their jobs and bust the people that are taking to many fish. There are a few busts and then it is back to the same old thing. How about having officers checking areas every day…

  28. Pikeking

    They are fun to catch and good to eat. I have no problem keeping 1 fish per week. Why keep a breeded? Keep a smaller one, they are better tasting than the old cows anyway.

  29. desilva21

    Without better enforcement, and stiffer penalties none of these changes will make much difference.

  30. William Brown

    Strippers don’t begin to reproduce until they reach 4 to 8 years old approximately 32 inch if u gonna keep a fish keep the 24 to 28 inch they are better eating any way

  31. Dan Mike

    The charter boats and rec. fisheries land more fish than the comm. people it’s documented all comm. fish landings are registered and there is no clue how many rec. fish are uncounted for. Charter and many rec. people will still fish after their bag limit. I can’t make a decision on size limit there are many variables. I do feel a fish should breed at least once in a life cycle. If pollution isn’t controlled not much will matter.

  32. Stevie

    There’s more fish taken every day from rec ..commercial guys only fish twice a week.. so rec guys should only be able to keep 1 fish a week.. how many fish does a rec guy really need to take home….


    I agree with the previous suggestion but add that there should be a minimum of a 5-year ban on all striped bass fishing and then I’m all for turning it into a modified game fish with allowing one fish over 30 in to be kept per Fisherman. They should sell tags for the fish as they do for deer and impose strong fines so that any fish brought into shore without a tag on it will be fined. Between the strong fines and the sale of the tags the money could then go towards enforcement. This goes also for commercial fishing of striped bass. I also would like to add that most of the problems all with the Lower East Coast State Fisheries who do a horrible job of monitoring the amount of striped bass of all sizes not a taken from the waters without a chance exam to breed successfully to maintain the species. By the time striped bass move into Jersey and north to Long Island the fish stock has been so depleted that catching them is far and few between.

  34. Paul G Lambert

    You should due what they do in Florida. Red fish, snook and sea trout all have a slot limit. Also ban all weigh in tournaments. To many stripers being killed just for bragging rights and pictures. Just go to Surfland Bait and Tackle and look at there picture board. I’ll bet most of the fish end up in the trash. Not consumed.

  35. John

    A commercial permit should only be issued to someone who soley relies on fishing for a living
    Handing out commercial permit to anyone has been the demise of several species.For example striped bass.Not to mention a total lack of enforcement to the rules

  36. Howard Bock

    End commercial fishing for Stripers it’s the recreational sportsman who helped bring numbers back. It’s always the recreational fisherman to blame. Commercial fisherman are the depleting the stock it’s a more brainer just like Cod fishing the sportsmen have to pay and a lot of good a salt water licence is doing me more restrictions

  37. David Desimone

    cut out the commercial fishing trollers with there gill nets that kill everything that gets in the nets .and let the fish population grow the fishing so so poor now stop this madness…

  38. Tony Cecere

    Your all fools. In the 70’s Stripers we almost non existent. We all fished for Blues. Then Blues were branded as a garbage fish and things flipped. Stripers started a return cause you were NOT allowed to keep fish over 32″. That’s why breeders repopulated North Atlantic waters. Now they want to force you to keep breeders and let the young fend for themselves. Ignorance is bliss!

  39. Raymond Chen

    Please end commercial fishing n increase the size to 32”will solve the all the problem .

  40. Lee Pepin

    Why kill the breeders slot limit 20/30” anything bigger is a female.

  41. Donald Smith

    End commercial fishing for striped bass. The netters surround the man made islands of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel complex. Have also encountered netters blocking the mouth of the Potomac River east of Smith Point.


    I am 66 yrs old been striper fishing since 8yrs old iseen what commercial fishing did in the 70s watched boats return from north RIP block island with garbage barrels filled with females so today I say catch and release only and end commercial wtf!

  43. Paul Kiefner

    Men have and will continue to deplete fisheries unless they are forced to stop. Catch and release only for recreational and mandatory use of circle hooks with bait. End all commercial fishing for 5 years. Impose extremely heavy fines for poachers with jail time – zero tolerance. Then watch the Striper population take off. Men will keep taking unless they are restrained.

  44. Carl

    1 to 2 fish 22-26 inches, 1 fish over 42 inches, circle hooks mandatory, stricter fines for poachers.

  45. Howard Baker

    I have been striper fishing in the Rappahannock River for 35 years and the rockfish population is obviously depleting. In years past I would catch at least one 40 inch striper every season. Now I can barely manage to get one that’s 30 inches. Ever since the commercial fishing gil nets overtook the entire length of the Norris bridge in 2012, fishing has never been the same. The Rappahannock River belongs to all of us, not just the commercial fishermen. The effects of these fishing nets has been detrimental to the entire Rappahannock ecosystem. Why should we be punished when we have done nothing wrong? It is the commercial fishing that has ruined the striper seasons for all of us. In my opinion, no fish should be kept over 28 inches. These bigger fish are what replenishes the striper populations.

    Only 20”-28” stripers should be kept.

    1. joepete

      I agree with you. I further believe that no fish over 40 inches should be kept unless you buy a trophy tag for…$20 and then you get one fish to fill that Tag and ONE Only, for the year.

  46. Brian Coffey

    it’s commonly believed that the largest bass are producing the most offspring.
    But are they the ones controlling the population or are smaller, yet still reproductive ones, producing more because they are more numerous?
    How does recreational impact compare with commercial impact on the fishery?
    Maybe the size is fine for rec but comm has a seasonal weight limit?
    Is pollution in the Chesapeake, the fishery’s largest breeding ground, behind the decline?
    I’d rather defer to the biologists, who have better than I do, as to how to best maintain striped bass fishing for all.

  47. Tim

    CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY! Take your feel-good pic and throw it back. No point in harvesting any of these Chesapeake or Potomac species… sad to read how generations ago these waters were packed with fish… too bad we’re ruining it all…

  48. Raymond J Reynolds

    I think this is really stupid, why take all the large breeding fish and leave the small ones, that will take a next four to five year to reach maturity, that’s not a good law

  49. Galen Donovan

    1 fish, 28″ – 34″. This is the only smart option other than to not keep any. The breeders need to live so the population can make a comeback.

  50. Rich Schambach

    I’m 66 fishing since I was 7 years old on Long Island! Fishing back in the 60’s through 90’s was amazing. Commercial fishing boats have beat the hell out of fishing. It’s time for Law Enforcement to catch commercial boats violating regulations issue higher fines especially to boats who sneak inside the offshore limit to fish!
    Recreational fisherman fish for fun and share our catch with family and friends. We also fish on party boats which helps the mates and captains make a living. Commercial fisherman don’t care about regulations, they only care about selling fish at high prices in the market! I think the quantity commercial boats catch needs to be reduced to help the fish population grow.

  51. Kenwood

    Go draconian and have another 1978 style moratorium for a couple years..that worked well, but in any case BAN the draggers from Narr Bay…followed a dragger off Narragansett/pt judith 3 days ago,….dozens of floating 24″ bass in the slick. THIS AIN’T ROCKET SCIENCE .
    Read Dick Russell’s book “Striper Wars”…
    Catch sea bass for a few years – they taste better.

    1. Leo

      Anyone who fishes off shore knows that the draggers do way more damage than the guys out with a rec or comm license. People are trying to address a declining striper population problem by talking about guys who take maybe a few fish each week while these draggers are taking everything in their path.

  52. Keith

    This is Bullshit, over-regulation as usual, why would they allow the breeding stripers to be kept? Dummies, should just leave things alone, if anything regulate commercial catches better, leave recreational fishing alone!!

  53. Matt power

    I still can’t believe even their proposal are still way fish over 28 inches should be taken for the next 3 -5 years aaaand absooolutely no commercial striper fishing for at least 5 years..if you really want to save the species do it friggin right .let all those breeding fish spawn for a few years..very simple..if you catch a 25 inch striper there’s plenty of filets off of it to eat..and when you freeze it its only good for about a month even when you vacuum seal it..

    1. Hans

      ?? Your vacuum sealer sucks then–I just cooked up left over filets I found in the freezer dated from August 2018–still tasted delicious.

  54. Bruce

    Massachusetts will never stop commercial fishing.It’s just a money thing.

    1. Vince

      Nor will: VA, MD, NJ, NY, RI, NH and ME. Too many lives depend on this $.

  55. Gerry Feeley

    I am not a meat fisherman. Having fished through the lean years, recalling when we couldn’t take Stripers, I thought and still do, that the 1 a day with the 28″ to 34″ could work. We would protect the fish on either side of the slot.
    No need to point fingers at certain interest groups, it is unfair to all. Together, we are responsible for the condition of the Stripers.
    No matter what, the Atlantic States will make their own regulations. Look at the regulations, they vary significantly.

  56. Jimmy

    1 fish 22-30 should be the limit. Or do a tag system you get 4 or 5 tags for the year like deer hunting each tag is good for a different size range. Charter boats would have 1 tag per person you have to buy at the dock before you leave and buy the tag for the size you want if you catch something not in that size you have to release it.

  57. Ian Lyons

    Let the Breeders’ go. If a fisherman, women is not sure they will actually eat the whole stripper, let it go. Take a pair of players and flatten the barbs on the hooks. The thrill is the hit and getting the fish into the boat and a picture. Just value that, and let the fish go!

  58. Rod

    Fresh water license is $27.50 salt water is $10.00 raise the price and hire more Game wardens too enforce the law.

  59. Tim Scranton

    Leave the big fish alone so they can breed. Keep 1 slot fish between 24 and 30 inch. To many big fish are kept and bait should be fish with circle hooks.

  60. Tim Scranton

    Poachers and people who don’t follow the rules and size limits should be dealt with tougher fines. Not enough enforcement is around to oversee the amount of violations that are being performed across the country. Harsher fines should be enacted.

  61. Tom

    Maine had the right idea. A slot limit of 1 fish per day from 20 to 26 inches and if you took one you were done for the day. The one thing they had wrong was the trophy. You could keep one fish over 40 inches in place of a slot fish as a “trophy” I would like to see that as a single tag for 1 fish over 40 inches per year. and of course circle hooks for any bait. This needs to be in place along the entire east coast and enforced to the hilt with any poachers tackle and vehicle, boat and the vehicle that towed it seized. Fishing license banned for 5 years in every coastal state. AND HUGE FINES, and public shaming with pictures and names released.

  62. Stripahunta

    You can have all the laws and regulations you want if you don’t have enough people to enforce them it doesn’t matter the punishments are too lenient and judges throw them out the fish police do their job

    1. Vince

      We can’t even control guns in this country, mind controlling our fishing poles.

  63. WALTER Hagaman

    No striper fishing until the spawn is over and then one fish between 18” and 28” problems solved

  64. WALTER Hagaman

    No striper fishing until the spawn is over and then one fish between 18” and 28”

  65. Donald Trump

    Let’s build a wall down the whole shoreline so we can stop the poachers!!!

  66. Matthew Bishop

    We all would like to fish every day But work ,family let’s face it that’s not going to happen. But when we fish the chance to bring home a nice fish(keeper,fatty,pork chop )is a great challenge and something most of us grew up doing. One (1) fish 30” or above per day should work, no females but law enforcement is needed in a big way!! If we see something say something,back environmental with troopers I’m sick of seeing dead under sized Fish float by

  67. Vince

    Get rid of the Striper Cup! You guys are promoting unnecessary slaughter of big breeders!

  68. Timothy H Anderson

    Its obvious to anyone who spends time on the water that this resource has crashed. Its recovery will depend not only on strict controls on this sport and commercial fishery, but an ecosystem-wide approach. The menhaden are gone from Long Island Sound, the fish oil and fish meal industry also needs control. I hate to see the loss of commercial fishing, yet globally we’re in crisis. Sorry,but its got to go its unsustainable.

    One fish 28-34/day/recreational fisherman. Nova Scotia to the Carolinas.

    1. Van

      There’s a quota for commercial fishing. Recreational knows no quota. Recreation catches exceeds commercial 2 to 1. Might as well be 3 to 1.

      1. RK

        Van gets it.

        There are too many recreational anglers who just don’t want to admit that they are either too unskilled or they are fishing in places where big bass don’t go who blame their lack of success on commercial fisherman. Sorry, if you are casting a Clouser on some little tidal creek in Cape Cod you’re not going to catch a fifty pounder, no matter what you tell yourself.

        Commercial fishing for stripers is and should be regulated but banning it will not make you a star fisherman, no matter what excuses you have told yourself. The lack of success from shore this year has way, WAY more to do with the resurgent pogy population that is keeping bass off shore than it has to do with a few commercial fisherman keeping and selling some stripers.

        Most stripers killed are killed by rec guys. Nothing wrong with that but the facts are the facts. If you want to catch a big one up your game and fish where big ones actually live. Ending commercial fishing won’t make you the star you’ve told yourself you are.

  69. Van

    Don’t blame commercial fishing. Commercial fishing is heavily regulated with quota’s. Commercial fisherman are more responsible than recreational fishermen in reducing fish mortality. The fact that the recreational fisherman are geared for the “sport” aspect, they’re actually doing more harm to the fish with their “lighter” tackle. Below is an article published by On The Water:

    (Do your research before pointing fingers)

  70. Leo Harmon

    Let’s face it, the comm or rec guys going for stripers aren’t making a dent in the population that’s even close to that of the guys that are dragging nets, or better yet the seals off of Cape Cod. There’s an estimated 50,000 seals by the Cape, and an adult can eat up to 50 pounds of fish in one day. I don’t see the point in trying to address the over-fishing problem, while ignoring the seal problem, and putting higher regulations on guys who already follow the current regulation while the rest will continue to break the law.

    1. Van

      I’m sure the draggers are responsible with their bi-catch. But I will admit that there is a seal problem! But let’s also address climate change.

  71. Colin

    All of you who want to keep stripebass for recreation only have no clue. Why not advocate for bluefish as a recreational fish only? Scared of their teeth? In fishing it’s all about me. No fish should be above a commercial value with proper restrictions. Are we suppose stop commercial fishing so clowns with 42 foot center consoles with quads can burn 300 gallons of fuel in order to catch and release a few schoolies? Go play golf.

    1. Vince

      Let’s start with circle hooks for bait and ban treble hooks period!

  72. Proper Release Guy

    Increasing to 36 inch size limit is good for starters. If we raised it to say one fish over 40 inches , all those 28 inch fish sticks everyone kills would make it to 40 inch size. The fishery would bounce back real fast. The key to the future is the youth. Preserve the youth so they may all grow to adulthood. Gaff and release in the boats must end , seriously … gaff and release think about that.

  73. Frank

    No commercial fishing for three years.Then reevaluate also slot limits are must through states where striped bass are fished

  74. Joey

    Every fishery customarily encourages keeping the numerous ones, in this case “schoolies” and releasing the bigger, more likely to breed fish… I don’t understand the logic behind these stringent limits when the solution is 1 fish per person from 24” to 28” and be done with it… keep small, release big… simple

  75. Matt

    Everyone knows (I think ) the breeders are 36” or larger, they should not be killed .

  76. Rocky Johnson

    KISS (keep it simple stupid)

    100 % catch and let them all go!

    No disagreements about sizes

  77. Saulo Stewart

    This will only impact people like me who follow the rules. How about penalising the ones who don’t. Revolke their liscence for 1 year. Take away their gear. If they get caught again revoke for 5 years.
    I called environmental police on poachers, they never showed up.
    So many times I fish the canal, saw them (e.p.) once. Let’s get the law enforced.
    Dont penalize those who follow the rules.

  78. N Gruff

    Mandatory circle hooks of a determined minimum size. Closure of waters during breeding not just to fishing but also to construction projects. Strict regulations to watershed areas with periodic testing of adjoining wetlands. A drastic reduction to commercial striped bass harvest. ( Sorry commercial guys, I know it puts food on your tables but we all have to compromise to save an important species and a large revenue attraction to the coastal businesses. ) 1 fish bag limit for recreational with a slot of 24″ – 34″ and a trophy tag run like the NJ SBBP where fisherman must take the initiative to fill out a form and send it along with a self addressed stamped envelope to Fish and Wildlife. Tag must be reported when used.
    There are so many great suggestions by fisherman here. I hope that it is all taken into consideration. We need to protect the breeding stock to recover this fishery to its former glory. We need to look beyond the water to the watershed zones and reduce the toxins we introduce to our waterways.

  79. chris

    set a size limit then give out 5 to say 10 tags with salt lic. per year. each fish has to be tagged when kept. maybe should have to register tag on line or at a shop or whatever. also make canal catch and release only “river”. and no treble hooks in canal.

  80. Saulo Stewart

    Also many small fish being killed because of a bad release. Small hooks. Wrong hooks. I see them floating near the pier, no one get a slap on the hand.
    Education, then law enforcement. They’ll learn or they’ll loose their license.

  81. John

    Pure garbage. Killing breeders. Regulate bycatch by tollers and Pogy and herring boats. Strict fi es for poachers. One fish between 24 to 28 or one fish 40 or greater.better yet… I support a moratorium., commercial and recreational. Then well see if shimano, daiwa, cabelas and other tackle manufacturers actually step up to support conservation

  82. Jeff D

    Need a universal slot limit on the whole eastern seaboard!!! Doesn’t make sense for just mass to have one!!! It still won’t stop poaching!!! Scumbags will always be scumbags!!! Turn the whole canal into catch and release too!!! Maybe thin out the scumbags!!! I enjoy catching and releasing with an occasional fish for the freezer, but it won’t kill me if I can keep one from the canal. Go out on a boat and catch one!!!

  83. Jimmy F O’Connor

    Hudson river has a good slot 1 fish 18 to 28 inches or over 40 inches. Most good edible bass are those 24 to 28 inch personally. But when i was literally just shown a charter trip and one person took home 2 45 inch stripers it drives me nuts. And knowing the commercial fishery really doesn’t help with all the by catch that doesn’t get reported. But if I don’t send in a herring report on time it’s a $2500 fine.

  84. Craig Hinson

    Slot fish 25-30 no females with eggs. 1 fish. Same for all states From the Chesapeake to the Cape Cod canal

  85. Mike

    100 comments here and not a one of you will take the time to comment the same thing during the official comment period. OTW doesn’t make the laws, gentlemen. DMF does. Please make your comments where they will be heard.

    1. Mark O

      Mike makes a really good point here. Someone should print out this webpage list of comments and present it to DMF.

  86. Dan C

    1.Eliminate commercial fishing. Agreed)
    2.Up the size or enact a slot limit. (agreed)
    3.Issue 1 trophy tag per season for the reason of a fish for the wall or if you kill one from hooking it unintentionally (tag on fish you are done for the day). Nothing worse than throwing back a fish only to watch it float away.

  87. Bernie P

    Agree stop commercial fishing, especially if selling to overseas. 1 fish 24-32″. Maybe limit fish per week.

  88. Charles

    The real problem is that there are people who are keeping illegal sized striped bass. We don’t have enough environmental enforcement officers out there. The spot I fish at, which I don’t any more for the past two years, there are a lot of people keeping and hiding illegal sized fishes. They’ll pull in a schoolie and go put it in a duffel bag or a trash bag near the trash barrel or run it out to the car and continue fishing. Guess what’s even more stupid, the people around won’t report it because these ***holes are just going to get a slap on the wrist. I’ve gotten into so many arguments over them needing to throw small fish back that I just gave up fishing there. It’s pathetic and disgusting. the rules and regulations are only going to stop the honest people, not the dumb***es that keep small fishes. They don’t just keep one undersized fish, they usually run into 10+ if they can.

    What we need is bigger penalties for poaching and keeping over the limit and more funding to the environmental police to get more officers available at hours that people fish and in hot spots. 1 officer covering over 40 miles is not enough.

  89. Thomas NUNN

    The rules for salmon on the West Coast should also apply to Strippers on the East coast. STOP FISHING WHEN THE LIMIT IS CAUGHT, Boat or shore. Go home and enjoy a good fish fry and leave the fishing to others.

  90. ruben

    it should be one fish per day 28-24 no keeping pregnant female, fishing line over 50 lb test, I’ve seen guys fighting a big fish for 15 min untill fish is exausted and could not survive when put back on the water

  91. Michael Sommerville

    I Totally disagree with the increase in the size limit. I fish all of the time with kids and they almost never catch fish over 30 inches, which mean all the kids fish have to be returned to the water. Why fish? I would be ok with adults returning all fish under 30 inches and keep one over 30. if they want to get tough, get tough with the poachers who get their hands barely slapped. And do something about the cape seals which are eating too many fish.

  92. dave

    stop spring fishing for Stripers for a few years commercial and recreational let them drop their roe. Remember when they had to be 36 inches for awhile and they made a comeback. It seems with all the
    knowledge we have today that management of the industry has to wait
    until the numbers are critical before they do something. That’s not management, that’s oops what we do now?

  93. Arthur

    Maine had it right the whole time but the other States wouldn’t follow. 1 fish 20-26″ just drop the part about or 1 40″ or over! Nothing over 26″. Small ones are the best eating and don’t have as much toxins. Let the big live for the future of the fishing!

  94. Deb T

    It’s not the 1 person fishing that is causing this problem, it’s the trawlers that are causing all the damage. I see at least 3 of them daily off the shore of Misquamicut Beach in RI. Years ago there were so many fish you were exhausted from fishing. There are none left. If you go to Point Judith all you see going in and out all day long are the trawlers. It’s actually changed the shoreline, and not for the good. They wonder why sharks are coming within 50 yards of the beach, no fish left in the deep water. One of the head boats we used to go on for striped bass is no longer going out, because there are no fish to catch. They keep going after the little guy, when they really need to go after the big guy that is causing this problem.

  95. GARY

    I live in New Jersey with free saltwater license. Stupid!! There should be a fee for fishing any saltwater and funds collected to support more fish wardens and striper fisheries.

  96. Gary

    I live in New Jersey with a free saltwater license. Stupid!! There should be a fee for any saltwater fishing and the funds to support more fish wardens and striper fisheries. This would require a proof of ID for resident and non resident fishing. Have witness hordes of people overfishing taug and blue fish, eating the under size fish or passing off to family members. No consideration for litter left behind. Very disturbing.
    My concerns for beach and jetty fishing are the dredging that is going on to protect the beaches for tourism. They are ruining the habitat that stripers feed upon. Changing the environment of the bottom and covering the rocks, which are crucial for barnacles and bait fish. Striper fishing has drastically gone down hill!!

  97. Mark V

    95 percent of all the poachers I have encountered are non-white.

  98. Derf

    Slot limits. No keeping anything over 34”. 1 fish bag limit. Rules need to be same for all states.

  99. Mark S

    1 fish over 35″ period!!! With the mind set of keeping a slot fish, they will never get to grow to breed! And also get rid of bonus tag program!!!

  100. Andy

    1 fish per day limit, declare them a game fish and keep the bunker boats out of the Chesapeake and at least 3 miles offshore up and down the coast. As far as poachers go, law enforcement has to make it hurt when they catch these guys, take there tackle, truck, boat and bank account.

  101. Angel S

    I say the slot size to keep a striped bass should be 32″ to 35″ and only one a day. This would allow the small ones to grow and the big one would still be able to keep reproducing. Also commercial fishing by nets should be stopped and longline should be the way to harvest them. As for trollers any by catch striped bass should be kept and added to the quota of all vessels, that way an exact weight of fish can be determined instead of trying to figure out how much fish everyones hauling out of the ocean.

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