Catching Striped Bass Through The Ice

It’s no secret that some striped bass, instead of migrating south in the open ocean, choose to spend the winter in brackish and freshwater coastal rivers in New England, including the Mystic River, the Providence River, and the Thames, Connecticut and Housatonic rivers. These striped bass that don’t migrate south are what anglers call “holdover” stripers.

Where striped bass will often move far into fresh water coves that freeze solid enough for ice fishing, there’s the potential to connect with a striper through the ice—but it doesn’t happen very often. Here are a few photos we’ve received of striped bass caught while ice fishing.


Joe Diorio with a holdover schoolie striper through the ice
Joe Diorio with a holdover schoolie striper through the ice in Connecticut.
Patrick Sullivan caught this keeper striped bass while ice-fishing on the Connecticut River in 2014.


Anthony Barone caught this keeper-size striper through the ice in Massachusetts using a very large shiner. He released it to be caught by another lucky angler.



11 on “Catching Striped Bass Through The Ice

  1. Ron Plante

    I have been called a kinds of nasty names because I always knew we have what I would consider native stripers. Thanks for the pics.

  2. Mark

    Nice fish Joe that’s private property and no on I will not consider your taking on the water magazine to that spot!!!
    I have been fishing there for years and could have summited my photos to “on the water”
    Place is posted and the owner will be home soon..

  3. a j

    Quit bitchin Mark you know you wish that was you in the pic, comon let Joe have a lil spotlight brotha , don’t be jelly, we are all here to have fun and be surprised about this concept

    1. Justin Longo

      AJ if you were smart you would listen to Mark and the truth and what’s right is right. And to be honest It’s called class and honor, people like this love to draw attention to themselves and can’t keep there BIG MOUTHS SHUT!!!!!!!

    2. Shane Burlingham

      aj will you teach to to fish you and your boy joe are like bass master baiters and i wont to join the club

    3. Shane Burlingham

      aj will you teach me to fish you and your boy joe are like bass master baiters and i wont to join the club and by the way mark has caught more fish then all you master baiters combined

  4. J P

    Yall are a bunch of whiney poontangs. Go fish your snobby private Connecticut ponds. I cringe every time I have to go through that state. Long live public access. Oh yeah, before you post something, read it over. Can’t even read half the shit yall are complaining about.

  5. Joe Diorio

    Wow, just seeing these comments now. Lets get the story straight. I never stole the spot from anyone. I was in fact shown the spot by a good friend of mine and also a good friend of Mark’s. Also, I don’t walk through private property to get to it either. Shane you can tell your a real class act from your comments so I will just let them be.

  6. aaron

    I love fishing spots that say private property. Those all always the best spots. I’ve caught my biggest stripers behind those signs lmao

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